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chapter 422: The might of devil skills

Wan Xuan is the fourth person who entered in, and he entered earlier than Chen Xiang by a day, and his strength isn't weak, so Chen Xiang thought he should have got many demonic hearths and by killing him he can get them and save time.

and Wan Xuan is jealous of Chen Xiang because he managed to enslave an evil demon, he already tried this, but all the evil demon he met aren't willing to submit so he can only kill them, if he possessed a strong evil demon like Chen Xiang, then his journey in the Mysterious Realm would become easier.

“Chen Xiang, honestly speaking, it's impossible for you to enter the finals, our master has only four disples, and he's willing to take out Good Fortune Fruit only to let us compete for it, and except us, there wouldn't be anyone able to enter the finals.” Wan Xuan proudly smiled and said, he waved his sword and sword light containing a powerful Qi shooted toward Chen Xiang

Chen Xiang was started and hastily cast aside his head, but the powerful Qi still streaked across his face and left a b.l.o.o.d.y scratch on it and continued in and cut out a portion of his hair.

after witnessing Wan Xuan strength, Chen Xiang complexion become grave, this Wan Xuan is stronger than the two bloodline martial artists he met before, and although he's the youngest of w.a.n.g Quan four disciples, but all of his disciples have a profound cultivation and roughly matched strength, otherwise he wouldn't let them compete against each other.

and the compet.i.tion will also decide which one of the four disples will obtain w.a.n.g Quan inheritance.

“what you meant is that w.a.n.g Quan has given you enough demonic hearts before entering in?” Chen Xiang smiled.

Wan Xuan harshly laughed, and waved his sword and chopped a strike containing a terrifying amount of Qi, the True Qi in his body after pa.s.sing through his hand and bursting out from his precious sword become more stronger and Chen Xiang sensed a tremendous danger from it.

“that's right, we four will definitely enter the finals, and it's impossible for other people to obstruct us from competing for the number one position” Wan Xuan smile become more complacent after seeing Chen Xiang moving left and right to dodge his attacks like an old mouse.

“Chen Xiang, you should use you dragon force, although my master often said that dragon force can defeat bloodline martial artists, but I don't believe him.” Wan Xuan frowned, and grasped his sword which started glowing brightly with both hand, and directly chopped toward Chen Xiang, and countless sword light suddenly appeared and like a net enveloped Chen Xiang.

being surrounded by countless sword light net cut Chen Xiang escape route, Wan Xuan burst into loud laughter because he thought that dealing with Chen Xiang is too easy

under the sword light net, Chen Xiang suddenly turned into mist, he used Water Mirror Technique. if he was this weak to be such easily defeated, he would long ago have been eliminated.

Wan Xuan was startled, and he abruptly turned around and swiftly hacked, and in an instant, sword Qi shot all around, and the valiant aura which bloodline martial artists posses burst with this strike br.i.m.m.i.n.g with destruction aura which shook the surrounding s.p.a.ce, and split the ground apart.

“Dang!” Chen Xiang blocked that terrifying strike capable of splitting mountain open. and he even easily did it, and mildly canceled his remaining strength.

“you don't deserve that I use dragon force........and it's a disgrace to use such sacred strength to deal with you” Chen Xiang indifferently said, and struck with his palm toward Wan Xuang, not letting him enough time to use his sword and he can only face it with his palm.

and although w.a.n.g Xuan struck with his palm without any preparation, but his strike is extremely powerful, and it's filled with an invisible energy which formed a strong Qi wave that let Chen Xiang felt a scalding energy infiltrating his body before even touching him, and this domineering and tyrannical energy tried to explode out after entering his meridians, but was quickly suppressed by him.

“ha ha, did you experience my strength” Wan Xuan loudly laughed before clinching his teeth and increasing the strength of his palm.

there weren't any energy waves when their palm collided, like if they were little kids sticking their palm together, which is out of Wan Xuang expectation, because he thought that Chen Xiang will be forced to draw back and lost at least one of his arm, and the surrounding trees should also be wrecked by his erupting Qi.

“he he, we will see who will laugh at last” after withdrawing his palm, swung it lightly to dissolve Wan Xuan remaining strength.

Chen Xiang retreated several steps, and Wan Xuan hastily tried wielding his sword to strike, but when lifted his sword he found that something was amiss.

Wan Xuan complexion suddenly changed, and terrified screamed out “what did you make to my hand? why it's like this? my arm bone? where is it?”

Transforming Bone Devil Palm! when Chen Xiang contacted his palm, he used his strength to display this dissolving bone soft strike, he started preparing for this strike when he was dodging Wan Xuan sword Qi, and made an opportunity to contact his palm, and he succeeds and dissolved Wan Xuan whole arm bones.

and although Chen Xiang don't use it often in fighting, but he's always practicing it, and after he entered the extreme realm, this Transforming Bone Devil Palm becomes more fierce and he's already able to quietly dissolve his opponents bones, without them feeling any pain.

Chen Xiang doesn't dare to use this devil skill in front of peoples, because such martial skill is to some extent evil and malicious, and it can easily be used by other as a reason to make trouble for him.

Wan Xuan was terror-stricken, although he underwent ruthless training, but it's his first time encountering such a situation, and he's usually in an aloof position in addition to his young age, and isn't steady and composed like Chen Xiang, It had to be known that Chen Xiang is constantly struggling in death edge, and experienced numerous grinding, which let him mature earlier and becomes calm and composed.

“Chen Xiang...... I will hack you to pieces ” Wan Xuan as if he gone crazy wielded his sword and rushed toward Chen Xiang, but his arm doesn't have any bones, and he's unable to control it, but his anger and dread made him lose all rationality

If Chen Xiang encountered such a thing, he will try to survive, and not rush in and goes all out.

seeing that Wan Xuan is overcome by anger, Chen Xiang know that he achieved what he wants, looking at Wan Xuan rushing in and hacking at him, he calmly waved his blade and blocked his attack, and used the Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art profound controlling strength to give rise to an enormous attraction and firmly bonded Wan Xuang sword to his blade.

and in such a moment, Chen Xiang gazed at Wan Xuan chest and his eyes flickered with red light and two red light beam suddenly shot out from his eyes and pierced Wan Xuan body.

Penetrating Heart Devil Eye! this is also one of Bai Youyou proud devil skill, Chen Xiang continuously used it, and not only penetrated his heart, but also used this terrifying devilish light beam to penetrate his dantian and others vital spot of his body.

“Ahhhhhhhh Chen Xiang, your b.a.s.t.a.r.d, I curse you to die a dog death” Wan Xuan body continually encountered fatal attacks, and his dantian suffered severe damages and he lost all his strength and kneeled down, experiencing sharp pain all over his body.

Wan Xuan vitality is extremely tenacious and in such a state he unexpectedly still didn't die.

Chen Xiang seized his sword and storage ring and laughed while shaking his head “your strength isn't bad, if I want to uprightly defeat you, it will be quite wearisome, but now? haha……”

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