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"Don't worry! We will not yield. In any case, the Chenwu Mainland is a prominent continent in the eastern sea. We have a long history of martial arts. I'm sure Gu Dongchen will have some way to deal with this. As for the other sects, I don't know." Liu Menger smilingly said while caressing Xue Xianxian's hair.

Leng Youlan held her giant sword firmly. "Elder brother, you are really sly. When you were going to teach a lesson to those Sacred Light Temple guys, why did you not call me?!"

Chen Xiang forcefully smiled and said, "Youlan, where have I had the time to think of so much? In the future, if there is an opportunity, I will take you."

The white hair beauty was one violent girl. If not for her having challenged too many people and satisfied her thirst, she would still be pestering Chen Xiang to spar with her.

At present, occasionally, she would ask Chen Xiang to call Xiao Chou. But how could Chen Xiang dare to do so, Xiao Chou likes to fight too. Not to forget his ident.i.ty as a Herculean Family member. He was someone with a one-track mind, he simply doesn’t know any compa.s.sion for females. Chen Xiang was afraid that Leng Youlan would be seriously injured by him.

Leng Youlan harrumphed and said, "If my Icewind Valley Dean surrenders to the Sacred Light Temple, I will break away from the Icewind Valley. I won't be a part of some spineless sect!"

Chen Xiang was secretly laughing because the Dean of Icewind Valley was Liu Menger who was just right here; it was just that she was currently not aware of this fact.

While speaking, Leng Youlan dragged Xue Xianxian to the backyard for sparring. Deep within her veins, the blood of a general was flowing. What made Chen Xiang a little difficult to understand was that Xue Xianxian would not actually feel tired; she would still happily accompany Leng Youlan.

"Sister Menger, why hasn’t that seductress Hua Xiangyue come yet?" Chen Xiang, using his divine sense, asked Liu Menger as he sat down at the window, looking down at the courtyard as the two compared their respective palm techniques.

"I have already given herbs to her, and she says she will help me refine it. As for where she is, I have no idea!" Liu Menger replied. These days, Chen Xiang had always been wanting to be intimate with her, yet she didn't dare to do so. After all, Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan were both here. If they were found out, it would cause a big problem.

"Does she know that those herbs are mine?" Chen Xiang asked.

"She knows, and at that time she was incredibly surprised, furthermore... she was also jealous." Liu Menger smiled proudly because Chen Xiang gave them to her and not Hua Xianyue.

Hua Xianyue was a formidable alchemist. According to Gu Dongchen, there are only a few alchemists of her caliber in the eastern seas. Moreover, a majority of them are quite old; so, Hua Xianyue has quite a bit reputation in the eastern seas. Even in the entire mortal world, her reputation is not insignificant. As for Liu Menger, she is only a little famous in the eastern seas. A high-level alchemist is better than refiner. Because the refiners could only provide external help, as for alchemist they could help one in their cultivation. Furthermore, they provide a great boost for Nirvana Realm martial artists when they have to cross the Nirvana Tribulation. For instance, even Liu Menger had to ask Hua Xiangyue to help her refine dans.

"Sister Menger, that seductress Hua Xianyue wanted to become my maidservant. And when I refused her, she looked unhappy! Why is it so?" Asked Chen Xiang. For this, he had always been doubtful.

"Who knows! Only recently I came to know that she is Danxiang Taoyuan's Dean. She has always been very mysterious, maybe she really likes you?" A little jealousy could be detected in Liu Menger's tone.

Realizing that she was a little jealous, Chen Xiang felt secretly proud. A lascivious smile appeared on his face, "Sister Menger, goodbye." While speaking, his hand reached out to her charming, voluptuous a.s.s and rubbed it before, like a wind, rushing his way downstairs. Liu Menger could only helplessly stomp in shame.

"This little rascal is getting increasingly lewd." Liu Menger lightly spat, then continued observing Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan's fight.

Once Chen Xiang returned to the Extreme Martial Sect, an Elder immediately notified him to gather at the Extreme Martial Mysterious Realm. Every person inside was waiting for him. Although he was neither an Elder nor extremely powerful, he had frequently saved Extreme Martial Sect's honor. Now, he was considered as one of the important figures of the Extreme Martial sect. Not to mention his talent, he could certainly be groomed for the next candidate for Dean's position.

