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Chapter 293 - Good Play Staged

The first item auctioned set off a fierce compet.i.tion, and because of that, the whole atmosphere of the auction turned a lot more lively. Twenty million crystal stones were equal to four thousand True Elemental Dan, even for Chen Xiang, it was not a small number. He had painstakingly refined dans for a whole month, yet its value was only a bit more. But this was under the case that he had the herbs, if he didn't have the herbs, then he would need to gather them by himself, which would be very troublesome.

Earning the money of his martial nephew gave Chen Xiang a peace of mind. Seeing a happy smile hanging on his face, Hua Xiangyue and Liu Menger finally understood the reason 'the more you touch things up, the darker they get'.

The next item was a 9th level spirit weapon, a sword. Chen Xiang and the others was not the least bit interested to this item. Chen Xiang already had a divine weapon, the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, and naturally spirit weapon, would no longer be placed in his eyes. As for Liu Menger, she was a Grand Refiner, if she needed a weapon, she would just have to spend a bit of time, and that would be enough.

However, to these Deans and Patriarchs, it was very tempting, because they could use it as a reward to some outstanding disciples, which in turn would motivate the other disciples. For many sects and families, this was a very conventional approach.

Very soon, an ardent struggle once again set off in the auction, the 9th level spirit weapon could be considered as a rare thing, only some famous figures could afford to please a powerful refiner to forge them such a weapon.

What was totally out of Chen Xiang's expectation was that the 9th level spirit weapon was finally bought by the Dean of the Lotus Island, Lian Yingxiao, for a sum of forty-five million crystal stones.

Chen Xiang took a deep breath, for the very first time, he understood that the 9th level spirit weapon was so expensive. He glanced at Liu Menger, while Liu Menger also turned her head and gave him a wink.

"This is a rich mistress!" Chen Xiang lamented in his heart. Liu Menger was a Grand Refiner, someone who could refine brilliant equipment. Refining spirit equipment was was even easier for her. In addition to her reputation, her refined equipment would be sold at an even bigger price.

Chen Xiang felt the little fortune he had in his hand was, in the eyes of these Deans, nothing. Liu Menger, by just casually refining a few formidable spirit weapons, she would then have earned more than what he had acc.u.mulated for a long time.

"Sister Menger, how long does it take for you to refine a 9th level spirit weapon?" Chen Xiang curiously asked, at the same time, he was prepared to take rather a good blow.

"Slowest would take one month, and my fastest speed would be ten days! However, I, for a very long time, had not refined any." Liu Menger leisurely replied. Chen Xiang had already made some psychological preparation, yet he was ruthlessly thrown down.

"Under Menger, there are ten outstanding Grand Refiners, general orders are taken up by them. Menger now directly take orders of brilliant equipment." Hua Xiangyue laughingly said.

Liu Menger nodded her head, the imperial palace of the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire was previously the Divine Weapon Sect, and Liu Menger was supervising many famous Refiners, as such, she could get a lot of wealth. Chen Xiang, thinking of this, felt dreadful.

He looked at those boxes and clasped his fists, he swore that he would certainly transcend these Deans. In front of these Deans, he knew that he was only an ant.

"If you could refine a powerful dan, even Liu Menger, such a reputed Grand Refiner, have to curry your favor." Su Meiyao said, as if she could see through Chen Xiang's heart.

"Yes, even Xueyi, this little dragoness, also had to curry your favor." Bai Youyou said. Chen Xiang suspected that because of losing her power for too long, she was gradually 'waking' up from the Ruthless Devil Skill. To his surprise, she even knew how to make jokes. Although they were not really funny, this kind of transformation still made Chen Xiang and Su Meiyao both very happy.

A few other items auctioned were spirit equipment, either weapons or armors. Other items were relatively low price, like the 8th level giant hammer which was sold for thirty million crystal stones! The highest priced item was an armor, a 9th level spirit equipment, fetching a price of fifty million crystal stones.

