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Chapter 433: Mysterious Reward

Chen Xiang can't use his weapon or devil art in the compet.i.tion, so his strength will be quite restricted, whereas he still doesn't know much about his opponents.

There are only two days before the decisive match of the strongest four, and a grand number of peoples from all corners of all the continents used the Teleportation Array to travel to the King Continent to watch the last round of the compet.i.tion.

The establishment of Teleportation Arrays permitted all continents to have more frequent contacts with each other, which is a quite good thing for the whole Mortal Martial World, All of the continents have various prejudices against the King Continent due to the fact that they heavily injured their disciples who partic.i.p.ated in the compet.i.tion.

Chen Xiang is the only person which isn't from the King Continent who managed to reach the final, so all of the people who came from other continents don't mind paying the expensive fee of using the Teleportation Array to come to support him.

“Young Martial Uncle, There is someone who comes looking for you!” Gu Dongchen knocked on his room door and said.

After He Chen Xiang opened the door, Gu Dongchen said in low voice: “It's Mo Tian who is looking for you, this person background is unknown, so you should be careful around him.”

Chen Xiang nodded toward him and went to the hall.

Mo Tian is a man with an average look, but his strength is definitely not average, he's a person who dared to kill one of w.a.n.g Quan disciple and clash with him,  so it's obvious that he has a backer with a powerful background.

After he saw Chen Xiang coming over, Mo Tian faintly smiled and said: “I presume that I don't need to introduce myself, I come over to inform you of some matters.”

Chen Xiang confusedly asked: “What could it be?.”

The smile plastered in Mo Tian face disappeared and was replaced by a worried expression: “Chen Xiang, I want to inform you that if you uprightly faced Sun Xueren in the stage, then it will be impossible for you to beat him! I once fought against him in the Mysterious Realm and his strength is quite terrifying.”

Chen Xiang was startled, he hasn't expected that Mo Tian comes over to inform of such thing.

“The three strongest influences on the King Continent are the Blue Blood family, Wu Village and the Divine Martial Palace. The Divine Martial Palace is known by many people contrary to the Blue Blood family and Wu Village which are quite low-key.”

Chen Xiang nodded, Wu Kaiming already informed him of such fact.

Mo Tian lowered his voice and said “Lan Lan was sent by the Blue Blood family, and I was sent here by the Wu Village. The winner of the King Martial Dao a.s.sembly won't only obtain the Divine Martial Palace's Fruit of Fortune, he will also obtain a greater reward, I don't what kind of reward it will be, but the Village Master informed me that all Nirvana Realm martial artists will go crazy over such reward! and it's because of this that the Divine Martial Palace didn't spare resorting  to all means to obtain victory, and they can afford such unscrupulous acts because they are this a.s.sembly organizer.”

Mo Tian is unexpectedly the person which the Wu Village sent, Not long ago, Chen Xiang was still wondering why the Wu Village didn't send anyone over, but how can he expect that Mo Tian, can thoroughly hide his ident.i.ty to this extent, and even Wu Kaiming didn't see through his true status.

“It's only my mother who is from the Wu Family person, I'm not a direct descendant of the Wu Family but I still have the Wu Family bloodline, you don't need to be too surprised of my presence here. All of the peoples who reached the semifinals must know this secret, and it's because of this that I come here to inform you!”

Chen Xiang asked: “Why don't you have any confidence in yourself?”

Mo Tian shook his head before smiling: “Sun Xueren is in the Spirit Martial Realm middle stage, and...... He also fused a terrifying Martial Spirit with his arm, Therefore he's able to transform his arm into a deadly weapon!”

There are two types of Martial Spirit, one is personally cultivated, and the other is obtained by fusing with it, as for the deferences between them? Chen Xiang doesn't have a clear picture of it.

“The compet.i.tion will be a life and death fight! at that time, I will try to preserve more, so that you can see his Martial Spirit form, In our previous confrontation, I was able to run away only because he didn't use his martial spirit, If he used it, I won't come back in one piece and I won't be here standing before you to inform you of this” Mo Tian seems quite frightened of that Martial Spirit.

Chen Xiang puzzled asked: “Why are you informing me of all of this?”

Mo Tian said with a smile: “It's because I feel that you are a great person, you unexpectedly killed two of that w.a.n.g Quan disciples. If I guessed correctly, you must also have given that little girl from the Blue Blood family a grand quant.i.ty of demon heart, Although The strength of that girl is impressive, but she's quite impatient and it's unlikely that she will take the trouble of looking for demon heart.”

Chen Xiang didn't acknowledge this, and simply smiled and said: “I still don't have any a.s.surance of beating that Blue Blood family girl.”

Mo Tian said: “The rests depend on you, I only hope that you can inform me what is that mysterious reward if you won it, I'm quite curious about it.”

“I don't mind informing you.” Although Chen Xiang is still smiling, but a giant stone is weighing in his hearth, He didn't expect that Sun Xueren will be this strong, he thought that his strength will be on par with that of Wan Xuan and Gongsun Jie, and it seems that he was mistaken.

After Mo Tian left, Wu Kaiming and Gu Dongchen appeared in Chen Xiang's room.

“Did all of you heard what he said?” Chen Xiang shrugged his shoulders and asked.

“Naturally, I truly didn't expect that that little brat is from the Wu Village! although I hadn't confirmed the truth of his words, but I believe him.” Wu Kaiming said.

Gu Dongchen nodded and said: “Indeed, I had already guessed that this King Martial Dao a.s.sembly isn't that simple from w.a.n.g Quan desperate att.i.tude, I'm truly curious what is that last reward??”

“Altough the King Martial Dao a.s.sembly is organized by the Divine Martial Palace, but is fact, it's the entire King Continent's grand a.s.sembly, As for that mysterious reward, I don't have any idea about what it could be!” said Wu Kaiming, It was a long time since that last time he retured to the Wu Village, he can be cosidered as a person who cut of his ties with the Wu Village, if he retured, then he will defintely be laughed at and mocked by many peoples.

“The Old Madman may have a clue about it, but it's too late to take a trip back, we should consider this after you beat that little girl.” Gu Dongchen said.

In a flash, the last two days pa.s.sed by, The first fight is between Chen Xiang and Lan Lan, the Divine Martial Plaza is crowded with peoples, since the plaza is in Divine Martial Palace, therefore all of those who come over must pay a fee, and this let the Divine Martial Palace make great profits.

“Little rascal, quickly go up the stage, I truly didn't expect his opponent will be such cute little beauty, this fellow may even not bear laying a hand on her!” Hua Xiangyue sweetly smiled and said.

“It's unlikely, this compet.i.tion reward is a Fruit of Fortune.” Liu Meng'er understands Chen Xiang nature thoroughly.

After Lan Lan went up the stage, a group of the audience started sympathizing with Chen Xiang, facing such beautiful girl is quite unfortunate. and it will be quite awkward when it comes to exchanging blows.

“Chen Xiang, don't blame me, I must win this fight!” Lan Lan earnestly said.

“If you lost, will you hate me?” Chen Xiang asked.

“Why would I hate you?, If I lost, it's only because I'm weaker than you, and it's a natural matter.” Lan Lan said.

Chen Xiang consider Lan Lan as one of his friends, and it's the same for Lan Lan, it's extremely rare for him to have a heartily fight against one of his friends.

So that they don't have any regrets, both of Chen Xiang and Lan Lan decided that they will give their all in this fight, and they won't hold back against each other simply because they are friends, such thing is tantamount to insulting the other.

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