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Gu Dongchen, Wu Kaiming, Liu Menger, and Hua Xianyue, all appeared next to the arena at their fastest speed. Lian Yingxiao and Xiao Ziliang also followed suit. The tyc.o.o.ns from Heroes Mountain, who had received Chen Xiang graciousness and obtained their founding fathers’ inheritance also arrived by the arena, because they could feel intense bloodl.u.s.t from w.a.n.g Quan’s roar.

Although they didn’t know why w.a.n.g Quan was furious, they could not allow w.a.n.g Quan to attack Chen Xiang!

Hua Xiangyue also rushed over, bringing Lanlan with her. Having come closer, Lanlan said in a low voice, looking at Sun Xueren, “It’s him, I remember his aura. He is the one who secretly attacked me. When I go back, I will definitely ask my clansmen to help me get justice!”

Although the match had begun, Sun Xueren didn’t launch an attack right away. On the contrary, he looked at w.a.n.g Quan, only to see the angry w.a.n.g Quan nod at him!

“Go to h.e.l.l!” Sun Xueren shouted in a cold voice before the Death Whirl appeared underneath his feet, pulling Chen Xiang over. Meanwhile, his left hand shook as a huge skeletal arm appeared. That creepy giant skeletal claw has appeared yet again. However, the giant skeletal claw this time had strands of black mist flowing around it.

Even more so, the death qi was also intenser, giving everyone a suffocating feeling!

Earlier, Chen Xiang also had no idea how he should deal with the drag of Death Whirl. However, now that he had experienced it personally, he immediately knew how to deal with. As what the Death Whirl was absorbing was energy, the Death Whirl was able to sense the tremendous amount of energy in Chen Xiang’s body, owing to the aura emanating from Chen Xiang due to the terrifying amount of True Qi in his dantian. That’s the only reason, Chen Xiang was being dragged.

Now as long as Chen Xiang could isolate his own energy so that the Death Whirl couldn’t sense it, Chen Xiang would not be affected by this whirl. Owing to which, Chen Xiang would be able to dodge that terrifying giant skeletal claw quite easily.

“Hahaha…go to h.e.l.l!” Sun Xueren’s diabolical laughter resounded at once as he stretched that giant claw out as quickly as a lightning bolt. At that moment, everyone had their hearts in their throat.

Liu Menger, Gu Dongchen, everyone who was worried about Chen Xiang, had their minds went blank immediately. They believed that Chen Xiang’s head would be grabbed by that giant claw, and his life force would be engulfed completely thereafter!

This brief moment felt like an eternity to everyone. They thought of many things in their mind.

Sun Xueren kept on laughing like a madman. That claw of his was filled with dense diabolical True Qi. Just as the claw seemed as if it was about to grab Chen Xiang, Chen Xiang suddenly disappeared.

By the sight of this, Sun Xueren’s smile froze right away as if he had eaten a fly. Whereas the moment Chen Xiang disappeared, everyone burst into exclamations, at the same time, they also heaved a long sigh of relief.

“Impossible! How could you possibly escape from my Death Whirl!” Sun Xueren fiercely turned his head, only to see Chen Xiang standing behind him.

That black whirl under Sun Xueren’s feet spun even faster, but Chen Xiang stood right where he was, looking dismissively at Sun Xueren.

Having seen Chen Xiang break Sun Xueren’s Death Whirl, Liu Menger heaved a sigh of relief. With this, even if Chen Xiang wasn’t a match for Sun Xueren, he could still step down from the arena.

w.a.n.g Quan, even more, ground his teeth in hatred by the sight of Chen Xiang dodging at the critical moment when it seemed Sun Xueren was about to succeed.

Sun Xueren was taken aback even more so; he had extremely high confidence in his Death Whirl. w.a.n.g Quan had once stated that no one among his peers could escape for sure; moreover, Chen Xiang was still weaker than him by a stage.

