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Chapter 413: Grasping Soul Talisman

Chen Xiang realized that the four person setting up the formation could not simply move, because if they moved, it would affect the formation, otherwise the four person would have already attacked Chen Xiang.

Seeing this point, Chen Xiang was secretly delighted in his heart because if he is able to disturb them, this formation will break, and then he would be able to use True Qi again.

"You underestimate our big formation! Even if you break the ground, the formation will still exist, the main crux of the formation still exists, you only destroyed a small formation." Said a guy in black..

Chen Xiang laughed, even at this situation he was able to laugh, this made the four men in Black instantly on alert, but no matter how much they think they can’t understand how Chen Xiang would escape this formation, furthermore there was someone coming over to beat Chen Xiang, as long as that person reaches first, it will spell doom for Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang was already able to detect the person running over, that person was also Spirit Martial realm beginning stage,Divine Martial Palace wouldn’t dare to use cultivators of high cultivation, otherwise it would be too much, that is why they spent so much effort to set up formation and use Golden Griffins to block Chen Xiang.

The transformations in Seventy two Transformation technique not only allow user to transform themselves but also use Spiritual Energy to create something from nothing like Chen Xiang's Illusionary Brilliant Furnace, was also one of the transformation techniques, just that he isn’t proficient in it.

After that, he went to ask Long Xueyi for advice to understand this transformation technique better, he already grasped the main point and now he only need to display it.

The Spiritual Energy the cultivated from Shinto was colourless and shapeless, only those with strong Divine Sense was able to sense this kind of energy, even deans like Gu Dongchen was currently unable to sense it.

Chen Xiang released his Spiritual Strength, and chants the incantation, controlling the released Spiritual Strength to flow to the back of those men in black, this moment their complexion changed because they discovered that behind the back of their teammates congealed a glowing short sword.

This was Chen Xiang's display of his seventy two transformation, creating something from nothing! Those short swords was a made with Spiritual Strength by condensing Spirit Qi from Heaven and Earth, and its might is not small.

Normal warrior can also use True Qi to congeal this kind of energy sword, but they need to use their own True Qi and their area of control is also very small. But Chen Xiang doesn’t need it, he is able to congeal this Energy weapon as long as it is in his sight.

"You underestimated me!" Chen Xiang laughed loudly, those four short swords under his divine sense, fiercely shot forward, penetrating the four persons back, and then explodes, making a b.l.o.o.d.y hole on the back of those four person

The formation binding Chen Xiang was also gone, Chen Xiang once again controlled his thick True Qi, only to see him explode loudly, the True Qi within his body gushed out , under his control, it became very vigorous, and explodes from his body, forming waves of very strong and filled destructive force Qi wave, sending those four men in black flying.

Those four men in black was already injured from the piercing and explosion of the energy short sword, adding in the explosion of True Qi from Chen Xiang, all their meridians were broken and they fainted on the spot.

Chen Xiang looked at the black clothed persons lying on the ground, coldly humphed and jump to the sky, just when he was going to release his Vermilion Bird Fire Wings, he was pressured by a strong energy, making he fall to crash into the ground.

"Darn, that formation is still there!" Chen Xiang felt the person coming closer, although the speed of the person was slower, as the person gets closer, Chen Xiang felt more and more dangerous.

Therefore he wanted to quickly run away, if he tangled with that person, it would delay a lot of time, if Divine Martial Palace was able to delay him, it would make him fall behind significantly, that way he would be eliminated.

"Should be a Blood Warrior, his True Qi is different of others, oth True Qi and body needs to be stronger than average, i think it should be because of the blood in his body, but i have never heard of this kind of clan! Dali Clan is different from them, Herculean clan from ancient time where it was because of a special breeding method, this Human King Clan is stronger than the Herculean Clan, their bloodlines are definitely not simple.  Long Xueyi said."

Chen Xiang released the water vine,coiled around the four fainted person in black, he quickly brought them to him, and used the Grasping Soul Devil Curse taught by Bai Youyou, to search their memory in hopes to break the formation.

Very quickly, he found it, at this moment he was very shocked by Divine Martial Palace's handiwork, this formation was completed on a large stone plate, and the stone plate was deep underground where they were at.

"Moveable formation, this formation's cost is not cheap, the cost for the formation plate is very high, and there is a need to put a lot of cornerstones, usually alot of top grade crystal stones and items with a lot of energy is needed, if this formation plate was destroyed, Divine Martial Palace would probably cry!" Su Meiyao laughingly said.

Usually when you lay down formations, it would always be on the ground, but this formation that could stop Chen Xiang from flying in the sky is a type where it would be laid down on a big stone plate to move it, the formation energy given out from the stone plate can cover a lot of ground, and only rich sects could afford this kind of formation.

Chen Xiang got a lot of information from those four people's memory and it is all about laying formations, but having these memories doesn’t mean that he could instantly lay down formations, but these were all precious experiences, he suddenly found out that Grasping Soul Devil Curse was very strong, in this way, he was able to quickly learn a lot of things.

A lot of formation techniques were now in his memory so he decided try it out next time, next he continued to use Grasping Soul Devil Curse to search those four men’s memory for formations.

There was a lot of information, it’s like his head was going to explode, if not for his formidable spirit, he would be unable to contain all these memories.

Although his head hurts, his face was filled with happiness, he knew that those four people was a decent formation master, but now all their knowledge on formation is shared with Chen Xiang.

"Quickly destroy the formation. That guy is coming!" Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang nodded his head, and fly towards one direction, he now knew where the formation plate is at, and he planned to lure the Blood Warrior and use the formation against that Blood Warrior

From the memory of the four person in black, he knew that the formation plate has great use, not only can it be used to prevent people from flying in the sky, it has also great defensive and offensive energy, that formation plate was originally protecting a herb garden in Divine Martial Palace, w.a.n.g Quan wanted to increase the chance of winning against Chen Xiang, so he temporary used it against him.

Magic changed to Spiritual Strength

Dali Clan changed to Herculean Clan

Long Xueling was the wrong name, it was actually Long Xueyi

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