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Chapter 419: Wolf Slave

Chen Xiang lightly landed on the floor,and looked towards a direction, sensed there is an aura weakening in  that direction, during the chaos just now, a monster escaped.

The strength of the monster was strong, it might the leader of the group of monster just now, most likely it will have a monster core,and the motive of Chen Xiang coming here wasn’t to slaughter these monsters, but was to collect monster cores for a compet.i.tion.

Chen Xiang immediately chased after it, this was the first strong monster he encountered in this mysterious realm, he won’t let it go.

Those little monsters number in thousands, but none of them have any monster cores, Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou said before, that monster cores are very valuable, each piece can be at least sold for five hundred thousand crystal stones, in ancient times, it was commonly used to lay formations because it contains very pure energy.

Chen Xiang very quickly saw the escaping big monster, as the distance get smaller, he was able to clearly feel that within the monster is a ball of extremely pure energy, he can confirm that, it was a big monster.

"It actually is a wolfmen." Chen Xiang said, although it is a monster, he felt that it was more like a monster men, because most of them transformed from monster monsters, and they have high intelligence, that’s why they are called Evil monsters.

"Long time ago they were indeed called beastmen, but humanity thought that it was insulting to them, so they were renamed to Evil monster." Long  Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang laughed: "It would be better if they were more stupid, this way it wouldn’t feel scared and afraid and i wouldn’t need to chase for it bitterly."

If it was a dumber monster, it would already fight to the death with Chen Xiang already.

"Almost there!" Chen Xiang smiled, only to see water True Qi flow out of his body, and the running monster in front fell down head first, this monster's ankle was wrapped with Chen Xiang's water vine.

This werewolf felt a scalding hot wind coming over, immediately whin and said: "Don’t kill me!"

Chen Xiang originally wanted to directly take the monster core in this werewolf, but he suddenly had an idea.

"Give me a reason why i should keep you, or i will take your monster core!" Chen Xiang's voice contained a frightening tone, and he also released the Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi to make the werewolf uncomfortable.

The werewolf was scared witless, although he is at Spirit Warrior Realm beginning stage, but he was unable to face off against both Devil Suppressing Yuan Qi and Azure Dragon Slaughtering Blade.

"I…..I don’t know, but i can be your goon, i can guide you to find what you want." the werewolf hurriedly said.

Chen Xiang smiled: "I don’t trust you!"

The werewolf's forehead suddenly appeared a spirit pattern, seeing this spirit pattern, Su Meiyao said: "this is the life contract of this evil monster, if you receive it, you can control his life using this contract"

Chen Xiang caught the spirit pattern, the spirit pattern went into this palm and disappeared, but he could feel a marvelous feeling, he found out that with a thought, he can kill this werewolf.

"After living for ten thousands of years, as expected you didn’t waste it." Chen Xiang laughed, he needed a guide, otherwise he wouldn’t know where to get monster cores in this vast mysterious realm, but this werwolf should know.

Although Chen Xiang had the Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi, but in this mysterious realm wasn’t absolutely safe, there maybe stronger monsters, it was strength close to Nirvana realm, and this werewolf have lived here for so many years, it surely knows where the influences extend to..

"Master, if you have anything for this slave, just speak of it!" the werewolf stood up, and said formally, although he was half monster half human, Chen Xiang found him pleasing to the eyes, and no sense of loathing at all.

Chen Xiang asked: "In these one or two days, have you seen any other humans here.?"

The werewolf shook his head: "replying master, i have not met any but i have heard other tribes had met some."

Chen Xiang nodded his head: "in the future, there is no need to call me master, just reply my question"

He once again asked: "I need huge quant.i.ty of monster cores, you just have to lead the way, leave the rest to me."

That werewolf stared blankly: "no problem, there is a lot of guys here with monster cores, but if too many died at once, it would arouse the this land's demon."

"Oh? What is the strength of the king here?" Chen Xiang asked.

This werewolf knew quite a lot of things: "Only one step more to attract the Nirvana Tribulation, only that in this mysterious realm, Nirvana Tribulation does not appear here, thus they are unable to breakthrough."
"Relax, you only need to lead the way!" Chen Xiang said.

The werewolf's red eyes shows traces of worry, but his life was now in the hands of Chen Xiang, he could only follow instruction, otherwise, Chen Xiang could

"Master, you better disguise yourself, this way you would be safer." the werewolf said in a low voice, he was worried that it would cause Chen Xiang to be angry.

Chen Xiang nodded his head, only to see a tail appear behind him, his legs grew some white fur, from the looks, Chen Xiang had turned into a white tiger, looking very similar to an evil monster.

Now Chen Xiang's spiritual strength was enough for him to turn into a beast with a white tiger shape, to turn a small part of his body was not difficult.

That werewolf was shocked in his heart, he didn’t know how Chen Xiang did it, he even suspected that Chen Xiang was a monster too, because it was too similar.

"White tiger monster, there is a lot of these kind of monsters." the werewolf said: "master, please follow me."

The werewolf ran, Chen Xiang also ran at the same speed, following behind him, he guessed that the werewolf is bringing him to find the first target, most likely it would be the nemesis of this werewolf.

Chen Xiang can’t be bothered, he was only here for less than nine days, he needs to get as much monster core as possible in this nine days.

This stage's compet.i.tion was very harsh, only four of twenty people could advance, this made Chen Xiang feel quite some pressure.

"Wolf slave, how many demons with demon core are here?" Chen Xiang asked.

"There is about fifty around here, most of them are stronger than me, some are even stronger, the one called king is not nearby, but he might come." the werewolf said.

Chen Xiang was currently thinking of an all round plan, there is quite a lot of demons here, if there is a ma.s.sacre, it might agitate the so called Kings,and did would not be a loss.

Suddenly, Chen Xiang had a flash of insight, he had always wanted to test out the formation in his mind, if used to make a trap, it would be pretty good.

He took out a Hundred Beast pill, and gives it to the werewolf: "Do you eat this stuff?"

The werewolf came to a conclusion, gave it a smell, and was instantly happy, the werewolf immediately gulped down on it.

Seeing that the demons like this thing, Chen Xiang was secretly happy, he had a lot of Hundred Beast Pills, enough to use as bait to lure those big evil demons with demon core

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