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Chapter 219 - World First Mysterious Realm

Elder Dan and that mysterious Dean of Danxiang Taoyuan were the strongest alchemists in the entire Chenwu Mainland. Since Elder Dan was still a step away from Dan King until now, Chen Xiang had never heard of someone being a real Dan King.

“It turned out to be him!” Su Meiyao exclaimed with surprise.

"Who?" Chen Xiang hastily asked.

"He is indeed a Dan King, however he is long dead, because he held a clue about a very sought after mysterious realm. That mysterious realm is very famous in the mortal world, known as a world-first treasure trove, also known as the world’s first mysterious realm! Inside it, there are countless rare and precious spirit herbs, spirit beasts, exotic and wonderful treasures and so on! That's why he was hunted down by many fearsome martial artists across the mortal worlds!" Su Meiyao replied.

Bai Youyou continued, "This guy entered the this mysterious realm at very young age, and obtained many things from there. After many many years, he became a Dan King. However, he revealed this confidential secret to his son, who was rather a greedy person through and through. So, this confidential secret was revealed and he joined with some powerful martial artists to try and force his father to reveal the location of the world’s first mysterious realm.”

Su Meiyao sighed, "Li Tianjun was a very strong martial artist, however, being hunt down by various major martial artists made his situation very dangerous. Later, nothing had been heard about him for an extremely long time, and according to his son, he was already dead."

Chen Xiang looked at that monument, asked, "When did this happened?"

"About 10,000 years ago. It appears he was still alive, and even went to the Heavenly Realm! at that time, he was already praised as the world’s number one martial artist, to be precise, the strongest under the Heavenly Realm!" Su Meiyao was somewhat excited at this point, "He left these herb gardens, maybe he also left the clue to the entrance of the world’s first mysterious realm somewhere. Also, the Refiners Scroll you got maybe came from his hands as well."

That Refiners Scroll was in an inheritance bead, and was very esoteric. Even Liu Menger was not able to completely understand it. Chen Xiang looked at the monument, and poured his divine sense into it. However, it was blocked out by a mysterious power.

"There is something inside the monument!" Long Xueyi suddenly said.

Under the vigorous slap of Chen Xiang's palm, cracks appeared on the monument. He once again slapped down on it, and as the monument broke into pieces, a black iron box fell down.

Chen Xiang, Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou, were all extremely excited, because inside this black iron box, there could very well be a clue to the world’s first mysterious realm.

Chen Xiang picked up that hand-sized small iron box and carefully looked all around it. He found a small hole on top of the box, just large enough for a key to be inserted. He quickly used the same key that opened the herb garden, and just like before, a beast skin was present inside. As he spread it out, he saw a very detailed map inside.

Chen Xiang carefully looked at the map, and his heartbeat became faster and faster. He was absolutely sure that this should be the map pointing at the entrance of the first mysterious realm. However, in order to enter the mysterious, he needed to wait a long time, because this mysterious realm required a long interval of time to open.

"When the darkness engulf the light, on the Sun Moon Island, the entrance to the mysterious realm will open!" Chen Xiang repeated these words over and over again, trying to understand it, "What does that mean?"

"Solar eclipse*!" Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou said in chorus.

[TLN: 天狗食日 - Solar Eclipse. The literal meaning is "the Heavenly Dog eats the Sun", and chinese people really used to believe at one time that this was what caused eclipses.]

Chen Xiang immediately understood, "When? This Sun Moon Island seems to be in our Mortal Martial World!"

"I don't know, but it's going to be soon. It’s signs will appear a year before it, by then, rushing to the Sun Moon Island would not be too late." Bai Youyou replied.

Chen Xiang just finished looking through the map when he heard the stone door opening. It came from the entrance of the another pa.s.sage of the herb garden, it was the pa.s.sage the Lu Family had created on their own.

"Get out of here quickly!" Long Xueyi hastily shouted.

