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Chapter 590

In the dark night. Chen Xiang looked at the place that was emitting a strange aura. He suspected that it was the Immortal-poisoning Devil Forest, and that even immortals could be poisoned to death by it. This showed how terrifying the forest was.

However, Chen Xiang was not afraid. He would cultivate the Devil-suppressing Golden Body and be able to use impenetrable, but he wanted to see how Du Peng would bring Du Yanyao inside the Immortal-poisoning Devil Forest. If they really had a way to guard against poison and go into the forest, he planned to go in ahead of them and s.n.a.t.c.h the Purple dragon flower away.

"Since it's Immortal-poisoning Devil Forest, you can still live after being poisoned. You must have eaten something to detoxify the poison, otherwise if you were to be poisoned, even the G.o.ds will not be able to save you!" Du Yanyao looked straight at Du Peng, causing him to feel an inexplicable sense of oppression.

Du Peng nodded his head: "Young miss is indeed well-informed, I have indeed consumed a type of flower, which allowed me to preserve my life, if I consume it in advance, I think I can resist the poison in the Immortal-poisoning Devil Forest for a period of time."

Du Yanyao was slightly shocked, and asked: "Oh? What kind of flowers? Do you still have it? "

Du Peng laughed: That flower is outside of Immortal-poisoning Devil Forest, if the matter is extreme, it will be reversed. That flower probably absorbs poison aura all year round, which is why it has the ability to resist poison, but I am not sure if that's true, so I would like to ask young miss to appraise it herself.

Du Yanyao nodded, then followed Du Peng and flew towards the Immortal-poisoning Devil Forest.

Chen Xiang, who was flying in the air, also thought about whether he should continue to follow them, or s.n.a.t.c.h the Purple dragon flower in front of them.

I think that Du Peng brat is a bit strange. His body is a bit strange, but I can't see anything. Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang followed them. Along the way, Du Yanyao did not speak to Du Peng again.

Early in the morning, when the sun shone onto the earth, Chen Xiang saw a forest shrouded in green mist. The mist that contained extremely toxic poison rose up high in the sky, and under the illumination of the sunlight, it looked extremely eerie.

Chen Xiang looked at it from high up in the sky, and it looked like a green poisonous ocean, as though it was endless. It was hard to imagine how terrifying the poison in that dragon's body was, even if it had died, the pollution caused by its flesh and blood had never disappeared.

"It seems that the things inside are all extremely poisonous. No matter if it's plants or demon beasts, it's very hard for people to think that there would be many strange flowers and herbs for concocting pills." Chen Xiang said.

"Isn't that strange? That poisonous dragon is very strong, and the strange energy in its body is enough to grow a large number of strange flowers and herbs. Furthermore, it can also make these strange flowers and herbs resistant to poisons." Long Xueyi said.

Du Yanyao followed Du Peng under a small tree. Although they were not inside the Immortal-poisoning Devil Forest, they could feel the oppressive poison aura, and both Du Yanyao and Du Peng had to drink antivenomous pills.

Because this place was highly toxic, very few people would come here to die. If not for the fact that Du Yanyao knew about the Purple dragon flower inside, he would not have come here.

"Eldest Miss, this is the red flower. Why don't you check and see if it has a strong resistance to poison?" Du Peng said.

Du Yanyao squatted down and put on a black glove. She carefully plucked one flower and squeezed the saffron out of the water before dripping it into a jade box and mixing it with some white liquid.

"This flower is not poisonous, it's unbelievable, the flowers that grow outside the Immortal-poisoning Devil Forest are actually non-toxic." As Du Yanyao said that, she raised her hand and plucked the leaves of the small tree beside him, and then held them tightly in her hands. A black liquid dripped from the leaves and dripped onto the other jade box, instantly emitting traces of black Qi.

Chen Xiang was also shocked. It was just a small tree outside the Immortal-poisoning Devil Forest, but it harbored such a terrifying poison.

Du Yanyao poured the liquid inside the jade box that was dripping the saffron juice into the black jade box. In the blink of an eye, the black jade box started to change, and quickly returned to its original appearance.

"It really can cure poisons!" Du Yanyao plucked another leaf and dripped the poison from the leaf into the jade box. Because the jade box contained the antidote, the poison did not cause the jade box to turn black this time.

That red flower not only had the ability to detoxify poisons, but it also had the ability to defend against poisons.

After repeated tests, Du Yanyao finally confirmed that the red flower really could defend against poison, and allowed them to safely enter the Immortal-poisoning Devil Forest. This was a major discovery, because over the years, even the immortals did not dare enter the deepest part of the flower, because the deeper they went, the stronger the poison was.

If he had this strange red flower protecting him, then there was no need to be afraid.

"I ate it the last time. If there was anything wrong with it, I would have been poisoned to death long ago." Du Peng said as he plucked one and placed it in his mouth to chew.

After that, she walked towards the Immortal-poisoning Devil Forest. Du Yanyao was relieved as she took off the red flower and swallowed it. For safety's sake, she had even plucked more.

However, just as she took a few steps, her expression suddenly changed, and became extremely ugly. Chen Xiang saw that her beautiful face had become as white as paper, and filled with rage.

"Haha …" Young miss, are you unable to use your true qi? " Du Peng suddenly turned, his face was filled with a cunning smile, one look was enough to tell that he had done something.

"You … Du Peng, I have treated you well in the past, and the Du Family has never treated you unfairly, yet you actually dared to do such a thing! " Although Du Yanyao was furious, she was still relatively calm.

"You're right, but who told you to be so arrogant and be so important to men? I know that no matter what, I will never be able to get you in my life, so I can only come up with this plan!" "Young miss, I truly love you. For the sake of getting you, I'm not afraid of anything!" As Du Peng spoke, his eyes were filled with l.u.s.t.

"You … "You …" Du Yanyao's expression changed yet again as a hint of redness actually surfaced on her pale face.

"Haha …" Actually, that red flower was an incomparably l.u.s.tful poisonous flower. Although it had a very strong ability to prevent and detoxify poisons, whoever ate it would have the desire to do so. If Huo Burning Body is not combined with a different surname, it will be burned to death by the Evil Fire. Young Miss, let me help you treat the poison now! " Du Peng laughed sinisterly, taking off his clothes as he walked.

Du Yanyao had become weak, she did not even have the strength to speak, and her body was extremely hot and dry. The only thing she wanted to do now was to release all of her energy, to vent the pain of her body being bitten by thousands of insects.

At this moment, her whole body felt extremely uncomfortable. All sorts of obscene things appeared in her mind, making her almost lose her normal consciousness. Moreover, she unconsciously began to take off her clothes, softly moaning one after another.

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