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Li Baojun said that the next round would only begin after an hour break. He did this because he wanted to take a breath of respite, he wanted to calm his heart down. Now, he was on guard against all possible scenarios. Having watched Chen Xiang refine Five Elements True Elemental Dans so easily and so quickly, moreover, two extra dans than him, Li Baojun no longer had that easy-going att.i.tude that he had a moment ago. From the performance of Chen Xiang, it was quite evident that Chen Xiang's alchemy foundation was quite solid.

Li Baojun believed that even his master, Dan King Li Tianjun won't be a match of Chen Xiang in refining Five Elements True Elemental Dans! Chen Xiang may have been refining just low-grade profound-level dans, once Chen Xiang could refine high-level dans, he would surely show the same results as he had shown now, high quality, better quant.i.ty as well as an astonishing speed! This could only be done if one had a very solid foundation!

As many geniuses as he had seen, it was still the first time he had seen a genius like Chen Xiang, who so steady and without pride and arrogance! If someday, Chen Xiang ever reached the level of Dan King, he sure would be a very powerful figure.

“Next, we are going to be refining three very useful low-grade profound-level dans. Of course, this is only true for low-level martial artists like yourself.” Li Baojun still believed Chen Xiang was just a True Martial Realm martial artist.

Chen Xiang cracked a smile as he said, “Low-grade profound-level dans are not very useful to me, I need middle-grade or perhaps high-grade profound-level dans.”

Li Baojun was momentarily taken by surprise. He could not help but ask, “What is your cultivation level?”

“I have just advanced to Extreme State, the early stage of Spirit Martial Realm!” answered Chen Xiang.

Li Baojun gulped nervously. He very much wanted to asked Chen Xiang's age, but he still didn't ask. He was worried that he would receive another blow. Just his high alchemy skills and his extraordinary strength had given him a considerable scare!

“The three dans are Five Elements True Elemental Dan, Building Foundation Dan, and Baptizing Bone Dan. Do you any objection?” Li Baojun asked.

“Is Baptizing Bone Dan very common?” Chen Xiang now had a difficult time in finding the herbs of Baptizing Bone Dan. This kind of dan could strengthen a martial artist's physique. It was greatly useful but very uncommon.

“It was very common a long time ago, however, over these ten thousand years, it has become very rare,” said Hua Xiangyue.

Chen Xiang nodded his acknowledgment. “I don't have any problem. When do we start?”

He was very familiar with the Building Foundation Dan and Five Elements True Elemental Dan. As for Baptizing Marrow Dan, he had never refined it.

The Baptizing Marrow Dan was not as difficult to refine as Five Elements True Elemental Dan. However, from the books, Chen Xiang knew that it still had a certain difficulty. Now, he could only employ the Refining Simulation Technique and give it a try.

He felt that this was also a method and opportunity to improve his Refining Simulation Technique.

Li Baojun gave Chen Xiang three jade boxes, each carrying three sets of herbs respectively. Out of which, two he was very familiar with, which were the herbs for refining Building Foundation Dan and Five Elements True Elemental Dan. The third set he had never seen. Apart from some Ginseng, Fleeceflower Root and Lingzhi which were auxiliary herbs, there were three black ingredients that appeared to be some kind of fruits. They were very hard. When he picked them up to feel, they felt like iron b.a.l.l.s.

Judging from Chen Xiang's expression, Hua Xiangyue realized that Chen Xiang would be refining this Baptizing Bone Dan for the first time. Previously, Chen Xiang had asked her help to gather the Baptizing Bone Dan herbs. However, she never found them.

“Have you never refined the Baptizing Bone Dan?” Li Baojun had also come to notice this, because Chen Xiang had a curious look on his face when looking at those three iron ball-like fruits.

Chen Xiang nodded his affirmation. “This should be the main herbs of Baptizing Bone Dan, the Iron Heart Fruit! I heard that it is harder than iron and also very difficult to refine!”

Li Baojun blurted out, taken aback, “You have never refined it? Then, why did you say you have no problem a moment ago? This is surely disadvantageous for you!”

