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Chapter 280 - Hundred Beasts Dan

The Hundred Beasts Dan was a bit difficult to refine, to be precise, the difficulty lies in the fusion of the large amount of life essence in the monster core with the herbs. It was also the first time Chen Xiang was using so many spirit beast cores for alchemy.

Beast Element Fruit, Spirit Beast Gra.s.s, Three Leaves Plant Roots and Demon Flower, these four herbs were rather expensive, but they were not counted as something too precious.

Such as the Beast Elemental Fruit, Spirit Beast Gra.s.s, Demon Flower, they could be found in places where there with full of spirit beasts. However, they were guarded by powerful spirit beasts, so only stronger martial artists could fetch them. These kind of spirit herbs had energy, but it was all advantageous to spirit beasts, because of their special const.i.tution. To humans, although they were still somewhat useful, their use was still very minimal.

Three Leaves Plant Roots were roots of a very peculiar tree. On this tree, three different shapes of leaves were growing, and even each of their color was rather different. Its root could also re-grow, giving birth to a special energy, which was very useful to spirit beasts and could enhance the const.i.tution of spirit beasts.

The spirit beast's core had a large amount of life essence and spirit beast's energy acc.u.mulated in it. It was equivalent to a human's True Qi, and it also had an incomparably pure energy. At this time, Chen Xiang was controlling a significantly large amount of beast essence, and fusing it with various herbal powder of different characteristics. The goal of doing this was to congeal them into a dan.

Last time when he refined the Elemental Spirit Dan, Chen Xiang's divine soul was only an infant, but now it was ten years old. His current divine sense was worlds apart compared with the past, which let him refine dans with twice the work with half the effort, giving him an even more subtle control over the furnace.

With the fierce swaying of the Brilliant Flame Dragon Furnace, Chen Xiang let out m.u.f.fled shout, before the furnace stabilized. As Chen Xiang opened his eyes, a slight smile appeared on his face, "After failing for twenty-five times, I have finally successful!"

Only a day had pa.s.sed, and the result had left both Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou very satisfied. The faster Chen Xiang's progress was, the faster they could restore their strength.

"Eight dans!" Chen Xiang opened the lid, only to see eight dans glistening with an azure aura, accompanied by the rise of the Elemental Qi of the monster core. He picked up a dan and threw it to Long Xueyi as he laughed and said, "Little dragon, give it a try!"

Long Xueyi, although she still caught it, had an unhappy look as she solemnly said, "I'm a dragon, not those low-rank spirit beasts. These kind of dans are the same to me as they are for humans, completely useless!"

Although she said so, seeing such a beautiful dan that was even exuding such an enticing breath, made her fiercely gulp down her saliva as it also made her lick her lips.

In Long Xueyi's eyes, this Hundred Beast Dan was a lot better than the Building Foundation Dans. Especially that kind of herb fragrance, it made her completely unable to resist, causing her to almost drool, not to mention the rich energy present inside the dan.

This Hundred Beasts Dan, in her eyes, was the same as a sumptuous feast.

Her current appearance made Chen Xiang and the two beauties to burst into laughter in their heart. Just a few moments ago, she firmly spoke that this Hundred Beasts Dan was not good enough for her dragon lineage, yet her current expression of ‘wanting to eat but unable to eat’ made the onlookers want to laugh.

The Little greedy dragon was, after all, a little greedy dragon. She had always flagrantly eaten so many dans, and she had already stopped caring about it and just threw aside her dignity as a dragon. She put the Hundred Beasts Dan in her mouth and carefully chewed it into fine pieces. It was first time for Chen Xiang to see her be so careful while eating a dan. In the past, every time she ate a dan, it was like she was having rice, stuffing a bunch of them in her mouth.

"It tastes good, right!" Chen Xiang laughed and said.

"En!" Long Xueyi nodded her head, her pair of watery eyes were peering at Chen Xiang's furnace, "The dragons are the emperor of all beasts. Although the Hundred Beasts Dan is a little crude, it is barely good enough for a dragon. Quickly give me a few more, these kind of dans are of no use to you humans."