"Almost everyone is here. Everybody's strength is above the 9th level of the True Martial Realm, and all of you has also been with the Extreme Martial Sect for many years!" said Gu Dongchen.

The Elder Courtyard only had forty or so people. All of them had strength above the 9th level of the True Martial Realm. The weakest of the bunch was still an Extreme State martial artist, except for Chen Xiang.

"Tomorrow the Heroes a.s.sembly is going to be held! There may be many unexpected surprises tomorrow. And if we a.s.sume the worst scenario, maybe the entire Extreme Martial Sect will be in a state of complete chaos. After you leave, make sure the disciples of various martial courtyards have prepared themselves!" Gu Dongchen's complexion turned grim. Everyone could not help but wonder.

"You have to pay attention to three points. First — tomorrow, if some disciples want to leave the Extreme Martial sect, you are not allowed to stop them. You also don't need to say anything, just let them go!"

"Second — if tomorrow's situation is very dire for the Extreme Martial Sect, please remain calm. You can not be in a mess!"

"Third..." When Gu Dongchen spoke till here, he paused, with those pair of eagle eyes, scanned everyone, "If some fighting took place, until and unless I give any order, no one and I mean no one is allowed to take any action. Furthermore, you must evacuate the disciples to the Extreme Martial Mysterious Realm. As for the others, just let them be."

Chen Xiang was taken aback. From Gu Dongchen's words, it appeared that the Sacred Light Temple was definitely going to wreck tomorrow's Heroes a.s.sembly. After all, the Sacred Light Temple had almost unified the eastern seas. In other words, plenty of Nirvana Realm martial artists is at the beck and call of the Sacred Light Temple which for the Extreme Martial Sect was downright unfavorable. More importantly, the Extreme Martial Sect was just one sect. No matter how strong it was, it will certainly be difficult to resist the entire eastern seas.

"Let me add one more thing, after the Chief of various Martial Courtyard returns, immediately convene the Extreme Martial Sect disciples. Make all the disciples below the 10th level of the Mortal Martial Realm leave the Extreme Martial Sect. Just make up any reason, force them to leave. As for the 10th level Mortal Martial Realm disciples, create a small team of them and ask them to wait at the entrance of the Extreme Martial Mysterious Realm. The martial artists below the Extreme State are responsible for managing these 10th level Mortal Martial Realm disciples. At the same time, they too will be waiting at the entrance of the Extreme Martial Mysterious Realm." Wu Kaiming said.

At this point, an old man asked, "Are just these many of us going to be partic.i.p.ating in the Heroes a.s.sembly?"

At present, these people from the Elder Courtyard could be regarded as the strongest of the Extreme Martial Sect!

"That's right, the place where the Heroes a.s.sembly is going to be held is limited. If everyone from the Extreme Martial Sect went to attend the Heroes a.s.sembly and if by chance, many friends came to attend later, we will not have any s.p.a.ce for them."

Was someone going to be coming later? Chen Xiang was secretly surprised. He knew that martial artists from many powerful mainlands in eastern seas had not yet arrived. If the rest of them came tomorrow, that would make the Heroes a.s.sembly one grand event where all the powerful experts of eastern seas were gathered!

However, what worried Chen Xiang was that all the various forces of the eastern seas had colluded with the Sacred Light Temple. If all of them allied together to launch an attack at the Extreme Martial Sect, then how is the Extreme Martial Sect going to deal with this?

Chen Xiang was unable to imagine that Gu Dongchen would have any trick left. After all, at that time, they would be facing a large crowd of fearsome Nirvana Realm martial artists. And if all of them decided to launch an attack, the entire Chenwu Mainland might very well be finished.

No one had thought of how pressing the time would be. If said to retreat, then retreat. However, this was all Gu Dongchen's arrangement; naturally, he must have his plan.

Chen Xiang also didn't know where the Heroes a.s.sembly was going to be held. Obviously, it was not going to be inside the Extreme Martial Sect, or else Gu Dongchen would not have said that s.p.a.ce was limited.

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