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Chapter 585

Just when Chen Xiang found out about the ident.i.ty of the woman in the black skirt, he immediately noticed several pairs of eyes that were filled with killing intent staring at him.

Otherwise, with her personality, she would definitely take you down immediately. But she didn't, you better follow her and see, maybe you can find something interesting, since she is a Alchemist, and is able to make her so anxious, I think it should be related to some spiritual medicine or something like that. Long Xueyi said.

The corner of Chen Xiang's mouth raised slightly, he swept a glance at those people who were staring at him. He guessed that those people wanted to capture him, and if he was caught, then give him to the City Lord, he would definitely be rewarded.

"Fine, we'll go out of the city to meet this woman and resolve the misunderstanding. I'll stay here for a long time, so I don't want to be the most aggressive woman here." Chen Xiang circled the streets a few times, easily shaking off the few people who were following him, and walked out of the Sacred Dan City.

The female City Lord was being watched by Long Xueyi using the Heaven tour method, and after Chen Xiang left the city, he turned into a bird and flew quickly in the air, his speed was extremely fast, and before long, he saw the "Human Wheel" flying on the ground. The four burly men seemed to be born with the ability to pull carriages, and when pulling them outside the city, their speed was extremely fast.

"The demon qi in front is so dense. Look!" Long Xueyi suddenly shouted, Chen Xiang immediately looked in front.

Sure enough, a large mountain in front of them was shrouded in black gas. The surging devil air came from that direction.

"What's going on? This is the demonic energy that appears when a large number of demon beasts gather together in the Demon World. Fortunately, it's black demonic energy, and if it's invisible and colorless, then it means that the demon beasts are very powerful, and are all from Nirvana Stage." Bai Youyou said in shock.

"Maybe there are some cracks here too, but unlike the tunnel that is connected to the Demon World above Chen Martial Continent, this is a crack that is connected to the Demon World. Powerful Devil Cultivator are usually unable to pa.s.s through this crack, otherwise, they would be torn apart." Su Meiyao said.

Suddenly, in the forest below Chen Xiang, countless black wolves the size of bulls rushed out. On their backs were riding tall and st.u.r.dy men, their skin was extremely dark, their faces were filled with malevolence, and their bodies emitted a demonic Qi. It was obvious that they were from the demon realm.

These devil cavalry soldiers numbered in the tens of thousands as they madly rushed out from the forest. The group of beasts galloped forward as well as their furious roars shook the heaven and earth, resounding in all directions, shaking everyone's hearts.

"The Devil Wolf Cavalry of the Devil Realm are all equivalent to nineth section of genuine kungfu realm, and there are actually more than fifty thousand of them. Looks like the strength of the Devil Realm has grown so fast over the years, but the Devil Realm that has a channel with the Sacred Dan Realm must be extraordinary. This Sacred Dan Realm is of the same rank as the Heaven Realm, so the Demon and Devil Realms that is related to this Sacred Dan Realm at that time is also of the same rank." Bai Youyou's words shocked Chen Xiang.

Fifty thousand nineth section of genuine kungfu realm warriors of the Demon Realm were riding vicious and violent demon wolves, and that was only a small number.

The City Lord stopped her car and looked at the army of Devil Wolf Cavalry in front of her with a stern expression. The four men pulling her white jade carriage were all trembling in fear.

A burst of black fog suddenly came out from the forest and stopped in front of the cavalry army, turning into a fierce big man dressed in black armor.

"Du Yanyao, are you here to stop me again? This time, my great army has increased to fifty thousand, so it is certain that your Sacred Dan City will be flattened. The old fellows of Sacred Dan City are not in the city right now, right? The commander of the Devil Wolf Cavalry laughed.

Chen Xiang never thought that there would be such a spicy woman, her name sounded so gentle.

"Even if you stomp the Sacred Dan City flat, you will be destroyed sooner or later." Du Yanyao said coldly, the long whip in her hand suddenly striking the ground, causing a crisp explosion sound that resounded in the sky, shaking the earth and causing it to tremble, her imposing manner was strong enough to make the giant black wolves with mouths full of fangs tremble.

"Haha …" Those old fellows should be discussing how to seal the fissure, but they didn't expect that all of us in the Demon Realm army aren't afraid of death. We are alive to kill, to either kill others or to be killed by others, so our lives are destined to end in killing. " The commander laughed wildly.

Du Yanyao seemed to have fought with them more than once. Now, facing these tens of thousands of Devil Wolf Cavalry, she was still calm and composed, this point of courage made Chen Xiang admire her a lot.

Chen Xiang was currently spiralling in the air, watching the movements below him. The giant black wolves and the Demon Realm warriors with berserk strength were like energy in his eyes. Ever since he had grasped the Fire Dan Tian in the Fire G.o.d method, he had been able to refine all kinds of energy.

But there had to be enough for him to swallow, and right now there was a whole bunch of them.

"The ones wearing the armor are all relatively powerful, there are at least a few hundred of them below, and all of them look like they are in the mid to late stage of Spirit Martial Realm." Long Xueyi said.

This was also Chen Xiang's main goal. Only by engulfing all these would he be able to obtain a large amount of energy for him to refine.

"Capture this woman alive and let us enjoy the taste of her, haha." The commander laughed wildly, causing Du Yanyao to instantly be enraged.

In just a few moments, demon realm warriors wearing black armor quickly rushed out from the army and surrounded Du Yanyao.

"She is not weak, but based on her sea of people tactics, she won't be able to hold it off for long. She will strike at the right time, and this will be able to dissolve the misunderstanding between you and her." Bai Youyou said.

Of course, Chen Xiang was very clear about this fact. He had been circling in the air, waiting for the best opportunity to strike, and his target was the commander in chief.

"How can this woman be so stupid? She actually barged in by herself. Don't tell me she has something to rely on!"

Just as Chen Xiang was wondering, dozens of Demon Realm Warriors suddenly made their moves. They released wave after wave of explosive roars, their mouths spewing out streams of black energy that condensed into black lances, thrusting towards Du Yanyao like a shower of rain.

Du Yanyao shouted and leaped up, dodging the pikes that were condensed out of violent energy. Her white jade carriage and the four burly men instantly shattered into pieces.

Just as Du Yanyao landed on the ground, the dozens of black armored men brandished their blood red long blades and came to her side. With a series of fierce slashes, the blade unleashed a strong black Qi, which formed into countless blade qi that covered Du Yanyao from all directions.

Du Yanyao did not show any weakness as she coldly snorted. She raised her jade hand, and the long whip in it began to wildly spin in the air, forming a spiral to protect her.

"The chance has come." Chen Xiang had been staring at the commander this whole time, and at this time the commander was thinking very highly of him, so he did not care about the danger that was lurking in the sky.

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