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Chapter 407:Good Appet.i.te

One punch sent Qiu Sheng flying , this kind of energy made everyone present  gasp.

Dragon power was very powerful, but the crowd knew that to cultivate it would be very difficult, because you need to have True Qi of the five elements, and your fleshly body had to be powerful enough and True qi gathered had to be thick enough.

Even so, many people still wanted to obtain the Taiji's descending dragon skill, but now they could not ask from Chen Xiang anymore, otherwise it wouldn’t be moral, Chen Xiang allowed them to get the martial skills left behind by old patriarch, this itself is already a favor, how could they, who stands at the pinnacle of strength be ungrateful?

Chen xiang originally had 3,300points, adding Qiu Sheng's ,3,300points, is 6,600 points in total, he is now ranked 10!, and there is still half a day to the end, in this half a day left he definitely will not be pushed out.

In a short span of two days, Chen Xiang jumped to ranked 10, it is needed to know that previously when the rules weren’t perfect, people had to fight countless battle to acc.u.mulate enough points the be ranked infront, but now Chen Xiang only needed three days to reach this rank, this made all the warriors in w.a.n.gze Continent felt shock, at the same time there is some who are jealous of Chen Xiang, the foreigner.

Because Chen Xiang wasn’t from w.a.n.gze Continent, and also got a good position, of course this will make the people of w.a.n.gze Continent uncomfortable.

Ranking compet.i.tion was already over, those ranked below 50 were all eliminated, unable to proceed to the next round, the person who squeezed into the fiftieth was very depressed, because he had just made it into the cut,but he got pushed down again, this was all because of Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang waited for one hour, only then did w.a.n.g Quan return.

"Old w.a.n.g, he's not dead right?" Chen Xiang asked with care.

"He didn’t die, but was injured very seriously, he needs at least one month of rest."w.a.n.g Quan shook head and sighed, carrying Qiu Sheng away.

At this moment Gu Dongchen patted Chen Xiang on the shoulder, laughed:"Little martial uncle, it wouldn’t be hard for you if you want to place first, never would I have thought that you can already use your Dragon power, back then my master told me that he could only use Dragon power at the pinnacle of Nirvana. "

Chen Xiang laughed:"I wonder what is the next stage? It would be good if it is only sparring, I think this w.a.n.gze Continent will definitely make things difficult to try to eliminate me.

Wu Kaiming laughed:"very possible, but little martial uncle will definitely be able to handle it"

"Of course I can, I made it to top 50, shouldn’t you guys show some expression?"Chen Xiang looked at Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming.

"Alright, Ill invite you to a meal."Gu Dongchen looked like he had lost a part of his flesh

"I have to call Xiao Dao, Zhu Rong, they did not watch me spar just now, so they will definitely complain."Chen Xiang laughed, Gu Dongchen then felt more painful, Zhu Rong was a big eater, his appet.i.te was shockingly big. Gu Dongchen was the person in charge of w.a.n.gPai Inn, he invited Zhu Rong to eat there before,at that time Zhu Rong mercilessly ate and it costed him a lot of crystal stones[1].

After reaching Tai Wu Clan, Chen Xiang immediately went to find Yun Xiaodao and his group, and then followed Gu Dongchen to the inn, on the way he started blowing his own trumpet,saying how he won the w.a.n.gze Continent warrior.

Xiao Chou's wound was much better, don’t belittle him because of his size, when he starts eating he’s not unambiguous, Gu Dongchen couldn’t understand how his small stomach can fit so much stuff.

When eating, Chen Xiang and group didn’t say a single word, just like a hungry ghost, they frantically swallowed down different types of expensive dishes,these dishes wasn’t just made with rare vegetation, it was also made with delicious demon meat and spirit beasts.

Wu Qianqian didn’t come as Chen Xiang couldn’t find her, although she is a lady, after mixing with Chen Xiang, she would be like Chen Xiang eating frantically everytime they come to this inn, not looking a bit ladylike at all.

Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming are at one side, Wu Kaiming would only smile at them, while  Gu Dongchen is secretly calculating the worth of how much has Chen Xiang and company ate.

Xue Xionglin and Lei Zhong are blockheads,and after meeting Zhu Rong, this professional eater, they were also quite experienced in eating,Lian Mingdong was even better, he was born in the rich land of Lian Hua island, he starting eating delicacies since young, now that he get to eat, he would naturally not let it go.

After all they were invited by Tai Wu Clan's elder disciple, of course they would not be so formal, otherwise it would look like they don’t give Tai Wu Clan any face.

Only Hao Dongqing and Yao Haisheng is more low profiled, after eating for a while, they stopped and  stayed at the side to watch.

"Everyone let’s eat more, till the day turns dark, haha… "Chen Xiang laughed and said while chewing on a demon meat,seeing Gu Dong Chen's miserly face , he would feel a strange sense of excitement in his heart.

Three days three nights had pa.s.sed, Chen Xiang and his group can’t remember how many dishes and wine they had ordered, anyway if they were to continue eating, it would probably result in internal injury.

"Almost time, bill please" Chen Xiang laughed, they were all strong warriors, food eaten can be converted to energy quickly, so they digests very fast.

Chen Xiang and his group left quickly, but Gu Dongchen had to foot the bill,although he was an elder disciple, he could not credit the bill, and he came here to eat often, so he is familiar with the cashier, thus right now he can only withstand the pain of taking out his crystal stones.

"Say martial brother, you are too petty, it is only a small bit of crystal stones!" Wu Kaiming was relatively speechless on this.

"What do you know, as the saying goes,acc.u.mulating small amounts will lead to larger amounts, acc.u.mulating a lot of times will lead to an astronomical amount, I wanted to quickly rise to Sky Realm[2], but this little martial uncle only thinks about how to spend about my crystal stones everyday, you don’t even know how distressed i am. " Gu Dongchen sighed.

The next stage starts ten days later, Chen Xiang had ten days worth of rest, but he did not rest at all in these 10 days, he was gathering large amount of Golden Dragon saliva in order grow the White Jade Lotus, because after reaching the Ultimate Realm, five element True Qi pill had very little benefit to him already, this was also the reason why he was distressed, as his cultivation grows, the pills that he eats will also follow suit, thus he had to refine Xuan Middle Grade pills to replace it.

Since he had to stop a while before the Spirit Warrior realm, he planned to collect all the ingredients for the Xuan Middle Grade pill within this period of time, thus he planned to exchange the rare White Jade Lotus for medicinal ingredients, this will make things a lot simpler

"Your Golden Dragon saliva's quality has improved a lot, your refining speed should be a lot faster in the future!" Su Meiyao said.

Chen Xiang was considering what he should do with the huge amount of foundation pills that he currently have, if used properly, one foundation pill can produce a True Warrior realm warrior, he now had two hundred plus pills, and also a lot of ingredients.

"Raising your own advantage is the best! If you have this thinking, I will help you create a training plan, to raise an army full of True Warrior realm warriors! Especially when facing against the upcoming Third World War's Little Demon, this big army will have huge lethality." Bai Youyou said.

Crystal Stones – Directly translated also if you know what the previous translators used for this currency please do comment about it. Sky Realm – Not sure what it means or does as i didn’t finish the novel

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