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chapter 423: Black Wood Canyon

Since Chen Xiang pa.s.sed the points compet.i.tion. w.a.n.g Quan forced his disciples to study Chen Xiang various compet.i.tions, and checks our various materials about him, therefore they thought they know everything about him, and Chen Xiang doesn't know anything about them, which will let them occupy a great advantage facing him.

Chen Xiang partic.i.p.ated in many public compet.i.tions and even kids know what skill he often uses, but he rarely uses devil skill in such public compet.i.tion. especially skills like Penetrating Heart Devil Eye and Transforming Bone Devil Palm!, and even Ice Spirit Devil Aura only used it once stealthily, and it wasn't recognized by those Tyc.o.o.ns who witnessed it.

Only when he's using his devil skills will he truly be considered as using his true strength, his devil skill are difficult to guard against, and he's always concealing them otherwise he won't be able to such effortlessly defeat Wan Xuan, and it's Bai Youyou who made him conceal them.

Even Huang Jintian doesn't know that Chen Xiang has such devil skills, so it's obvious that Wan Xuan doesn't know, and in this Evil Demon Mysterious Realm he can unscrupulously use them because there isn't anyone around.

“fell relieved, there won't be anyone knowing that you were killed by me, Ha Ha!” Chen Xiang lightly laughed and lifted his blade and chopped Wan Xuan head

w.a.n.g Quan youngest disciple, an outstanding bloodline martial artist was like this killed by Chen Xiang.

Until Wan Xuang was before death door, did he understand why Chen Xiang didn't use dragon force to deal with him, it's because he doesn't need to use it, and he also understood that from the beginning Chen Xiang was scheming against him, and that he was played by him.

“tsk tsk, he truly has many demonic hearts, he unexpectedly has 51 of them!” Chen Xiang is very surprised. This Evil Demon Mysterious Realm is controlled by the Divine Martial Palace, and as long as a Nirvana Realm warrior enters in, he can get as many demonic hearths as he wants.

“he has these many? it seems like w.a.n.g Quan established such a test to guarantee that his four disciples enter the finals, but he won't expect his actions will lead to the death of one of his disciples” Long Xueyi said with a smile.

Chen Xiang handed these demonic hearts to Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou, and made them look for ways to let these demonic heart seem different. if w.a.n.g Quan recognized these demonic hearts, then he will have trouble, because the matter of him killing Wan Xuan mustn't be discovered.

He naturally isn't worried that the werewolf will sell him out, because he has dozen way to guarantee he will not reveal out this matter

“wolf slave, come over ” Chen Xiang happily said with a smile, and threw a Hundred Beasts Dan toward him.

The wold salve immediately swallowed it after receiving it, Chen Xiang touched his head and started searching his memory.

“bear it“ Chen Xiang shouted, the wolf slave fell a sharp pain in his head before fainted.

Chen Xiang used Grasping Soul Devil Curse to erase the werewolf memory about what happened earlier, which is one of Grasping Soul Devil Curse convenient use.

“if you used Grasping Soul Devil Curse to search Wan Xuang memory, you might have learned many unexpected matters.” Bai Youyou said.

Chen Xiang said with a smile “it doesn't matter, I still have many opportunities, didn't he have other 3 fellow disciples, they should pray to not met me”

In such place, Chen Xiang doesn't have anything to be apprehensive about, and as long as he met one of Wan Quan disciples, he will try to kill them.

After all, in this place casualties are unavoidable, and as long as n.o.body knows it's him, even if w.a.n.g Quan suspected him, he wouldn't dare to act against him.

The wolf slave quickly wakes up, he already forgot about what happened earlier, his last memory is when Chen Xiang was picking fruits, and Wan Xuan corpse was already disposed of by Chen Xiang.

“Wolf slave, does other evil demons also like the medicinal pills which I gave you?” Chen Xiang asked.

“yes, those pill are useful to us, and I obtained energy from earing them, and although this realm also have Spirit Qi, but it's difficult for us to absorb it, the Spirit Q is floating in the sky, and in case it comes down it will become extremely muddy, and it's extremely difficult to obtain a bit of pure Spirit Q from it, and master medicinal pills can let me obtain a great quant.i.ty of pure energy.” The wolf slave said.

Chen Xiang rubbed his nose and asked “if I put some pill here, will other evil demons be able to smell it? I want to use it to lure evil demon possessing demonic heart, and avoid the trouble of looking for them myself”

He currently had 53 demonic heart, and he's clear about how difficult it's to get so many demonic hearts so he's very confident about entering the final.

“they will definitely smell it. when young evil demon discovers good stuff they will generally inform their commander to come to take it, making the commander personally take it, which is safer, and the commander will also reward those young evil demons. If those young evil demons keep it for themselves after discovering it, the consequences will be grave if it was known by the commander.”

Chen Xiang nodded “I want to find a place where many tribes frequently pa.s.s on, so that my trap can attract many commanders.”

“Black Wood Canyon, it's the path toward the spirit river, and many young evil demons and commanders will frequently pa.s.s through it to go to the spirit river!”

“what kind of place is the spirit river?” Chen Xiang asked.

“it's a very dangerous river, but this river can release a lot of Spirit Qi, if one were to fall in the river then he's doomed, even king degree evil demon will die if they fall in it.” the wolf slave frightened continued in and said “I one seen a king degree evil demon fall in it and from that day on I never saw him again.”

Chen Xiang made the wolf slave lead him, and along the way, Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou already found a way to change those 51 demonic hearts and make their appearance different from before, so that w.a.n.g Quan won't recognize them when inspecting them.

These demonic hearts were given by w.a.n.g Quan to his disciples, and Chen Xiang was worried that he will recognize them, therefore he's extremely careful in dealing with them.

“Wan Xuan only got 1 demonic heart after 2 days of entering in, and although w.a.n.g Quan only gives him 50 but it's enough for him to enter the finals.” Su Meiyao said.

Those demonic hearts are extremely useful, Chen Xiang wants to get more of them, and if possible, he does not want to hand over those which he robbed from Wan Xuan, because the consequences would be severe if he was discovered.

Black Wood Canyon is a big canyon, full of big black trees. this Mysterious Realm was dim, and after entering this forest, it becomes more pitch- black, but fortunately, there are some glowing plants and glowing insects flying all over

Chen Xiang want to arrange a grand formation in the Black Wood Canyon, a formation that stretches across the canyon middle, and he believes that even king degree evil demons won't be unable to escape of such giant trap.

If it was before, he wouldn't dare to do such a thing, but now he obtained the evil demons nemesis the Suppressing Devil Mirror, and as long as he uses it, and releases the ferocious Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi in it, then he will be invincible inside the formation.

Setting the formation need top grade crystals, and he obtained many of them in Lotus Island, and it's enough for him to let it operate it for dozen days.

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