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Chapter 411: Inferno in the sky

Chen Xiang's impression of this brat was pretty good so he laughed and said:"thank you, the reason why i flew so high up is to have a look the prowess of those Golden Griffins."

"Humph, you big idiot! whatever , i’ll wait for you at the destination, you better not withdraw after this round, i have to have a fight with you at the end."

Lanlan flew away very quickly, her speed was indeed very horrifying,Chen Xiang  was only able to fly faster when he allowed his wings to grow bigger, that was the Vermilion Bird Flame Wings true form, when activating it, his body will release flames, transforming into a shape of a huge bird and from the ground it will look like a huge flame bird.

Knowing that there was Golden Griffins infront, Chen Xiang grew agitated, from Wu Kaiming, he knew that Spirit Hall was most proud of their Golden Griffins, many people tried to borrow it from Spirit Hall ten thousand years ago for the Three Great Realm War but were rejected, even disciples aren’t allowed to bring them to fight either.

Not only did Chen Xiang want to meet those Golden Griffins, he also let those Golden Griffins experience some pain! Because he wasn’t happy with what w.a.n.g Quan did, sending people to stop him, he believed that other King's Continent warriors did not meet any obstacles on their way, only he met them.

"Golden Griffins? Ill now let you know the Vermilion Birds strength!" Chen Xiang laughed, and his heart filled with antic.i.p.ation.

Chen Xiang was on alert as he fly, but he still havent see any Golden Griffins after flying tens of dou, but he was still waiting very patiently.

[TL note: i have no idea what they meant by 都 so yeah]

"The clouds in front! Watch out."Long Xueling warned

In front of Chen Xiang was a huge cloud pillar soaring into the sky,upon having a closer look, Chen Xiiang could see that there were small dots in the clouds, and those dots were actually Golden Griffins circling around it, creating a huge air vortex, sucking all the clouds in it, exposing Chen Xiang to the blue skies and leaving him with nowhere to hide.

"So many!" Chen Xiang looked at the gigantic cloud pillar and he can’t help but exclaim in his heart.

"These Golden Griffins are definitely being controlled by someone, that person should be riding on the Golden Griffins, and it should be more than one person."Long Xueling said.

Chen Xiang flew straight, and those small dots in the huge cloud pillar also gathered together, from afar it looks like a flock of birds but Chen Xiang was very sure that those are a bunch of True Martial realm ninth stage spirit beast, Golden Griffins!

Golden Griffin''s feather were very hard, its wings can be used as a sharp knife, and their mouth can even spit out fire, its flying speed was very fast, along with their sharp claws and beaks, it is able to cause huge threat to humans.

Chen Xiang was in Extreme realm, if he were to fight  independently he wouldn’t choose these ninth stage Spirit realm beast, but now he wasn’t fighting one, he was fighting thousands, if all of them were to come at him at one, even him will have a hard time.

[TL notes: sounds weird i know but it just means that if he wouldn’t choose to fight ninth stage True Martial realm as it was too easy]

The Golden Griffins from afar approaches quickly, Chen Xiang's wings also becomes more and more bigger, becoming hundreds of zhang in a blink of an eye. Chen Xiang unceasingly released the Vermilion Bird True Qi within his body, the one thousand True Element Dan that contains vigorous True Qi gushes out, Chen Xiang's wings continuously expands, burning with fierce flames, forming a sea of flames.

When Lanlan saw the huge wings she was shocked till her jaws drop, exclaiming:"this meanie is so strong, what is he planning to do?"

"Almost!"Chen Xiang said with a slight sigh of relief, he stretched his huge wings that is already thousands of zhang wide, when he flapped it, the wind generated was imaginable.

Those warriors riding the the Golden Griffins slowed down after seeing, they knew that Chen Xiang wanted to resist them, seeing the magnificent pair of huge flame wings, feeling the incomparably scalding hot air wave, they were considering whether they wanted to continue on

A total of eight people riding the Golden Griffins, and their strengths are all at Extreme realm, each bringing a thousand Golden Griffins and flying towards Chen Xiang.

"No need to be afraid, we have eight thousand Golden Griffins, no matter how strong he is, he will be surrounded by Golden Griffins, just waste him!" a male shouted.

When Chen Xiang heard this, he was furious in his heart and immediately he roars.

"Inferno Tornado!"

Chen Xiang suddenly spins, and his wings followed suit, firstly, it was waves of intense heat spreading all around, following it was a strong suction force,some big trees and stones got uprooted and attracted under the suction force, with Chen Xiang spinning, it forms a huge flaming tornado reaching up to a few thousand zhangs wide, the scene was shocking and horrifying, similar to the end of world.

Clouds from all sides are being attracted over, making the clouds very thick and when they b.u.mp into each other, it erupts crazy lightnings and those lightnings were also being attracted into Chen Xiang's tornado.

Originally those Golden Griffins are charging at Chen Xiang, but now it was too late, when they tried to run away from the scary fire lightning tornado, it was already too late, the tornado was too huge thus causing a very strong suction force, those Golden Griffins are like ant in front of this huge tornado, in a short amount of time, they were all inside the huge tornado that contains intense heat and crazy thunder.

"This guy is too perverse, i almost got implicated!"Lanlan gasped for mouthful of breaths, those voluptuous chest continuously rise and fall, as she looked at the huge fire lightning tornado filled with destruction with lingering fear!

Those nearby all saw it, and most of them are competing warriors, they all heard the lighting sound but there is a familiar sound mixed in it, it was the wails of thousands of Golden Griffins.

Chen Xiang was madly laughing while spinning furthermore he was constantly releasing wood attributed lightning Qi, making the lightning more crazy.

The inside of this huge tornado became a purgatory, people inside it cannot resist at all, the only thing they can do is to receive punishment.

This was Chen Xiang's Inferno Tornado! Last time he used this move to fight the devil Dao warriors, but back then his strength was still weak so the tornado was very small ,compared to before the current tornado was bigger by few hundred folds.

The huge tornado's surrounding hills and lush forests was all sucked into the tornado, Lanlan personally saw a mountain thousands of zhang tall slowly getting sucked into the tornado finally totally vanishing into the tornado

In the tornado is the tyrannical Heavenly Sun Fire and crazy lightning, when fused together, its might was incomparable.

"Haha…haha…haha, i thought that a group of Golden Griffins were very powerful, turns out it was only mediocre, haha…" Chen Xiang's mad laughter was similar to a devil, reverberating in all direction, when people heard it, they were absolutely terrified.

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