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Chapter 420: Skillfully taking demon cores

"Master, could this be the pill of the mortal world? According to my knowledge, in this mysterious realm, only a certain fruit have the effects of this pill." the werewolf said with feeling.

Chen Xiang's eyes shined, he previously thought that there was no Heaven and Earth treasures here: "What fruit? Where is it located?"

The werewolf stopped: "master, do you want to get the demon core first, or do find the tree?"

Chen Xiang thought for a while, then asked: "are you the only one who knows about the location of the tree? Is there any strong guys there?"

"That’s not the case, only that the tree is located at dangerous place, that place is filled with strange energy, we can’t even get close to it, those who claimed to be kings tried their hardest and was only able to pluck one out, but the effect wasn’t as great, so they stopped picking it, i think master can try to pick it"

Chen Xiang nodded his head: "if that is the case, let’s get a demon core frst, i’m afraid that it would get taken by others."

The werewolf continued to lead Chen Xiang, he knew that Chen Xiang was rushing for time, so the speed was very fast, not long later, Long Xueyi felt that there is demons in front.

"It’s in front, their total number to about two thousand, they are much influential than me." the werewolf said, while sighing lightly, his influence was not small, but it was ruined by Chen Xiang instantly, thinking of Chen Xiang horrifying strength, he had lingering fear, he personally saw many of his subordinates experience that type of extremely uncomfortable strength.

[TL Note: this sentences looks weird lol]

Chen Xiang said in a low voice: "you wait here for me, i’ll take a look."

The werewolf hid behind a tree, while Chen Xiang drilled into the gra.s.s, at the same time followed Long Xueyi's instruction to turn into a lion-headed person, mixing into the tribe.

Chen Xiang was not discovered, only that some demons found his strange, but they were not suspicious, because there was often cases of rebels from other tribes coming, thus meeting a strange demon did not make them feel strange.

There was a lot of thatched roofed huts, Chen Xiang very quickly found the tribe leader, it was in a bigger wooden house, the leaders here were similar in strength with the werewolf, having Spirit Warrior realm beginning stage strength.

"There is two! Be careful, there is one hiding under the ground, just now he let out a breath and was found out by me, it should be the tribe's second in command." Long Xueyi reminded Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang circled to the window area of the wooden house, most of the demons in this tribe was resting, only a few was patrolling. Even so, he would not alert other demons to avoid getting surrounded, he did not want to attract the attention of those so called Kings.

Feeling the big demon's position in the wooden house, Chen Xiang took out the Demanding Life Devil Bow, aimed at the big demons in the wooden house, instilled his thick True Qi, preparing for a silent a.s.sa.s.sination.

The Demanding Life Bow was an a.s.sa.s.sination weapon, along with the increase in Chen Xiang's strength, the arrow shot out will be more powerful, to kill a beginning stage Spirit Martial realm beast was not a difficult thing.

According to his Spiritual Strength's probing, that demon was lying on a stone bed resting, Chen Xiang aimed at the big demon's head, pulled the trigger on the Demanding Life Devil Bow, shooting out a hidden arrow.

The hidden arrow silently went through the wooden floor, flying straight towards to the demon's head, after Chen Xiang felt the the demon’s aura weakening, immediately came to the window area, and jumped in

This demon is a leopard-head men, his forehead was half blown off when the hidden arrow was shot out, and it is already dead.

Chen Xiang activated his Suppressing Devil divine art, released the Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi, his hands like eagle claw, along with the Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi, fiercely stabbed towards the demon's chest, and effortlessly pierced through the solid muscle, taking out a pure white heart like item.

"This is a demon core? What a pure energy, i didn’t think that these guys energy was this pure!" Chen Xiang said shockingly.

"Of course, only that when they used this pure energy, it would turn extremely evil when it pa.s.sed through their innate ability." Su Meiyao said.

Chen Xiang kept the demon core, used the Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi to corrode the body, and silently left the wooden house, walking into another direction, Long Xueyi told him that, towards there was also another demon with demon core.

"That guy is underground, most probably sleeping!" Long Xueyi said in a low voice.

Chen Xiang saw that there was no one around, and the patrolling demons didn’t dare to pa.s.s through here, Chen Xiang quietly neared the place, hiding near a huge log, not letting any patrols see him.

"Looks like demons with demon core all have their own influence, if he wants to kill them, it is necessary to go pa.s.s their subordinates first!" Chen Xiang said in his heart, he had many ways to a.s.sa.s.sinate. If it was other people, it might be hard to achieve, in another word, those King's Continent disciples can easily attract over the so called Kings.
Holding on to a Demanding Life Devil Bow, he quickly instilled thick and strong True Qi, at this point, Chen Xiang felt that the Demanding Life Devil Bow had reached a bottleneck, because when he instilled to much strong True Qi, the Demanding Life Devil Bow would shake, if he were to continue pumping True Qi, the Demanding Life Devil Bow might break.

A black key shot out, shooting into the ground, making a small hole, Chen Xiang's Spiritual Sense was strong, so he was able to feel that he had shot a life threatening shot directly at the head of the demon underground.

[TL Note: lmao black key, rip idk what author was writing there the raw just said he shoot out a black key]

After hitting, Chen Xiang quickly walked over, reached out his hand to grab, his hands went through the ground, grabbing the demon core, afterwards, he once again pumped out large quant.i.ty of Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi, corroding the body of the beast.

The werewolf though that he would need to wait very long, maybe he might even need to help Chen Xiang to fight off the big tribes, just when he was dreaming, Chen Xiang suddenly appeared and gave him a pat on his shoulder, smiled: "I’ve got it, now bring me to the tree!"

The werewolf was shocked: "so quick?"

Chen Xiang brought out two demon cores, laughed: " of course I’m quick, do you want to personally check it?"

The werewolf's body fiercely shook, thinking of how his own demon core would be taken out, he felt extremely scared, he didn’t understand how Chen Xiang was able to silently do it, furthermore, his speed was so quick

In just a short one hour, Chen Xiang had got two demon core, his gain was not considered small. If not for the werewolf leading the way, maybe he had to find for it everywhere, and he would even have to fight large amounts of demons, finally he would attract the kings, and that would be a very annoying thing.

Chen Xiang followed the werewolf to a gloomy swamp ground, that place was filled with poisonous miasma, that werewolf doesn’t seem to be afraid of poison, Chen Xiang was absolutely not afraid of poison at all.

"It is in front the shining place, no one knows where the energy came from, but we do not dare to get near!" the werewolf pointed in front and said.

"Could it be a Pure Elemental Fruit?" Su Meiyao said in alarm.

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