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Chapter 584

Chen Xiang had learnt from Long Xueyi that the Sacred Dan Realm was a world ruled by the Alchemist. In the lowest level of the Sacred Dan Realm, he could see that there were a lot of followers in the Alchemist, and the strengths of these followers were all different.

A warrior would need to rely on the Alchemist to gain power, so of course the strength of the Alchemist was not weak. They brought along even more powerful followers with them, all in order to show their ident.i.ty and ability.

Warriors who did not know how to refine pills, being able to climb onto the Alchemist, was a very fortunate thing. Otherwise, they would have to bitterly look for medicinal herbs, then trade for Spar s, and then buy expensive medicinal pills.

Those Alchemist s, in order to make their followers stronger, had many powerful martial arts in their hands. They would let their followers learn from them, making it so that their followers would be even more dedicated to them.

In this world, people could easily be bought and sold. Chen Xiang had just pa.s.sed a place that was specialized in trading slaves, men and women alike, young and old, all of whom had miserable fates.

On the wide street, there were many pedestrians, majority of the people here were fire attributed, and Chen Xiang could feel that many people's fire attributed Innate Qi was extremely pure, showing that many people were refining pills, just that they did not have any major achievements.

Suddenly, a crisp and cold yell came from the front, "Those who don't care about their lives, quickly get out of the way!"

The people on the street immediately moved to the sides with helpless expressions on their faces. It was obvious that they were used to such things, and yet Chen Xiang heard the sounds of whipping.

At this moment, only he was still standing in the middle of the street, and he could see that on the street that opened up a path, there were four big men bare-chested, holding a large cart that looked like it was made of white jade and running at top speed. In the cart, there was a tall woman wearing a black dress and a black veil covering her face, and she was swinging a black whip at the men, as if she was chasing them.

Moreover, they were like horses being whipped by others. Even though their bodies were covered with whipping marks, they could only clench their teeth as they pulled the white jade carriage and ran frantically.

This was the first time Chen Xiang had seen such a scene, causing him to frown. He could not understand why these four big men with genuine kungfu realm cultivation would do such a lowly thing, as if they were slaves.

After reacting, Chen Xiang started to move, retreating into the crowd, and that car had already arrived. The black dressed woman on top, who had a pair of beautiful eyes filled with ice, stared angrily at Chen Xiang, and lashed out with her whip, which carried an extremely strong True Qi, causing Chen Xiang to feel as though it was a soft sword stabbing towards him.

"Brat, you dare to block my path? I'll teach you a lesson." The woman coldly said as she brandished her whip.

"Hmph." Chen Xiang coldly snorted as he moved like lightning, grabbing onto the long whip that was fiercely lashing towards him with an unbelievable speed. After that, with a large pull, he actually pulled the woman off the carriage.

This made everyone tremble with fear. The people in the city all knew what kind of person this woman was. No one dared to provoke her, but right now, there was actually someone who dared.

Seeing Chen Xiang's actions, the surrounding people quickly dispersed after seeing the surprise. They hid in the distance and looked at Chen Xiang as if he was a dead man.

She did not expect that someone would receive her whip so easily, as if they were grabbing onto straw. That whip was an angry whip and used all of her Innate Qi, but Chen Xiang had dissolved the Innate Qi that she had condensed on the whip with ease. Furthermore, he even injected a strong suction force that caused her hand to tightly grip the whip, and then remove her.

"How dare you! You're courting death!" The voice of the woman in the black dress seemed to come from the depths of h.e.l.l, bringing with it a cold and merciless killing intent.

"I'm not in your way." Chen Xiang was still holding onto the whip tightly. He was wearing the tiger skin glove on both his hands, which was an a.s.sa.s.sin's hand. Receiving the woman's whip was a piece of cake for him.

Chen Xiang truly did not block her way, but because he was slightly slower than the others, he was attacked by the lady, causing him to become extremely angry.

"You have that kind of strength, so you shouldn't be so ignorant. Don't you know who I am? If you provoke me, I can have over a hundred ways to make you regret coming to this world." The lady in black pulled with all her might, wanting to pull the whip back. Even though she had used all her strength, Chen Xiang was like a mountain, unmoving.

The black dressed lady was very powerful. Chen Xiang had only used the Taiji Dragon-suppressed kungfu's ingenious method of channeling energy in order to dissolve her ferocious and overbearing power.

"You were the one who was wrong." Chen Xiang frowned, previously Long Xueyi had told him that he could not casually make a move in Sacred Dan City, or else he would be sanctioned by the powers in charge of the Sacred Dan City. However, it seemed that it was not the case, because from the reactions of the people on the street, he could tell that this woman in black dress was the type of person who would flaunt her skills here, and she could even make a move as she pleased.

"Let go of my whip, I don't have time to fight with you today, I will remember you." The lady in black said coldly, while Chen Xiang released her whip.

The woman in the black dress put away her whip and jumped onto the white jade cart in front of her. The woman in the black dress put away her whip and jumped onto the white jade cart in front of her.

"Lad, hurry up and run. You're dead for sure." A kind old man walked past Chen Xiang and shook his head as he sighed.

Many people shook their heads and sighed. It was commendable for them to have the courage to fight against this woman in black dress, but it meant that they had to become enemies with her. Even if they didn't die, they would have to lead a desperate life.

"Who is this woman?" Chen Xiang chased after the old man and asked anxiously.

This woman is the Sacred Dan City's Mayor. Although her power is not in the Nirvana Stage, she has a great background, her father is the Dan King, her grandfather is the Dan Immortal, and she is also a female Alchemist with outstanding talent. She can rule over this Sacred Dan City, and she can kill anyone she wants in this city. The old man looked at Chen Xiang with pity in his eyes.

Chen Xiang was also shocked, his origins were huge, his grandfather was a Dan Immortal and he himself was the City Lord.

Even so, Chen Xiang was not worried at all. In his opinion, as long as there were problems that could be solved with money, they were not considered problems at all. Since this woman was a Alchemist, then things would be much easier to handle.

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