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Chapter 468 Fighting Below the Sea

Chen Xiang swam in the sea for a long time, then the sea suddenly became rough and turbulent. Thunder roared in the sky as gusts of wind blew up, creating fierce waves.

"Is that the prelude of a big whirlpool?" At this moment, Chen Xiang felt a suction force that sucked all the seawater around him into a certain place.

Not willing to get in the big whirlpool right now, he hurriedly jumped out of the sea and turned back to a human figure. A stream of air gushed out from his feet, propelling his body into the air. In order to stabilize his body in the wind, he released the wind force of Azure Dragon True Qi, which allowed him to fuse with the wind and fly forward.

Suddenly, Chen Xiang realized that a gravitational force suddenly erupted from the front, causing the clouds and the wind in the sky to be pulled over.

At this moment, the sky was dark, while flashes that erupted from time to time illuminated the sea that was turbulent and terrifying. Suddenly, Chen Xiang saw a whirlpool on the surface of the sea, not far from him.

The whirlpool was small in the beginning, only about hundreds of meters wide, but it gradually expanded to thousands and the thousands meters.

"Is that the big whirlpool?" Chen Xiang could see that the dark clouds in the sky suddenly turned into a pillar of lightning that carried a stream of air and was dragged into the middle of whirlpool along with the waves.

Long Xueyi said, "The big whirlpool is absorbing the surrounding Spirit Qi. It is gathering a very strong energy under the sea. I think that the entrance to the White Tiger Profound Realm should be at the bottom of the sea, and it is necessary to absorb such a huge amount of Spirit Qi to make enough energy to open the pa.s.sageway to the Profound Realm."

Chen Xiang used all his force to keep himself floating in the air and not being sucked into the whirlpool. At the same time, he approached to the whirlpool slowly. He intended to know how to enter the seabed.

After the whirlpool devoured Spirit Qi for a while, it suddenly stopped sucking, but the whirlpool still kept spinning frantically. Just at that time, Chen Xiang saw a black hole in the middle of the whirlpool in the air, from which a light occasionally appeared up.

"Get in it, quickly!" Long Xueyi shouted.

Chen Xiang also knew that it was a chance to get in. Suddenly, a burst of flames erupted from his feet, following by a wave of explosion, blasting out a burst of flames. Chen Xiang took advantage of the power of explosion to fly from the air and directly get into the black hole in the middle of the whirlpool.

After he got in with his head down. He only saw that a barren wasteland below. It was more like an uninhabited island, because it was surrounded by seawater. However, this island was surrounded by a force that prevented sea water from flowing in.

Chen Xiang quickly landed on the island at the seabed. The island was huge and covered by a powerful protective barrier that could stop the water from entering, while the bottom of the whirlpool was just above the island.

Suddenly, Chen Xiang sensed a tremendous amount of tyrannical Spirit Qi coming from above, which caused him to hurriedly fly in a certain direction. His speed had reached a limit, and not after a while that he got far away from the area where the tyrannical Spirit Qi was striking down.

Although the island was under the sea, it was not dark, but just a bit dim. Chen Xiang could see the tyrannical Spirit Qi striking through the opening of the island, along with waves of flashes, after which the Spirit Qi immediately dispersed.

"It seems like a few more days are needed to gather enough energy to open the game of Profound Realm." Bai Youyou said.

Now that they'd been certain that there was indeed a Profound Realm on the island below the sea. It was quite likely that it was the White Tiger Profound Realm.

Previously, when Chen Xiang and Liu Menger gathered the three Divine Weapons together, they could clearly sense that there was something around the Carefree Immortal Sea that was calling them. It was a very delicate feeling, which made Liu Menger and him to be sure that the White Tiger Divine Weapon must be in that direction.

"We got company. There are three humans!" Long Xueyi warned Chen Xiang.

There were humans down there. Chen Xiang was astonished.

He knew that he had been discovered by someone when he came down from above, and those people were rushing over here.

