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Chen Xiang and the two girls seldom had the chance to be together. This time they romped playfully, like three naughty children. They had made a mess out of this little room; although Liu Menger criticized them, she still didn't stop them. She just examined those spirit patterns given by Chen Xiang.

"Brother, when are you going to spar with me? I want to know how powerful I am now!" Leng Youlan swayed Chen Xiang's hands as she acted all cute and spoiled, "Please spar with me!"

Chen Xiang knew Leng Youlan was a militant-type girl, but he thought, if he and Leng Youlan fought, he would not be able completely play out his strength, thereby, he would lose against his sister. Although he would just lose against his own younger sister, Leng Youlan would certainly not be happy and this kind of fight would then turn meaningless.

Xue Xianxian also joined on the fun and said with a grin, "Brother Xiang, I also want to fight with you, hadn't we decided this in our childhood that if one day we became powerful martial artists, we must heartily have a bout?"

The corner of Chen Xiang's eyes twitched, he bitterly smiled and said, "Two elder sisters, please spare me, to be honest, if I fight with you, I'll definitely lose!"

"How will that be possible? Last time I heard when you fought with Beast Martial Sect's Yan Yanran, you were merciless, moreover, your means were also very sinister." Leng Youlan hugged her chest with both hands as she intently stared at Chen Xiang. She was a little unhappy because Chen Xiang refused to comply with her wish to fight.

Chen Xiang shook his head and sighed, "How can you say that I am sinister? I didn't even hit her face, just from this, it is evident that I have been lenient and only used light means. I am someone who has compa.s.sion for females and will not use a heavy hand on them. If I fight with you, I cannot completely unleash my strength. If I went all out, I might ruin you which will break my heart."

"Let's ask the teacher to watch so that if something happens she could prevent it." Xue Xianxian had a naughty smile hanging on her face. Evidently, she very much wanted to thrash Chen Xiang during the bout.

Chen Xiang was dumbfounded. He discovered that due to Xue Xianxian being with Leng Youlan for a long time, she too had turned violent. Leng Youlan was naturally a violent girl, only in front of someone she is closed with would she act a little cute. Otherwise, by virtue of her wild character, she would definitely provoke no small amount of trouble.

"It is still not possible. If in a million chance something unexpected happened, I will regret it for the rest of my life." Chen Xiang shook his head. No matter what, under any circ.u.mstances, he was not going to fight the two. It gave him a kind of a bad feeling, especially after seeing the naughty smile on Leng Youlan and Xue Xianxian's face.

Liu Menger indeed understood Chen Xiang, she came to his rescue, "If you two want to fight, I can take you to those little guys from the other mainlands, but you are not allowed to lose!"

"Elder Sister Liu, seriously? I will definitely not lose, quickly take me!" Leng Youlan excitedly said. Chen Xiang knew someone was going to have a bad luck.

Xue Xianxian rolled her eyes, chuckled and said, "Youlan, how about we joust for a spouse? Whoever won against us can marry us!"

Upon hearing this, Chen Xiang turned pale from shock, he hurriedly said, "How can you do this? You are my wife."

Seeing Chen Xiang so anxious, Xue Xianxian giggled and said, "Of course I know, I'm helping Youlan find her husband. This is a good opportunity as powerful martial artists from the other mainland are here."

"That won't do, I am Youlan's brother, her marriage must not be so hasty!" Chen Xiang resolutely said.

Leng Youlan smiled and said, "I think this method is good, let's give it a try!"

Liu Menger walked over and smacked Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan's head, and criticized them "Don't talk nonsense. don't you want to fight others? There are many people who have come to the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire as guests, I only let you come here so that you can check up on this brat, because of that I have even postponed my meeting with them."

Xue Xianxian naughtily stuck her tongue out, smiled and said, "I know, the teacher is a big beauty and famous even overseas. As soon as those guys came to Chenwu Mainland, they first visited the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire as guests, didn't they came just to see teacher!"

"Little girl, you have got a lot of lip!" Liu Menger pinched Xue Xianxian's cheeks, then said to Chen Xiang, "Over time people had started to gather for the Hero a.s.sembly which is going to be held here in the Extreme Martial Sect. These two had just broken through, that's why their hands were itchy."

Chen Xiang nodded his head, he was a little disappointed, that he didn't get the chance to get intimate with Liu Menger.

Liu menger left Tianmen City with the two girls, Chen Xiang too returned to the Extreme Martial Sect.

Although there were many people in the Extreme Martial Sect, it was less than the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire as those Deans from overseas went straight to the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire after coming to the Chenwu Mainland.

"A beautiful refiner is really different, no matter where it is, they are the most popular." Su Meiyao laughed.

"Isn't a beautiful alchemist not so different? For example, Sister Meiyao, hei hei."

Chen Xiang returned to the Extreme Dan King Courtyard and encountered Wu Qianqian. They chatted for a while, he inquired about Yun Xiaodao and the others, and he came to know that they are doing intense and brutal training, they were all in King Martial Courtyard.
Wu Qianqian was also very busy, not only she had to take some time out in order to refine various dans to improve her alchemy skills, she also had to keep up with training laid out by the King Martial Courtyard. That was why she didn't chat too long with Chen Xiang and left soon after.

"She is progressing very quickly! In the future, she will definitely become one astonishing girl." Long Xueyi said. Last time she had imitated Chen Xiang's voice and played with Wu Qianqian.

The Extreme Dan King Courtyard was shrouded in a silence all day, Chen Xiang was already accustomed to it. However, he was now missing Elder Dan.

"The Azure Profound Fruit had already matured, fantastic, there are so many Azure Profound Fruit!"

Under the dark curtain of the night, Chen XIang sat on the roof, watching the various herbs and flowers in the herb garden exuding a beautiful radiance. Watching the herb garden, he was dazzled, he was in a very happy mood.

From the Azure Profound Tree he had harvested forty fruits, and the two trees that were planted recently only bore twenty fruits! He knew that after these thee bore fruits a few more times, they would also be able to bear forty fruits.

Now he had altogether harvested sixty Azure Profound Fruits! In other words, he could refine sixty sets of Building Foundation Dans, every time he refined one set, it would be four Building Foundation Dan, altogether it was 240 dans. So many Building Foundation Dan would drive any sect mad, no matter how big they are.

"Later whoever messed with father, the father will smash him using the Building Foundation Dans!" Chen Xiang started laughing as he shouted.

"Quickly grow some Five Elements True Elemental Dan herbs. This dan has a very big advantage for you now, with the help of them you can cross the True Martial Realm. Even if you are in Extreme State, it will still be greatly useful to you." Su Meiyao said.

He still had a set of Five Elements True Elemental Dan herbs. Elder Dan had helped him in collecting most of them, he had been wanting to thank Elder Dan, but there was still no sign of her.

The Five Color Profound Fruit can grow into a tree, while the Five Leaf Gra.s.s can produce gra.s.s seeds and the Five Color Lotus could also be used to sprout lotus seeds, as for the Colorless Lingzhi, it gave Chen Xiang a headache.

"It's simple, cut it into pieces and bury it under the soil, then you simply have to water it down using the Dragon Saliva, and before you know it they will grow." Su Meiyao explained. In regards to this, she was very experienced.

Chen Xiang didn't expect that the Colorless Lingzhi was actually planted in such a simple way. He was elated, he began planting the Five Elements True Elemental Dan herbs.

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