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CHAPTER 406:Strongest Power

"Sisters, you finally answered! Quickly think of a way, I'm gonna lose!" Chen Xiang cried in his heart.

"We were meditating, therefore we couldn't immediately answer you! Your opponent's dark energy  is bad news, let us think again, honestly speaking, it is also our first time seeing someone use dark energy, we had only heard it before. " Su Mei Yao was also very worried.

At this moment, Long Xue Yi yawned, laughed, "How troublesome is this? Tell you what, these people who cultivates dark energy are all an arrogant bunch, many powerful figures will tend to avoid upon meeting them, even those who are more powerful than than them would not want to slight them! But our Royal Dragon clan[1] is not afraid at all. "

Chen Xiang scolded softly, "So Little Dragon[2] was sleeping! Quickly tell me how to fight them."

"Mix your magic into your zhenqi, and the dark energy will not be able to do anything! This is  why this kind of person only can beg for forgiveness when meeting my Royal Dragon clan, mix your magic into your zhenqi and just punch him. "Said Long Xue

Chen Xiang followed exactly, activating the magic within his conscious, mixing it with his zhenqi, and shooting out from his arms, it looked like he roared, both arms suddenly turn ablaze, two red like hot metal like fist shot out at the same time, one at the top, one at bottom, hitting Qiu Sheng's chest and stomach, quickly punching away Qiu Sheng.

Chen Xiang wiped the blood trace from the corner of his mouth, his whole face swelling, he got abused by Qiu Sheng harshly!

Ying Mong Er and Hua Xiang Yue was originally very worried about Chen Xiang, they wanted to use divine sense to persuade Chen Xiang to give up, otherwise it would be serious if he got crippled, other strong warriors who saw Chen Xiang got beat up like that thought that it would be hard to retaliate, but now Qiu Sheng instead got beaten by Chen Xiang, while using zhenqi nonetheless.

The whole crowd was silent, even the big mouth, w.a.n.g Quan Ye, was staring at Chen Xiang's pair of red fists.

"This… how is this possible? Zhenqi should not able to hit Qiu Sheng!" w.a.n.g Quan muttered to himself.

Qiu Sheng was he involved party, the most shocked was also him. Ever since he cultivated dark energy, only Nirvana level zhenqi can suppress him, otherwise upon touching his body, it will be dissolved by his body's dark energy, turning it into its original state, either getting dissipated or absorbed into his body.

But when Chen Xiang used zhenqi to punch him, it was the first time he was hurt by zhenqi over so many years, that was a kind of hot energy, his body's spot that got hit was like a red hot metal, giving a stinging pain.

Qiu Sheng crawled up, creased his brows and asked, "how did you do that?"

Chen Xiang smile without replying him, "I will tell you only if you can beat me! Didn't you always want to see my strongest state? I'll show you now."

Upon hearing, Qiu Sheng was serious, he quickly circulated his dark energy within his body, now his body was covered by a gray cover.

"Come, just now was just my mistake, this time i'm going to dissolve your strongest attack."Qiu Sheng was very confident, this is because he is very confident about his dark energy, this was not him being proud, this was what he learnt from sparring over the years.

Chen Xiang hesitated, "I'm worried i might beat you to death, I don't hate you, I just want to make you lose, not having you carry a serious injury when u leave the stage."

Qiu Sheng laughed, "Just come at me, if i really died under your strongest attack, i won’t blame you! It's fine if you cripple me as it is better than being dead, if it really did happen, it will be because i'm weak."

The crowd can see that both Chen Xiang and Qiu Sheng are the type that enjoys sparring, even if they were defeated or crippled, they will not blame the opponent. Unlike Chen Xiang's previous opponents, who were arrogant the moment they stepped on stage, wanting to step on Chen Xiang like an ant immediately.

Chen Xiang's strongest power, what could it be? The crows was also very curious! Although Qiu Sheng is a blood warrior[3], but he did not cultivate zhenqi, thus it was difficult to determine his overall strength, furthermore he cultivates an unusual energy, it was able to dissolve others zhenqi, this caused others to be unable to determine Qiu Sheng's true strength.

Chen Xiang held out his fist and faint white rays suddenly came out from his fist, at the same time, the whole floor started to slightly shake, Qiu Sheng at that point in time had a face full of horror, his body got pressured by the energy from Chen Xiang's fist until he had to retreat.

The strong warriors in the crowd also had faces full of horror, this kind of energy was something that most of them knew of, it was even unforgetable to some, because they were defeated by Huang Mien Tien using this kind of energy.

Dragon power! The ability to a dragon kind of energy, Chen Xiang originally was only able to gather up a small ball of it, but after reaching the ultimate realm, was able to cover his whole arm.

Upon unleashing the Dragon power, it gave out an energy storm, swept towards the surrounding, many who came forward to watch was at martial stage but was still being pushed away repeatedly by this gush of energy, only those at Nirvana level and those at the ultimate realm could still stand.

"Not bad, this kid can use this kind of energy at this time!" Gu Dong Chen marvelled, he's experienced this kind of energy's prowess , his teacher used to always use this kind of energy to hit him.

w.a.n.g Quan face ashen, " Didn't Huang Mien Tien that crazy old fellow say, only those who are at ultimate realm can gather this kind of energy?"

Qiu Sheng didn’t know what kind of energy was that, but he was very excited, because Chen Xiang didn’t lie to him, this type of energy was really strong, if he knew what kind of energy this is, he might not be able to continue on.

"Very strong, but it is made from zhenqi!" Qiu Sheng smilingly said: "As long as it is zhenqi, I can dissolve it."

w.a.n.g Quan originally wanted to stop Qiu Sheng, but after hearing what Qiu Sheng had said, he also wanted to have a look at whether  Qiu Sheng's cultivation on dark energy is able to dissolve this Dragon power, if it can be dissolved, then Qiu Sheng would be able to defeat Chen Xiang, this was a good thing.

Long Xue Ling said in disdain: "Add magic, and send the guy flying, people who uses dark energy are the worst. "

Chen Xiang smirked, and sped forwards, this was his first time using Dragon power to hit someone, furthermore the opponent was standing there letting  him hit, this kind of good thing doesn’t come by often

The ground was constantly shaking, this was because the Dragon power was too strong, along with Chen Xiang darting in, Dragon power received a violent turbulence, making the ground shake more violently.
"Goodbye!" while Chen Xiang was running in, he smiled faintly

"What….."Qiu Sheng just finished saying  this word, when Chen Xiang's fist that contains strong Dragon power like a flash of white light, hits Qiu Sheng in the chest.

The crowd only saw blood spewing out like arrow from Qiu Sheng's mouth, with a "xiu" sound, Qiu Sheng was sent flying by that terrifying energy, instantly sank into the distant white cloud, disappearing.

w.a.n.g Quan was stunned for a moment, and also instantly disappeared from there, chased towards the direction that Qiu Sheng was sent flying….

"Hey,  you haven’t announced that i have won!" Chen Xiang said shouted with a grin.

[1] Royal Dragon clan- Literal translation from chinese idk what the previous translators use

[2] Little Dragon – Some sort of nickname i guess? Also directly translated from chinese

[3] Blood warrior – Direct translated, not sure about how previous translator deal with this word

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