Chen Xiang had the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade and the Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor, that was why for him, he didn’t held any interest for spirit weapons. Naturally, he didn't know their market price.

Before, Chen Xiang felt that his Building Foundation Dan was very valuable, but he didn't think that these spirit weapons were more expensive, which made him feel somewhat uncomfortable in his heart.

"Little rascal, dans are different from spirit weapons. Dans, once bought, will then be used to elevate the strength, while spirit weapons will stay with a martial artist for a long time. In particular a powerful spirit weapon could also save their life! Moreover, it would bring prestige to its user, and at the same time, it would also elevate the martial artist's strength by a lot! In this kind of auctions, high level dans very rarely appears, because these kinds of things are even rarer than spirit equipment and brilliant equipment!" Liu Menger, noticing Chen Xiang's mood, explained.

Chen Xiang nodded his head. If an alchemist could refine an even higher ranked dan, the price would then reflect upon it. For an alchemist to become a Dan King, he would waste countless of precious spirit herbs, however, the dans they would make were things which high ranking refiners could never match.

The next item to be auctioned was the Elemental Spirit Dan. Chen Xiang looked towards Liu Menger, laughed and said, "Sister Menger, I have to rely on you!"

Hua Xiangyue clenched her teeth, "You must make this guy, Yue Jianglin, bleed."

Liu Menger, didn't have any good impression towards Yue Jianglin. Among the eight major righteous sects’ tyc.o.o.ns, those who had good impressions towards Yue Jianglin were rather scarce, because no one could stand the bad-tempered Proud Sword Sect. They were not even that strong, yet they were extremely arrogant.

The Elemental Spirit Dan was not many, and for these Nirvana Realm martial artists, it didn’t really held much value. However, for the martial artists of the Extreme Martial State and below it, the Elemental Spirit Dan was greatly useful. Chen Xiang had also eaten this dan, which then allowed his Divine Soul to grow much bigger. It was quite clear how much spiritual power was contained within it.

However, the value of the Elemental Spirit Dan was, at most, one to two hundred million crystal stones. If one was not in urgent need, generally, after this price, it would not increase.

"Elemental Spirit Dan, this is a kind of dan which could quickly elevate its consumer's divine sense. This is an ancient dan, and it has not appeared in the Chenwu Mainland for a long time. But with regards to its efficacy, everyone should have a good understanding from the ancient records!"

Mrs. Li introduced the Elemental Spirit Dan. Everyone was no stranger to this, if the price was not too high, everyone intended to give it a try.

"The starting price is five hundred thousand crystal stones!" Mrs. Li's voice had not resounded for long, but the Proud Sword Sect's Dean, Yue Jianglin, could not sit still.

"1 million." Yue Jianglin shouted.

"1.1 million." It was actually the Dean of True Martial Sect, Tang Yichao.

"1.3 million." The Lotus Island's Dean also took part in it. Everyone were all very familiar with this, because just a while ago, he had already bought two items.

"1.5 million." Yue Jiangling had not expected that there would be so many people to fight for it, he felt a little annoyed. For this Elemental Spirit Dan, he had waited for too long.

Now, everyone contending for the Elemental Spirit Dan were those Deans, even Gu Dongchen partic.i.p.ated in it, they were all curious regarding the efficacy of the Elemental Spirit Dan. They were rather curious whether or not its efficacy was exactly the same with the ancient records.

Very soon, the price reached three million, Tang Yichao had already quit, Gu Dongchen, this stingy Dean, had also quit. Now, only the Lotus Island's Dean, Lian Yingxiao and Yue Jianglin, were fighting it out.

Beside the Building Foundation Dans, Lian Yingxiao had fought for every other item. His voice was gentle and courteous, very soft, as if money was just a cow’s dung to him.

5 million... 6 million... 7 million... Liang Yingxiao was actually in no hurry to settle the fight with Yue Jiangling.

After a fierce battle, the price had already reached nine million crystal stones.

"10 million, I want it!" Yue Jianglin's voice was low-spirited, yet furious, and it also had a hint of irritation and arrogance.

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