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Chapter 470 Guidance of the Divine Weapon

Chen Xiang shook his head, "there should be a formation technique that prevented him from gaining his power, isn't it?"

"You have powerful items like Luotian Door, don't you?" Long Xueyi smiled and asked, "You're so dumb!"

Chen Xiang's eyes lit up. He laughed out loud and said, "I really didn't expect it."

The Luotian Door could open a s.p.a.ce Gate, which wouldn't be constrained by formations. Chen Xiang used that technique to pa.s.s across a powerful formation in the Primordial Holy Land and entered the ruins in which the dragon was imprisoned.

Long Xueyi waited for Chen Xiang to regain some of his True Qi. Only after he could open the Luotian Door did she attach herself to Chen Xiang. Beside, she had long since used the "G.o.d Traveling in Nine Heavens" technique to confirm the location of Youming Abyss.

The G.o.d Traveling in Nine Heavens Technique allowed his divine sense to fly very fast to a distance place or even through a world. However, Chen Xiang did not have enough magic power right now to use this move.

After the s.p.a.ce Gate opened, Chen Xiang stepped through it and arrived at the bottom of the Youming Abyss. Moreover, it was in front of the mountain cave that imprisoned the Primordial Fire Beast.

This caused the Primordial Fire Beast to let out a roar, and then, a voice rang out from within Chen Xiang's mind, "do you finally get the strength to let me out?"

When Chen Xiang reached the bottom of the cave, he once again saw this colossus. He still felt extremely shocked and terrified.

"Not right now." Chen Xiang said while spreading his hands.

"Hmph, you wasted my pleasure!" The Primordial Flame Beast roared again, with enormous, fire blazing around it, which made it furious.

Chen Xiang hurriedly said, "I know a few Nirvana Realm martial artists. I can let you to save you, but I don't know if that works."

"No, I need the Heavenly Fire Soul or a fire soul stronger than it to save me. Otherwise, no one from the Heavenly Realm could save me." The Primordial Fire Beast said.

Chen Xiang sighed and said, "I came to find you for a favor."

Long Xueyi also came out of Chen Xiang's body at that moment. She looked at a small tree behind the Primordial Fire Beast. That was the Earth's Core Divine Tree. Chen Xiang still had quite a few of the fruits, though being cut it into pieces.

Because cultivating an Earth's Core Divine Tree wasn't a simple matter, Chen Xiang kept the fruit nuclei and waited for planting it in a suitable place.

After that, Chen Xiang explained the matter to the Primordial Fire Beasts that he wished to get a hand.

"I can help you, but I got a better plan!" The Primordial Fire Beast looked at Long Xueyi and snorted coldly. He really disliked the people from the Royal Dragon Family, but now, Long Xueyi, a little girl, was considering of acquiring its Earth's Core Divine Fruit.

"Do you got a better way? I just thought of that method! " Long Xueyi said in disgust.

"Little bulls.h.i.t dragon, my methods is much better than your!" The Primordial Fire Beast sneered.

Chen Xiang was slightly excited as he hastily asked, "then tell us!"

The Primordial Fire Beast said, "one side of this Youming Abyss directs to the Earth's Core Divine Tree, which is my place, but do you know where the other side direct?"

Chen Xiang and Long Xueyi shook their heads. They had always been curious about this matter.

"I don't know either, but I feel it should be a road leading to the core of the earth. Probably the path is too small for me to notice it back then."

Into the Earth's Core! This made Chen Xiang and Long Xueyi to be slightly excited. That was the core of a world, and the most mysterious place of it. Chen Xiang heard that Earth's Core was the key for a world to maintain its operation.

However, even someone like Huang Jintian couldn't find the core of the earth, and Huang Jintian had always been regretting about it.

Not everyone could come to the bottom of Youming, even including Huang Jintian. Only Chen Xiang who had the Black Tortoise Armament Armor was able to come, so this place was very safe.

After Chen Xiang arrived here, he made a mark on Luotian Door, so that he could hide here the next time he dodged.

"It's hard for humans to come to this place. The reason you're able to come is because you have Black Tortoise Armament Armor. This is absolutely not a coincidence!" The Primordial Fire Beast said.

The Black Tortoise Profound Realm must be nearby, and now Chen Xiang knew about it.

"The Earth's Core must be very hot. Even the strongest humans in the mortal world will be melted there. But you have Black Tortoise Armament Armor, so you should go there. There might be something waiting for you."

Chen Xiang nodded his head. After saying farewell to Primordial Fire Beast, he hurriedly ran towards the other end of the abyss.

"Little fart dragon, pay attention to the surroundings. My injuries are not healed yet!" Chen Xiang exhorted, and Long Xueyi gave him a response.

Last time, Long Xueyi discovered that there was a large amount of living organisms underneath. However, she did not fly to the other direction as Chen Xiang was attracted by the roar of the Primordial Fire Beast.

There might be something strange at the place where he was going.

"There's a large group of them ahead of us. It should be some beasts, and their strength is at Stage Two or Three of the True Martial Realm." Long Xueyi said.

Stage Two or Three of True Martial Realm! If it was the first time Chen Xiang arrived, he would not be able to handle them. But now, beasts in such levels were nothing but ants to him.

With a thought coming out of his mind, a green light bursted out from his right hand, and the Azure Dragon Subduing Devil Saber suddenly appeared in his hand and emitted a green light. After he infilled True Qi to the saber, its blade lightly vibrated and emitted a humming sound. As the beating of Chen Xiang's intention of kill, waves of fierce killing intent dissipated from the blade.

A series of low and deep roars came out of bottom of dark abyss. All sorts of sounds were heard, making listeners scared, while Chen Xiang did not slow down, but rushing straight through it.

Suddenly, a red light flashed out, and Chen Xiang saw a beast with red eyes coming over. Entire body of the beast was covered in hard armor, and it looked like a crocodile. Its body was large and its limbs were thick, with its entire mouth full of sharp fangs. It seems like that big mouth could crunch everything.

"You ign.o.ble beast!" Chen Xiang shouted coldly as he swung his saber towards the creature. The enormous energy surged through the air, and the ferocious True Qi surged out. Just like breaking bamboo, the blade easily broke the hard armor of the beast apart like breaking a chunk of toufu.

In the blink of an eye, the aggressive beast was cut in half by Chen Xiang, and green blood gushed out from it.

After he slashed one, another beast flew over. These beasts all looked the same. Chen Xiang certainly wasn't afraid. He hurriedly chopped off with the sharps saber in his hand. The azure light formed Saber Qi, like countless threads, const.i.tuting a net with green lights and advancing forward. As it pa.s.sed through, the beasts were cut into chunks by the green made of Saber Qi.

Within a very short period, the strange beast on the road had turned into chunks of flesh!

There were quite a few of these strange beasts along the way. Chen Xiang was thankful that he hadn't come this far when he came, but now, these strange beasts had been slashed into several pieced by him very easily and were unable to pose a threat on him.

Killing these strange beasts only improved some killing intent of Chen Xiang's intention to kill.

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