Chen Xiang and Su Meiyao suddenly started laughing. Before, she had said it was useless to her, yet now she was treating them as a treasure.

Bai Youyou, even with her ice cold complexion, had a sliver of smile hanging on her face. After Chen Xiang saw this, he endlessly praised in his heart; this frosty woman began laughing, like inside a land of snow, there was a warm and proud red plum blooming.

Chen Xiang gave Long Xueyi a few dans; they were indeed rather useless to him.

Refining the Hundred Beasts Dan was very quick, Chen Xiang, in one hour, was able to refine it twice, with ten dans each time. Now he still had some herbs left, and taking advantage of his enthusiastic mood, he refined the rest of the herbs in one breath, successfully refining the Hundred Beasts Dan twenty times, although he failed a couple of times. Right now, he already had two hundred dans.

Two days pa.s.sed, yet there was still no sign of Liu Menger. These past two days, Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou were both inside his room, having fun with Long Xueyi. Chen Xiang, in order to let them play, did not leave and guarded them. All three girls could not walk around, and he knew that this was a rare opportunity. Chen Xiang of course was going to let them have fun to their heart's content.

"Do not care about us. If you need to do something, then it is alright to go." Bai Youyou walked beside Chen Xiang. Although her voice was cold as ice, there was a trace of inexplicable gentleness in it.

"Little rascal, are you going to look for that seductress, Hua Xiangyue?" Su Meiyao asked with a laugh.

"En, I want her to take me to grab some spirit beast." Chen Xiang nodded his head. Originally, he wanted Liu Menger to take him out, but Liu Menger wasn’t here.

Bai Youyou said, "You have to buy a profound beast bag, however, it is very expensive."

The profound beast bag specializes in storing demon beasts and spirit beasts. It was only suitable for using on the beasts, and if humans were stored inside, they would very quickly meet their end. It was also very expensive, and generally, only those martial artists who could rein formidable spirit beasts or profound beasts would buy it.

"Ask your Sister Menger to refine one for you? It will only take her one or two days, moreover, she has a Fire Spirit now. Her speed will certainly be quicker." Su Meiyao spoke while laughing. She arrived beside Chen Xiang and played with his hair.

With the Hundred Beasts Dan, the spirit beasts could be lured, making it easier to catch them. In addition, if one could also acquire a spirit beast's recognition, and as long as a contract was established, the spirit beast would be reined in.

Three days went by again, yet Liu Menger had still not returned. Chen Xiang could not wait anymore, so he left the Divine Weapon Shop and arrived at the Danxiang Tower. Once he entered the Danxiang Tower, Hua Xiangyue immediately came, and he too was able to sense Hua Xiangyue.

"Little rascal, you only came looking for sister after so long! Are you doing well now?" Hua Xiangyue mischievously laughed and said. Today, she wore a very common dress and tights, yet along with her ponytail, she looked very beautiful and enticing.

Chen Xiang laughed and said, "I am a lot better. I want to catch a spirit beast, but I'm worried I'll encounter a rather powerful spirit beast, that's why I’d like to ask Sister Xiangyue for help."

"Oh? Does it mean you can already refine a Hundred Beasts Dan? Only a few days have pa.s.sed!" Hua Xiangyue was shocked, her charming eyebrows knitted together. She extended her palm and said, "Let me have a look at your Hundred Beasts Dan."

Chen Xiang took out few dans and handed them over to her, "These are what I refined after using up all the herbs!"

Hua Xiangyue, after seeing the azure dans, was dazed, "Impossible. Your failures didn't exceed fifty times, and only in just a few days, you were actually successful. You have not refined it before, right?"

"No. What’s so difficult about it?" Chen Xiang pursed his lips and said, he was successful in just a day.

Then, Hua Xiangyue grabbed Chen Xiang, jumped out from the high Danxiang Tower, and in the blink of an eye, they were outside the Fragrance City. Chen Xiang's body was almost unable to bear this kind of frightening speed.

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