Be that as it may, Sun Xueren soon calmed down and quickly swung that huge skeletal arm of his towards Chen Xiang!

Presently, that giant skeletal arm of Sun Xueren was a very powerful piece of weapon. Neither blade nor spear could pierce through it. Not to mention, Chen Xiang wasn’t able to utilize any weapon at this moment, as such, he had the upper hand.

“Do you dare to touch my arm? Hahaha…I guarantee, so long as you touch my arm even a bit, you will die for sure!” seeing Chen Xiang escaping every time, Sun Xueren broke into crazed laughter as he said.

Chen Xiang had never imagined that this Sun Xueren, who generally looked like a corpse would actually be laughing so madly at this moment. Moreover, that huge skeletal arm of his was very swift, the attacks were so fast that he was having a hard time dodging.

Sun Xueren was very fast. Huge as the arena was, the s.p.a.ce was still limited; therefore, all Chen Xiang could do was escape back and forth around the arena.

“What’s the point in this? Don’t you like to use strength to fight with others? Don’t you always throw very big moves? But why are shrinking like a turtle!?” Sun Xueren said with a grim laugh. He was riling up Chen Xiang so that Chen Xiang would fight back. Only that way would he have the opportunity to let his claw come in contact with Chen Xiang.

Of course, Chen Xiang would not always be dodging, otherwise, there really won’t be a point of this match. Earlier, he was just experimenting! When Sun Xueren attacked him, Sun Xueren would release a kind of dreadful Death Qi. Just a moment ago, Chen Xiang had secretly absorbed a very small part of this Death Qi into his body, and then, tried to attack that Death Qi with the Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi.

When he first tried it out, he was easily successful in destroying that Death Qi with the Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi. But just to be sure of the Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi effect, he absorbed even more Death Qi, for which he needed a bit more time.

Certainly, when he absorbed that diabolical energy into his body, he had wrapped it in with spiritual energy so that it won’t spread. After gathering a lot more, he then tried to eliminate it with the Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi.

“It’s effective but it isn’t like dealing with the evil demons!” Chen Xiang was in glee. Be that as it may, this allowed him to have a greater chance of winning.

When he was using Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi to deal with the evil demons, it was no different than burning a wax candle with blazing flames; the evil demons were eliminated quite easily.

Suddenly, the giant skeletal arm of Sun Xueren burst forth with black qi. That kind of intense diabolical aura made the audience frown, for it was truly evil.

Like a broadsword, that giant skeletal arm fiercely streaked horizontally towards Chen Xiang. And it was far faster than before.

“Hmph!” Chen Xiang let out a harrumph as a golden aura broke out from his arm, catching that giant skeletal arm’s wrist directly.

By the sight of this, all the spectators were stupefied. They were quite clear how terrifying that giant skeletal arm was. It was a tool that was no different than an evil devil harvesting life. Anyone who came in contact with it would die for sure, but Chen Xiang surprisingly dared to grab it!

Even Sun Xueren was incomparably shocked.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Chen Xiang vigorously pulled the arm and fiercely turned around before he hurled Sun Xueren over his shoulder by Sun Xueren’s wrist, ruthlessly smashing Sun Xueren into the ground.

“Sun Xueren, you are too arrogant!” Chen Xiang coldly smiled as he said. Thereafter, he let out a crazed roar before a dazzling golden aura radiated from his body. The golden aura was covered in blazing flames which were filled with whitish energy!

What Chen Xiang did was fuse the dragon force, the Heavenly Sun Fire, and the strongest Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi together, fusing them into a fearsome power. Afterward, grabbing that giant skeletal arm of Sun Xueren with his both hand, he fiercely gave it a twist. A cracking sound immediately followed as that giant skeletal arm separated from Sun Xueren’s shoulder.

The giant skeletal arm, the pride of Sun Xueren, had surprisingly been forcefully pulled apart by Chen Xiang!

Everyone was dumbfounded as they looked at the giant skeletal arm grabbed by Chen Xiang!

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