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Chapter 434: Devil Eye   Chapter 434: Devil Eye
  Chen Xiang doesn't know much Lan Lan abilities, and he only knows that she's quite agile and proficient in hiding.

w.a.n.g Quan looks forward to Chen Xiang and Lan Lan fight ending with both of them heavily wounded, so that his eldest disciple can have a higher chance of attaining victory and getting that mysterious reward.

“Starts!” w.a.n.g Quan shouted.

The instant he announced the start of the fight, The audience sensed an extremely strange energy fluctuation, the body of Lan Lan emitted a strange blue light before suddenly vanishing.

“Stealth? It seems like this is a special innate talent of those from the Blue Blood Family, but every person of them has a different innate talent!” Wu Kaiming said astonished.

There is only Chen Xiang in the stage, facing such situation, Chen Xiang can't help sweating a bit, because he cannot sense the presence Lan Lan at all, and evenLong Xueyi cannot sense her, as if Lan Lan suddenly went far away from the stage.

Even w.a.n.g Quan and the Divine Martial Palace's elders are extremely surprised from this, they are sure that Lan Lan didn't leave this stage, the stage is covered with all kinds of Arrays, and they can immediately know from them if she left the stage.

“Xue Ren, this is the Blue Blood Family innate talent ability, can you deal with it?” w.a.n.g Quan asked in a low voice.

The man which as thin as a corpse which standing behind him coldly said: “I Can.”

Suddenly, Chen Xiang heard Lan Lan mischievous laughing, before experiencing an extremely scalding pain from his back, The impact from the attack he received made his body fly away.

Chen Xiang hastily tried recovering his balance, and forced himself to fall to the ground, if he let himself fly away from the stage, then he will lose the qualification of continuing on.

“I didn't sense her presence even when she was attacking you! That little girl is capable of perfectly hiding her presence.” Long Xueyi gloomily said, this is the first time she encountered such situation.

Chen Xiang is quickly running back and forth on the stage, he's tried to stall for time until he finds a way to deal with her stealth ability.

However, he didn't run around for long before his cheek received a strong punch from her, the energy contained in her fist isn't fire, but it still let him fell an unbearable scalding pain.

A red mark appeared in Chen Xiang, his fleshly body is extremely valiant, but even so, she still left a mark in me, from this point, it can be seen how terrifying was Lan Lan attack.  

Many Nirvana Realm expert put themselves in Chen Xiang shoes, and thought how can they deal with such situation, if they faced an enemy proficient in stealth, and they can't help but feel a chill down their back when they imagined the outcome, a person with an innate talent such as Lan Lan can definitely become a top-notch a.s.sa.s.sin.

Lan Lan strength is only in the Spirit Martial Realm, but even Nirvana Realm martial artists can't sense her presence, and from this point, it can be seen how terrifying is her innate talent.

“You should try using Heart Penetrating Devil Eye, don't release its devil light and simply condense it in yours pupils, use this way to pinpoint her heart position.” Bai Youyou said.

While using Heart Penetrating Devil Eye, he can fuse his Divine Sense with his True Qi, and through a mysterious way, he can condense his strength in his eyes, This will permit him to see his opponent heart and heavily injure him by piercing through his heart with its terrifying devil light.

Hua Xiangyue and Liu Menger are watching this fight from a pavilion, this pavillon is the place which the Divine Martial Palace provided for some expert to observe the matches. Liu Meng'er took a look at Hua Xiangyue and saw her shaking her head: “I can't sense her position, it will be extremely difficult for that little rascal to win this match.”

Chen Xiang received another attack from her, Lan Lan is using her extreme speed to attack Chen Xiang from all direction by punching and kicking him.

“Little Sister Lan, you are truly ruthless.” said Chen Xiang while wiping off the bloodstain in the the corners of his mouth.

“I'm older than you, so you should address me as Big Sister Lan!” Lan Lan cutely snorted and said before continuing crazily attacking Chen Xiang.

What is the most terrifying about her is that while her attacks are extremely powerful, they don't leave any fluctuation or traces, (3)if an invisible person attacked you with an extremely powerful technique, you would definitely end up heavily injured if not dead.

Chen Xiang depended upon His Black Tortoise Luo Tian Cover to preserve this long, and it's already amazing that he still wasn't kicked out of the stage.

After using a period of time to adapt to it, Chen Xiang already can condense the Heart Penetrating Devil Eye devil light in his eyes, other peoples can only see that his eyes turned blood red, his eyes are currently like a Ruby and they seem extremely scary.

Almost all people jumped from fright after seeing Chen Xiang devil like blood red eyes, But although his eyes seems extremely evil, they didn't disperse any aura at all.

Chen Xiang saw a fresh heart moving all around before him, and according to this heart position, he's able to imagine Lan Lan figure in his mind.

“she's truly agile.” Chen Xiang saw that heart rushing over to him so he quickly tried to dodge it, but in the end, his face still suffered another punch.

Lan Lan was startled a bit because Chen Xiang had tried to evade her attack.

“I can see you!” Chen Xiang laughed and said, and immediately after the stage started trembling,A while glow appeared above Chen Xiang's fists, it's the famous and terrifying Dragon Force.

Chen Xiang immediately used his strongest strength, and from this point, it can be seen how important is this compet.i.tion to him.

He saw that heart rushing over him, but this time, he's already ready, he shouted in a low voice, and several thick water vines emerged from the ground and quickly twined around Lan Lan.

Lan Lan thought that Chen Xiang was only bluffing, so she was extremly surprised when she discovered those vines trying to bind her, and although she knows why Chen Xiang eyes turned blood red, but she didn't expect that he can this accurately pinpoint her position.

The audience took a look at the place where the water vines emerged, and after they saw an empty s.p.a.ce inside, they knew that Chen Xiang had caught Lan Lan.

A blue glow emerge in the water vines middle, and after its appearance, the water vine started gradually inflating, and it seems as if they will soonly explode.

However, The time which Chen Xiang need to prepare isn't long, he only need a short while to release his strongest power and attack his enemy.

Lan Lan which is trying to get rid of the water vines suddenly sensed a light breeze rushing over her, and she can't help quietly cursing after sensing it, because Chen Xiang fists which contain his terrifying Dragon Force are already rushing toward her.

Chen Xiang can pinpoint her head position according to her heart position, his fists accurately bombarded Lan Lan forehead, and in several instants, he already punched her hundreds times. The audience can only hear the unceasing cry of pain of lan lan, and they truly feel pity for her.

A Light blue glow suddenly appeared before Lan Lan stealth skilll ended, her small face is already swollen red, and many spots of it already become green, her cute big eyes are glittering with tears, her pitiful and miserable appearance let the audience can't help quietly cursing the cruel and merciless Chen Xiang.

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d!” Lan Lan shouted, and suddenly after, the water vines tying dispersed into water mist, she used her jade-white fist to comfort Chen Xiang fists.

Their confrontation gives rise to a strong explosion, and their qi fluctuation even broke through the array and rushed to the sky and cut the thick layers of cloud in half.

Chen Xiang was shaken back by her mystical strength, but Lan Lan didn't fare better than him, her mouth is filled with blood, and she just spouted a mouthful of blood, and now she's kneeling at the edge of the stage.

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