Chen Xiang smiled. “Might as well. I just wanted to try it out! Because this herb of Baptizing Bone Dan is rarely found, surely, I would want to try refining it, regardless of anything.”

Chen Xiang was speaking the truth. So long as he saw some rare herbs, he could not wait to refine them!

Li Baojun was completely shocked. He could not help but look at Chen Xiang with horror. For him to say so when he had never refined that dan, there was only one possibility, and that was that Chen Xiang knew that skill which all high-level alchemists' needed to master—the Refining Simulation Technique!

In Li Baojun's cognition, only when someone was beginning to learn refining high-grade profound-level dan or low-grade earth-level dan, he or she would learn that d.a.m.n Refining Simulation Technique. That technique was very taxing to the mind. It was an alchemy technique during which its user had to use every cell of his brain. If an alchemist could not learn this technique, he or she would never become a high-level alchemist!

And now, Chen Xiang could only refine low-grade profound-level dan, yet he had mastered such a high-rank alchemy technique. He could very well be called as a genius among geniuses.

Li Baojun took a few deep breaths before coming over to Chen Xiang and ask him in a serious manner, “Do you know the Refining Simulation Technique?”

Chen Xiang answered, “When I was refining the Five Elements True Elemental Dan for the first time, I had used the Refining Simulation Technique. Furthermore, the conditions at that time were very poor as well.”

At that time, Chen Xiang didn't have an alchemical furnace. He was using his spiritual energy to create a transparent alchemical furnace. Suffice to say, the difficulty had reached a whole new level. But also because of this, he was able to master the basics of Refining Simulation Technique!

The credit must also go to Hua Xiangyue. Therefore, Chen Xiang was very grateful to her.

“Who is your master?” Li Baojun asked subconsciously. Then, he turned his gaze to Hua Xiangyue. If Chen Xiang could have such a solid foundation at his age, then, his master should surely be an extraordinary figure.

“I have been taught by three people, one is her, other is an elder of my Extreme Martial Sect, and the last one is a senior, I can't say her name,” Chen Xiang reported truthfully. When he was in Extreme Dan King Courtyard, Elder Dan had also instructed him in alchemy. At that time, he had benefited a lot from her.

Whereas Hua Xiangyue had created a huge hurdle before Chen Xiang during the alchemy compet.i.tion of Danxiang Taoyuan, forcing Chen Xiang to break through his bottleneck and master the Refining Simulation Technique and Illusionary Brilliant Furnace.

Li Baojun sighed deeply. There was an incomparably solemn expression on his face. Only now did he came to realize that the guy he was despising all this time was not some ordinary character. He believed that if Chen Xiang could reach his level, he would definitely achieve far more than he had.

The curtain on the second round soon opened. Li Baojun took this round very seriously because if he lost this round, he won't have any opportunities to turn the tables. He was an old and honorable alchemist, he was not too far away from becoming a Dan Ancestor. But if he lost to this Little Rascal, he would have lived in vain all this time.

Chen Xiang and Li Baojun began processing the herbs. Li Baojun was the first to process the herbs. He was refining the Five Elements True Elemental Dan first. What Li Baojun could not comprehend was as to why Chen Xiang was processing two distinct sets of herbs, one for Five Elements True Elemental Dan and one for Building Foundation Dan.

However, seeing this, a smile crossed Hua Xiangyue's face. She knew what Chen Xiang was planning to do!

Since Chen Xiang had never refined Baptizing Bone Dan, he needed a lot of time to carry out the Refining Simulation Technique, and also, he would need to slow down his speed. Therefore, in order to save some time, he could only refine Building Foundation Dan and Five Elements True Elemental Dan simultaneously!

Hua Xiangyue was sure that she soon would be able to watch Chen Xiang refine two set of dans simultaneously. No matter how many times she had watched it, it was still as shocking as before. Since then, she had secretly tried it herself. Although she was successful, she was far from Chen Xiang's level.

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