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Mo Tian had a little run-in with Sun Xueren in the Evil Demon Mysterious Realm, and at that time, he had realized Sun Xueren's army was very frightening, and now, he got to see it's true form.

The huge skeletal claw which was also permeating Death Qi was giving a diabolical feeling to everyone. But it was well matched with Sun Xueren's appearance.

Mo Tian didn't dare to come in contact with that skeletal claw, because he had a premonition that if he touched that giant skeletal claw, he may die. At this moment, he felt like he was struggling at the edge of life and death.

Seeing that giant skeletal claw rushing over, Mo Tian let out a stern roar as a white aura broke out from his body, forming a shield in front of his body.

In response, Sun Xueren pursed his lips into a cold and stiff smile, but the claw continued on its path to Mo Tian. Although that white light shield was blocking him, when his claw touched the shield, it wasn't subjected to any kind of obstruction, whatsoever.

With that black whirlpool underneath Sun Xueren's feet hauling Mo Tian continuously, Mo Tian was simply unable to escape. He had never heard or seen this kind of strange move.

“Death Whirl, this is but a kind of devil technique! I never thought w.a.n.g Quan's apprentice would have actually fallen in devil path. However, in ancient times, many righteous path experts have learned devil techniques. In fact, this isn't prohibited at all, as long as you don't do anything that is against nature and reason.” A serious look was evident on Wu Kaiming's face. Mo Tian was his Wu Clan disciple and had the same blood as him. And now, he was facing danger.

That skeletal claw's tips were already on Mo Tian's face. And just as they came in contact with his skin, a terrifying change took place on Mo Tian's face, he actually got older. Earlier, he was just a young man, but now he looked like a middle-aged man.

Mo Tian was shock and terrified before a violent burst of energy surged out from Mo Tian's body, followed by a loud explosion that gave rise a burst of gale and qi waves.

A glaring white light flashed from the center of the arena, blinding everyone, making them unable to see what was going on. Meanwhile, a fierce shockwave along with continuous rumbles spread from the arena as if the entire square was about to collapse.

Very soon, the white light disappeared as Sun Xueren defending his head with that huge skeletal claw came into everyone's view. Sun Xueren was slightly crouching; his hair was a mess, his clothes in shambles, and there was a bit of blood left at the corner of his lips.

Mo Tian, on the other hand, was slowly crawling on the arena and had already arrived at its edge. And when Sun Xueren came to notice that, Mo Tian had already crawled his way down the arena!

Mo Tian wasn't dead, yet Wu Kaiming heaved a long sigh of regret. “Although Mo Tian life can be saved, he is crippled! He had exploded his own dantian so that he could release a burst of energy. If at that time Sun Xueren didn't defend, he would have suffered serious injuries!”

This was but abolishing his own cultivation, which needed a huge amount of courage!

Chen Xiang and Wu Kaiming had already rushed over to Mo Tian, after which, Chen Xiang fed a piece of h.e.l.l Spirit Gra.s.s to Mo Tian. Currently, Mo Tian was still very much conscious.

Mo Tian grabbed Chen Xiang's clothes and said in a faltering voice, “Brother Chen, did you see! You absolutely can not let this fiend get the final reward, or else, there will be no end of trouble in the future!”

Having finished this sentence, Mo Tian closed his eyes as he went unconscious. At this moment, he had become a lot older; his hair had turned gray! His vitality was also very weak. Apparently, Sun Xueren's skeletal claw could not only steal someone's lifespan, it could also absorb his or her vitality.

Looking at that giant diabolical skeletal claw, the tyc.o.o.ns from other mainlands broke into a discussion, frowning. Using this kind of devil technique so openly made many people feel extremely disgusted. At this moment, Sun Xueren was like a devil from h.e.l.l in everyone's opinion.

Standing in the arena, overlooking Chen Xiang with a high and mighty stance, Sun Xueren's eyes flickered with murderous intention. That giant skeletal claw of his had already reverted back to his arm. However, it was quite evident that the martial soul he had fused with was extremely evil and powerful.

In just a short span of time, Mo Tian was defeated, furthermore, he still had to blow his own dantian to save his own life. From now on, he was just a cripple, which for such a talented martial artist was a pretty big blow.

Next was the final match between Chen Xiang and Sun Xueren! Many people could not help but worry about Chen Xiang, but at the same time, they hoped Chen Xiang could knock Sun Xueren out!

“That's a martial soul for sure, but I don't know its antecedents. Furthermore, Sun Xueren is also cultivating some devil techniques!” Liu Menger's eyebrows twitched as she said.

Hua Xiangyue was also feeling the same as her. Both were secretly worried about Chen Xiang. They had never seen such a terrifying attack.

If Sun Xueren was a Nirvana Realm expert, many people won't be able to sleep because many people noticed that the devil technique that Sun Xueren was cultivating very likely needed to absorb the others!

“Sun Xueren wins and advances to the final round! After three days, he will fight with Chen Xiang right here, it will also be the final fight of the King's Martial Arts a.s.sembly!” announced w.a.n.g Quan in a loud voice. He was extremely disappointed that Mo Tian wasn't dead.

Watching Sun Xueren getting down from the arena, Chen Xiang clenched his fist. He gave a meaningful glance to Gu Dongchen before leaving with him. Whereas Wu Kaiming flew away, carrying Mo Tian in his arms.

Everyone also left the Divine Martial Palace one by one. However, their minds' were covered in a haze; in their mind, the scene of Sun Xueren using that giant terrifying skeletal claw to absorb Mo Tian's life was being constantly played. Everyone felt a chill running down their spine whenever they recalled this scene.


That's the name that everyone gave to Sun Xueren!

Following Gu Dongchen, Chen Xiang returned to the Extreme Martial Sect through the teleportation array. Chen Xiang wanted to go to the forbidden area inside the Extreme Martial Mysterious Realm and ask Huang Jintian about that martial soul of Sun Xueren.

w.a.n.g Quan and Huan Jintian were from the same era. Chen Xiang reckoned that Huang Jintian definitely knew something. He believed that w.a.n.g Quan must have given that martial soul to Sun Xueren, or else, Sun Xueren would not be so obedient to w.a.n.g Quan.

“I will head down!” asking Gu Dongchen to wait for him here, Chen Xiang jumped inside the sinkhole.

Seeing Chen Xiang arrive, a serious look appeared on Huang Jintian's face. He had realized something serious must have occurred. However, he still broke into that maniac laughter of his and said, “Brat, what happened at the King's Martial Arts a.s.sembly? Did you just lose and came here? That's too disappointing!”

Chen Xiang showed forbearance and said, “Teacher, you are also looking down on me! I didn't lose, however, I have encountered some trouble and want your advice! There is still three days before the final round starts. The guy I am up against is extremely powerful and is also using some evil martial techniques.”

Touching his beard, Huang Jintian laughed and said, “Hold on, first tell me about your experience of partic.i.p.ating in the King's Martial Arts a.s.sembly. I want to know everything, I am bored to death here!”

Chen Xiang remained patient and carefully recounted his own experience of partic.i.p.ating in the King's Martial Arts a.s.sembly. He also told Huang Jintian about him killing two of w.a.n.g Quan's apprentices.

After listening to everything, Huang Jintian had a solemn look on his face. Chen Xiang asked a few time but he still didn't get an answer. Furthermore, Huang Jintian's shriveled old fists were also clenched tightly.

After a moment, Huang Jintian relaxed as he heaved a heavy sigh. “Sure enough, it just as I thought. That w.a.n.g Quan has really gone crazy!”

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