Chen Xiang immediately flashed into the iron gate, at that time the iron gate automatically closed by itself, but also released a explosive sound and tremor. He just took a few steps, before he heard a furious roar coming from the herb garden. The entire Herb King Mountain shook followed by a furious earth-shaking roar.

Chen Xiang quickly left the cave, it was actually noon. He and Long Xueyi had unwittingly stayed for so long in the Herb garden.

"Five 5th stage True Martial Realm from left and right are coming towards you from that side! Also one person in the Extreme State..." Long Xueyi had not yet completed her sentence before Chen Xiang saw few people from all four directions rushing over. Meanwhile from the sky, there was a suffocating mighty pressure bearing down upon him.

"Good bizarre and evil True Qi!" Chen Xiang speculated that this Extreme State martial artist should be the strongest among the Lu Family. Surrounded by these many people, it would be truly difficult for him to escape. He immediately cast the [Water Escape] from the Black Tortoise Divine Exercise.

Under his foot, a pool of water suddenly emerged. Before those people arrived, Chen Xiang was already completely submerged into that pool, though a water pa.s.sage under the ground, he escaped into a nearby river. However, this completely drained him of his Black Tortoise True Qi.

Chen Xiang wore a black robe with a hood covering him completely, those people weren't able to see his appearance. However, from the display of the [Water Escape], it shouldn’t be long before they figure out who he was, after all, Chen Xiang had once caste the same technique before.

After returning to the Extreme Dan King Courtyard, Chen Xiang first expanded his small courtyard, and renovated it into a huge herb garden. Afterwards, he planted those various spirit trees and some yet to fully mature spirit gra.s.s and spirit flowers from the Herb King Mountain; this whole process took an entire day.

Ten Metal Spirit Trees, ten Thousand Vein Trees, three Azure Profound Trees, a Nine Sun Flames Tree, some Fire Spirit Gra.s.s under the Nine Sun Flames Tree, and on the other side, there was the Five Color Lotus, these were only the relatively more valuable herbs.

Only the lotus seed of the Five Color Lotus was mainly used for alchemy. All the lotus seeds in the Five Color Lotus were usable, but Chen Xiang still didn't have all the ingredients for the Five Elements True Elemental Dan yet, which was why he plucked all the lotus seeds for planting. He wanted even more Five Color Lotuses.

Chen Xiang now diluted all the Golden Dragon Saliva he had congealed with water, and uniformly irrigated all the rare and precious herbs in the herb garden. Although it was diluted, the growth of these herbs was not in anyway slow.

After all of this was finished, Chen Xiang swallowed down five Building Foundation Dans, and began cultivating. Although he had many Building Foundation Dans, he could not eat them in succession for cultivation otherwise his foundation would become unstable. Whenever he broke through, he would go out to temper himself for a period of time, or immerse himself in alchemy. By familiarizing himself with utilization of the new state of True Qi, he could solidify the realm in order to avoid an unstable foundation.

Chen Xiang knew a lot of things must be going on outside, however, he didn't want to inquire about the situation. Even if someone came knocking on the door, he still didn't opened it. He was completely immersed either in cultivation or irrigating those spirit herbs.

At this time, he had already entered the 3rd level of the True Martial Realm. A total of a hundred and fifty true element grains were glistening with aura, this large amount of True Qi made him anxious to create some trouble, he could not wait to immediately go out and take a high-rank mission to try out his strength. However, he still managed to hold himself back.

Why? This was because he wanted to cultivate Shinto! The spirit in his consciousness was already in the infant state, and he needed to rapidly grow his infant soul, before Long Xueyi would teach him the cultivation for Shinto, allowing his strength to exponentially increase.

There was only one method to make the infant soul quickly grow up and that was the Elemental Spirit Dan! Chen Xiang already had enough Raising Soul Gra.s.s and Divine Spirit Gra.s.s on hand, he now had a total of one hundred sets of materials for the Elemental Spirit Dan, all of which he had originally acquired in the Black Tortoise Mysterious Realm.

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