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Chapter 591

"Du Family's Eldest Miss. Ice Clear Jade is a high and mighty Ice Mountain beauty. I never thought that she would fall into my hands today. Hehe, I will sit right here and let you find me yourself, haha … " Du Peng laughed.

Du Yanyao had not completely lost consciousness, and asked: "Why aren't you poisoned?"

"I have already cultivated the Poison Demon's Body. My impenetrable, is naturally not afraid of being poisoned? Don't think that you can stall for time. If no one can save you, then serve me obediently! Young miss, young miss, you never thought that there would be such a day, right! " Du Peng laughed sinisterly: "I'll let you have a taste of a man soon. Come quickly, I'm right here, I know you need a man very much!"

Du Yanyao's heart was filled with extreme fury and shame. She did not think that she would actually be so hungry and thirsty like an idiot, this was something she wished for nothing more than to wipe her throat and kill herself. But right now, she was simply unable to control her own body.

"First Miss, after I cure you, you will be one of my people, so don't even think about perishing together with me, otherwise, even if we die, I will have a way to spread today's news throughout the entire Sacred Dan Realm, don't look down on me, I really did find a Purple dragon flower inside, as long as I can obtain it, I can become a rich man." Du Peng said somewhat excitedly.

"Don't even think about it. Even if I die, I won't go with you …" Du Yanyao let out another soft moan, and her body involuntarily crawled towards Du Peng.

Chen Xiang, who was watching from above, was extremely shocked. Of course he wouldn't have the heart to see such a beauty being sullied by Du Peng. He only felt that it wasn't time yet, so he didn't make a move.

"Hurry up and save her. What do we do when she commits suicide?" Su Meiyao could not bear to see this. She was a woman, so she hated Du Peng for his despicable and vicious methods. If possible, she would personally make a move and make Du Peng beg for death.

Chen Xiang descended from the sky, landing right behind Du Peng. After transforming into his human form, he fiercely punched out at Du Peng's back.


The moment Chen Xiang threw out his fist, it shook the heaven and earth, the winds changed color, and the s.p.a.ce seemed to be distorted. Rumbling sounds of true energy followed after ten consecutive explosions, turning into an even more terrifying Devil Subduing Method, lightning flashed and thunder roared, and it struck Du Peng's back as though it could split the earth.

's back was struck by lightning, and he fiercely spat out a mouthful of blood. It was as if blood mist was floating in the air, and a huge hole had been punched out in the middle of his body by Chen Xiang's violent punch just now.

Seeing this scene, Du Yanyao suddenly became clear-headed. Following Du Peng's fall, Chen Xiang's handsome face was imprinted into her mind, she never thought that she would see Chen Xiang again, and this time, it was Chen Xiang who had saved her. This time, it was Chen Xiang again, which gave her hope in her despair.

"You … "Who are you?" Even though a large hole had appeared on Du Peng's upper body, he did not die. His face was filled with hatred, which seemed to be able to pierce through the nine heavens, because Chen Xiang had destroyed his good fortune.

"Ask Second City Lord!" Chen Xiang sneered, walked over, and threw a punch towards his body. A ball of flame exploded out, and before Du Peng died, he had suffered a burning pain and slowly died.

Chen Xiang used the Soul Absorbing Devil Spell to search for the location of the Purple dragon flower from Du Peng's soul.

Outside the Immortal-poisoning Devil Forest, one could clearly hear Du Yanyao's hurried gasps. From time to time, she would let out a soul-s.n.a.t.c.hing moan, causing Chen Xiang to be unable to control himself.

"What are you doing?" Seeing Chen Xiang walking over, the thirst in Du Yanyao's heart became even stronger, because in her heart, Chen Xiang was much better than Du Peng. At least, she felt that Chen Xiang was very pleasing to the eye, and because of this, her modesty slowly faded.

Chen Xiang suddenly stopped in her tracks, this Du Yanyao looked as though she knew how to eat people, the previous coldness that was thousands of miles away was gone, all that was left was an incomparably strong desire, and her seductive charm, was indeed extremely alluring to men.

"Don't be afraid, I'm a good person!" Chen Xiang anxiously said. He was in a dilemma now, and if Du Yanyao was unable to purge the poison from his body, he would very likely die. But to detoxify the poison, he had to make a huge sacrifice.

Du Yanyao did not know where she got her strength from, but with a fierce leap, she actually threw Chen Xiang to the ground and tightly hugged Chen Xiang, letting out a groan. Her beautiful body that was drenched in sweat squirmed on Chen Xiang's body, and her pair of beautiful eyes that were filled with a seductive and thirsty look, were filled with complex emotions.

"I feel so bad!" Du Yanyao groaned as she kissed Chen Xiang's neck. There was only a thin layer of silk covering her chest.

Chen Xiang gulped down his saliva. He felt that his upright and upright body was being grinded against Du Yanyao's lower abdomen, which was extremely dangerous for him, as doing so was impossible for him right now. He also wished that he could correct Du Yanyao on the spot and help her detoxify the poison.

"sister Meiyao, is this what I want to do?" Chen Xiang suddenly turned around and pressed Du Yanyao who was wrapped around her to the ground, allowing her to struggle and moan powerlessly.

"Little Scoundrel, you're quite calm!" Su Meiyao praised from the bottom of her heart, then laughed: "I had thought that you would take advantage of her situation and kill her."

"Do I look like that kind of person?" Chen Xiang said snappily: "Hurry up and think of a way, if you don't detoxify her now, she's going to die!"

"Refine the yin poison in the saffron and then use the rest to refine it into a medicinal pill for her to consume. As for how to refine it, that will depend on your experience!" Better to be quick. " Su Meiyao said.

Chen Xiang released Du Yanyao who was pressed on the ground, then quickly picked up a few red flowers, threw them into the Yanlong furnace, released the flames, used the Foreseeing Alchemy, and started to burn the red flowers. Very quickly, he discovered that there was a red and white Medicine aura among the red flowers, and the red part was poisonous.

This red flower could be considered to be very easy to refine. However, it required a lot of effort to condense into a pill, so he could only pick a handful and throw it into the pill furnace to refine.

As he was seriously refining pills, he suddenly felt a delicate body lying on top of his body. The two snow peaks behind him made him to be shocked and almost be exposed. He didn't think that this woman's body was so big that it could crawl over and entangle him.

"So uncomfortable!" Du Yanyao lay on the back of Chen Xiang's tiger as he hugged Chen Xiang with both hands. He grabbed onto Chen Xiang's chest so that his delicate body would stick closely to Chen Xiang's, and then, as he dragged her along, she wildly kissed Chen Xiang's cheeks.

"Miss Du, please hold it a bit longer. I will finish refining it!" Chen Xiang said as he gritted his teeth. At this moment, he was being pestered by a peerlessly beautiful woman who had taken aphrodisiac, so it was impossible for him to not have any thoughts, and he was restraining himself now.

Du Yanyao also maintained a trace of rationality, but just because Chen Xiang did not do anything to her, it made her feel extremely disappointed, and as a result, made her desire to vent even more.

"I can't help it, give me … I feel so bad! " Du Yanyao spat out an orchid beside Chen Xiang's ear, her voice was filled with bewitchment, making people unable to stop.

Chen Xiang was also almost on the verge of going berserk, but his principles were extremely strong, and with the guidance of a peerless G.o.ddess like Liu Meng'er and Su Meiyao, he had an extremely strong resistance in this area, so he was able to calm his heart and refine pills.

This was a form of training for him, not every Alchemist would have this chance to train their strength!

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