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Chapter 587

Only three days had pa.s.sed. Chen Xiang had completely swallowed all the energy and refined it into pure Innate Qi, compressed it into the Zhenyuan granule in his dantian, thus allowing the Zhenyuan granule to gain an increase of 4000 pills. Now, he had a total of 84,000, he still needed to compress a large amount of Innate Qi and ignite another 4000, he would be able to breakthrough and obtain the Power of giving of the martial way!

He came out from the forest and sprinted towards the Sacred Dan City, he wanted to make the best use of his time and find the Devil-suppressing blood and then return to Mortal Wu Realm. In this Sacred Dan Realm, there would be dangers everywhere too, as long as there were powerful forces here, he who controlled a large amount of spirit medicine resources would sooner or later clash with those powers.

Within the Sacred Dan City, when Chen Xiang went in, he immediately felt everyone's expression turn heavy. It was obvious that they knew that a spatial rift had appeared not far away from the city walls, that there were many Devil Cultivator from the Demon World and Demon Beasts that had come through it. This caused them to be more or less worried.

However, Chen Xiang did not mind at all. In this world where immortals existed, the crack would very quickly be blocked, and even if they did not gamble, the Devil Cultivator and the beasts that came would not be able to make it.

Chen Xiang wandered around Sacred Dan City for half a day and heard many detailed information about this Sacred Dan Realm. For example, the distribution of power in this Sacred Dan Realm, as well as some other major events.

The City Lord Du Yanyao of the Sacred Dan City was precisely the Du Family. The Du Family was a huge family that was distributed throughout the eighteenth floor of the Sacred Dan Realm. The Sacred Dan City that Du Yanyao was in charge of was the largest city in the Sacred Dan Realm.

"Little Scoundrel, you're being watched!" Long Xueyi reminded.

"He's not strong!" Chen Xiang had also just discovered something. He paid a little attention and discovered that there were eight people following him, their strengths were all above Hundred refining realm, all of them looked normal, but their entire bodies were filled with dense and pure Innate Qi. Only those who cultivated with a high level of cultivation or who consumed pills over a long period of time would be able to reach such a level.

"Could it be that it's because I offended that female City Lord last time?" Chen Xiang thought, and continued to stroll on the street, and the person following him slowly walked over.

Very quickly, Chen Xiang was surrounded by these eight people.

"We are from the City Lord Palace. The Second City Lord has ordered for us to bring you there." A large man coldly said.

The Sacred Dan City had three City Lord s, and the Great City Lord was Du Yanyao. The Second City Lord and the 30% master were also part of the Du Family, but they did not have any Du Family blood in them. They were all raised up by the Du Family and were completely loyal to the Du Family.

"Don't mess around, I'll just follow you guys!" Chen Xiang said in a low voice, his voice carrying a hint of gloominess, causing the person who was grabbing his arm to tremble, as he looked at Chen Xiang with fear.

Just like this, Chen Xiang was surrounded by these eight people as he walked towards the City Lord Palace.

That Second City Lord was a man, and grew up in the Du Family. Chen Xiang had heard a few rumors before, which said that the Second City Lord and 30% of the masters all wanted to obtain Du Yanyao. However, whether it was strength or status, they were all far inferior to Du Yanyao, so there was definitely no chance of it.

Chen Xiang was currently standing outside a luxurious house. A handsome man dressed in gorgeous clothes, who was playing with three beads in his hands, slowly walked out from inside as he held three beads in his hand. Then, a few people hurriedly took out a luxurious chair for him to sit on.

This man was the Second City Lord, he was arrogant, petty, ruthless, he was an extremely sinister person, able to reach this step in power under the Du Family, without any methods, it was impossible for him to do so. At this moment, he was being highly valued by the Du Family, becoming the Second City Lord of the Sacred Dan City, and not being in the Du Family, he was naturally not restricted too much, and revealed his surname.

"Why aren't you bowing when you see Second City Lord?" A burly man roared, and then fiercely kicked Chen Xiang's knee, but Chen Xiang remained unmoving, and steadily stood there. Although his leg was powerful enough to shatter a rock, he acted like he was fine.

Chen Xiang looked straight at Second City Lord Gong Senliang, and coldly said: "Why have you called me here? "If there is nothing else, don't waste my time!"

Gong Senliang frowned, his face filled with anger, only to see a big sized man shouting: "Impudent, Second City Lord summoning you, that is your honor, not only are you not bowing, you are even being rude to Second City Lord, you are seeking death!"

As he said that, the big sized man slapped Chen Xiang.

"Too slow!" Chen Xiang sneered, his palm was like lightning, bringing with it the power of thunder, his palm struck the big sized man's wrist, a burst of flames burst out, the big sized man screamed out in pain, on his wrist, there was actually smoke, the smell of burnt flesh pervaded out.

After Chen Xiang crippled the big sized man's arm with one palm, his leg was wrapped in a ball of intense flames, releasing a scorching Qi, which flew out like lightning, jumping from the bottom to the top, kicking the big sized man's chin. The people around could only hear the sound of bones shattering, and the big sized man flew out, falling onto the ground as he screamed in pain.

"Humph!" Chen Xiang snorted.

"Lawless, go and capture this b * stard!" A big man rushed forward.

"Wait!" Gong Senliang finally spoke with a lazy voice. It was true that Chen Xiang's attack just now had shocked him, but he wasn't afraid of Chen Xiang at all.

Gong Senliang lazily stood up and walked towards Chen Xiang with his hands behind his back. He said in a slightly cold voice, "I have already been in Second City Lord for thirty years, but this is still the first time someone dares to be so ruthless in front of me!"

"I usually don't care about the lives of people that I don't care about!"

Gong Senliang's voice suddenly became sinister, his entire body releasing a strong killing intent, his five fingers opened up, and like a hawk grabbing a rabbit, he bent over forcefully, bringing a strong burst of Innate Qi, rushing towards Chen Xiang's head.

Chen Xiang was already prepared for this, he opened his mouth and roared, and a clear dragon's roar suddenly exploded out, the sound resonating in all directions, a ray of cyan light shining from his mouth transformed into a gust of astral wind accompanied by lightning, which mixed with a violent and furious bolt of lightning, and instantly smashed onto Gong Senliang's palm, causing a burst of berserk thunder to sound out, and the astral wind which carried an extremely berserk lightning presence, also blew Gong Senliang's hair into a mess, and his entire body was in a mess.

Chen Xiang had only used his strongest Green dragon genuine qi and roared out the Green dragon howler, but with this roar, not only did it dissolve Gong Senliang's vicious attack, it had also caught him off guard.

"Second City Lord!"

After the big sized men saw this, they shouted loudly, and rushed over, pulling out their sharp blades, fiercely slashing at Chen Xiang, the blades carried a strong amount of Innate Qi, and wanted to hack Chen Xiang into pieces.

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