It was a plain ground down there, without hills or forest, therefore Chen Xiang had no place to hide himself.

"How about their strength?" Just as Chen Xiang asked it, three people appeared around him and sieged him inside.

Chen Xiang knew the strength of these three people without response from Long Xueyi. Judging from their True Qi, Chen Xiang guessed that they were at the middle or late stage of the Spirit Martial Realm.

What shocked Chen Xiang even more was that all the three people were wearing golden robes. Two of them were middle-aged and one was old. From their adornment, Chen Xiang was certain that they were from the Holy Light Sect.

Men of The Holy Light Sect had arrived here early, which made Chen Xiang speculating that the Holy Light Sect and Carefree Immortal Sea were in a collusion!

Although Carefree Immortal Sea refused to join the Holy Light Sect at previous time of the Hero a.s.sembly, no one knew what was in Xiao Ziliang's mind. He almost became the headmaster of the Divine Martial Palace, and now, he established the Carefree Immortal Sea only to experience the feeling as a headmaster. The difference was that he wanted to make the Carefree Immortal Sea even more powerful and becoming the biggest sect in the King's Mainland, so it was not out of expectation that he would align with the Holy Light Sect.

"I didn't expect that the well-known Chen Xiang, the number one youth martial artist and alchemist of the Mortal Martial Realm would be here!" The old man from the Holy Light Sect expressed a stiff, cold smile, with his eyes filling with killing intent.

So as the other two Holy Light Sect martial artists. They all knew that the headmaster of Holy Light Sect hated Divine Martial Palace badly, and Chen Xiang was also a thorn in the light of the Holy Light Sect. They would obtain a big reward from the sect if they killed him.

At this moment, Chen Xiang was under a huge pressure, because the three of them were all very strong. He would not be afraid if engaging in a one-on-one fight, but he did not even have a chance of winning if the three came together.

Moreover, it was the bottom of the sea. They killed Chen Xiang and cleaned it up, so that no one would ever know what happened. Staring at those eyes with killing intent, Chen Xiang also grew up an intention of killing within his mind.

If someone wanted to kill him, he must not leave him alive!

"Now!" The old man shouted. The three martial artists attacked at the same time. Each of them had a sharp longsword in hands, and a strong True Qi was infilled into the sword, causing the longswords to emit a buzzing sound that pierced through the air and stroke towards Chen Xiang with fierce killing intent, just like a bolt of lightning.

When the three martial pract.i.tioners of the Holy Light Sect started attacking, waves of intense killing intent erupted from their bodies, which indicated that they were vicious and merciless killers, and they would never be lenient.

Chen Xiang had long since been ready. As he saw the three men attacking simultaneously, his body trembled and conjured a Black Tortoise Luotian Cover. However, the True Qi condensing on the three swords was extremely ferocious. As the swords stabbed into his Black Tortoise Luotian Cover together, a strong vibration was generated and broke up the armor.

All of these three people were stronger than Chen Xiang, they were attacking at the same time. Chen Xiang had no way but to retreat!

The three martial pract.i.tioners of the Holy Light Sect were secretly delighted when they saw the cover of Chen Xiang being pierced. They originally thought that they could penetrate through Chen Xiang' body, but they suddenly felt that the sword tip touched something very hard and preventing them from achieving it.

Although Chen Xiang's Black Tortoise Adamant Armor protected him from being pierced through by the three swords, the power still infilled into his body, which caused his internal organs to constrict and he spitted out a mouthful of blood.

"I will be back!" Chen Xiang roared furiously. His voice was like a blade carrying a penetrative killing intent!

Suddenly, a burst of white light erupted out from his body, tyrannical and furious dragon force exploded out of his body and formed an extremely strong energy wave that shook the three of them apart.

To use the dragon force in a serious injury made Chen Xiang spitting out another mouthful of blood. However, now he got the chance to flee.

"Leave it to me!" Long Xueyi sighed and turned into a white light enveloping Chen Xiang's body, then flied towards the exit of the island.

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