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chapter 421: Suppressing Devil treasure mirror

Shen Xiang can sense that the ball of light in front of him is releasing an extremely pure aura and it has a faint sweet smell which let one can't help but inhale several breaths.

“is this the main ingredient of refining the Pure Elemental Golden Pill, the pure elemental fruit?” Shen Xiang was slightly surprised, and immediately after extremely delighted, this ingredient is extremely rare even ten thousand years ago, and from the four formation masters, he learned that those which Divine Martial Palace's medicine garden posses were already used up.

when Shen Xiang was about to go in, Long Xueyi suddenly said “wait, this type of energy isn't something the fruit can release”

“Indeed, this type of energy is something that even evil demons close to nirvana realm aren't able to bear, and it's surely not simple,” Bai Youyou said.

Shen Xiang just trod a step and stopped in, he's unable to see the Pure Elemental Fruit tree, because it's covered by a golden light, and inside this golden light, there is an energy that Shen Xiang familiar about.

“Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi!, why there is Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi here?” Shen Xiang stupefied said, and he now understands why evil demons are unable to approach it.

“it's indeed Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi, but it's different from your, this type of Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi is stronger, but it can only shine and it seems like they aren't others aura here.” Long Xueyi said.

since it's Suppressing Devil Yuan Q, Shen Xiang won't fear it, he let the werewolf wait for him, and strode in. after entering the region covered by the golden light, he saw a 3-meter high tree, which has white leafs all over it, and about 50 golden pure elemental fruit.

the pure elemental golden Pill has two main ingredients which are the Pure elemental tree leafs and fruits, and now Shen Xiang already gathered all the ingredients needed.

but he didn't immediately pluck it, and started looking for the object releasing the golden light, because obviously, it didn't come from the pure elemental fruit tree.

and soon he found out that the light is coming from the water, Shen Xiang approached it, and saw a bronze mirror with a handle lying inside a puddle.

after he picked this mirror, he suddenly felt a burst of Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi pouring in his body, which let his body emit bursts of golden light, which forced the werewolf to hide behind a boulder and avoid being touched by this light.

after Shen Xiang fused with the Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi inside the mirror, he discovered that his Suppressing Devil Golden Body become stronger, and his Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi also changed and become stronger.

Shen Xiang hastily dipped a drop of his blood in the mirror and become its master, the mirror is called Suppressing Devil Mirror. people cultivating Suppressing Devil divine art can use to release extremely ferocious bursts of Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi to deal with demons.

Shen Xiang is overjoyed after obtaining this mirror, it had to be known that even without an owner this mirror can release a Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi that even king degree demon can't bear, let alone now that it has an owner. and he's extremely confused why such mirror will appear here.

if he has an opportunity, he will use it to deal with king degree demon and test its might.

after the golden light disappeared, the werewolf stealthily looked at the tree. although he lived a long time here, but it's his first time seeing a pure elemental tree, and he's even more afraid of Shen Xiang strength now, because he can easily deal with this place wich even king degree demon are helpless against.

Shen Xiang started picking the pure elemental fruits, and after he picked 30 of them, Long Xueyi hastily said: “there is someone approaching, a strong spirit martial realm martial artist, he must be w.a.n.g Quan disciple.”

the werewolf also sensed him and strangely shouted “master, there is someone fierce approaching”

By now even Shen Xiang sensed his aura, he already saw w.a.n.g Quan disciples and he's familiar with their aura.

“quickly come to my side” Shen Xiang hastily shouted, and after hearing him, the werewolf immediately leaped to his side

this werewolf can guess the reason why human come to this Mysterious Realm is for gathering demons heart, which why he's in danger, because he believes that those humans will all be extremely strong like Shen Xiang, and if he didn't become Shen Xiang slave, then even if Shen Xiang didn't take his heart, he will be killed by other humans.

just after the werewolf comes to Shen Xiang, a handsome man wearing blue cloth and holding a precious sword leisurely come over, his unruly eyes took a look to Shen Xiang then the werewolf beside him, which let him frown, then lastly looked at the Pure Elemental Tree behind Shen Xiang.

“Shen Xiang, you are siding with evil demons, if this spread out, what would people think of you ?snort!” when the man was talking, his eyes were filled with greed and his tone was extremely arrogant.

Shen Xiang coldly smiled and said “Wan Xuan, open your eyes and take a careful look, his my slave, and for me to be able to enslave an evil demon possessing a demonic heart is an extremely glorious matter”

this arrogant man is called Wan Xuan, and he's one of w.a.n.g Quan disciples.

Wan Xuan didn't care about what Shen Xiang said, after seeing an evil demon possing a demon heart and a priceless tree, how can he not be tempted, especially those beautiful golden fruits that tempt him to take a bite of them.

“I remember that Elder Ding said that if I encounter such situation, I must use the most ancient way to resolve it” Wan Xuan sinisterly said.

the most ancient way is battling, and the one who wins will take everything.

Shen Xiang is cursing him in his mind, and he flipped his hand and strongly gripped the Pure Elemental Tree behind him, and pulled the entire tree along with its roots out and rapidly stored it in his ring, and handed dealing with it to Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou.

such crude plucking may make the tree dies, but Shen Xiang didn't care because he has golden dragon saliva and he can use the pure elemental fruit seeds to plant it, and as long as he has enough time he can have as many trees as he wants.

“Shen Xiang, you....” Wan Xuan was extremely angered, and fiercely stared at the werewolf, and sent a palm containing Golden Lightning True Qi toward it, which let several ‘shoo shoo shoo’ sounds.

seeing the werewolf is about to be killed, Shen Xiang snorted, and an invisible True Qi curled around his body and started spinning around it and attracted the palm condensed by golden lightning True Qi toward him.

when it hit him, Shen Xiang used the Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art to dissolve the palm strength and was safe and sound.

“Shen Xiang, aren't you afraid that I will kill you, there won't be anyone knowing if I kill you here” Wan Xuan was already angered and had the thought of killing him, but he knows that Shen Xiang isn't that simple, and he's worried that after killing him, he will be heavily injured.

Shen Xiang coldly said “honestly speaking, since you arrived here. in my eyes, you are already a dead man, you are w.a.n.g Quan disciple, and since long ago I was longing to kill one or two of his disciples.”

Wan Xuan complexion changed, and loudly said “If that’s the case, then I will not be polite, although you once killed bloodline martial artists from our King Continent, but bloodline martial artists have various grades, and those peoples which you killed are only trash in my eyes, and a disgrace of bloodline martial artists.”

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