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Chapter 165 - Heavenly Dark Mouse

Although Liu Menger followed behind Chen Xiang, she was walking and stopping intermittently rather absent-mindedly. It seemed like she was thinking of something in a trance like state. With just one look, one could tell she was thinking about those Spirit Veins.

“Sister Menger, you are very good right now, like a gentle sister!” Chen Xiang smiled and said.

“I’m only good to you and Xianxian. For anyone else, I would not be! I’m a Dean, as well as the Empress of the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire! Not to mention I need strength to deter many people, I must have the ability to scare them off!” Liu Menger spoke until there. She had a look of arrogance and her whole body was releasing a majestic aura, it was as if she turned into a different person.

“Although the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire has branch stores in each and every city in the Chenwu Mainland, there are many sects trying to swallow the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire! Not only is the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire itself wealthy, its citizens are also wealth! This is the main specialty of the Divine Heavenly Empire and that’s how it’s different from your Extreme Martial Province! Only the sects and families are stronger in the Extreme Martial Province, sometimes, the very rich or the desolately poor die, and in many border areas, countless civilians are indiscriminately slaughtered! However, this would never happen in the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire, as long as any citizen is being bullied, I will immediately take action!” Liu Menger’s tone became heroic and that majestic aura became even more domineering, making Chen Xiang secretly admire her.

Chen Xiang had already heard of the formidability of the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire. Their gallantry was a common custom and every citizen was proud of their status as a member of the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire. There were no malfeasance committed by influential figures, thus, the common citizens were not bullied by anyone. They had a very fair and equitable justice system, sometimes even Liu Menger could not do things without proper authorization. However, if the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire were attacked by a Devil Path Sect or any sect with ill intentions, this happy state would sink into h.e.l.l!

Liu Menger held great responsibility because she was the strongest martial artist in the entire Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire, and thus, she was its guardian! When facing others, she would always have an oppressive atmosphere and emit an air of powerful influence, making people fear her. However, there was an another side of her, she was warm and gentle like water, even somewhat innocent and lovely.

“Wait, there’s something ahead!” Liu Menger suddenly grabbed Chen Xiang’s arm, her gaze was glued on the dark bush of gra.s.s in front of them as she pulled Chen Xian back.

Chen Xiang didn’t sense anything, and Long Xueyi also didn’t warn him of something. However, when he saw Liu Menger being so cautious, he knew there was definitely something in front of them.

It was the norm for all the Mysterious Realms to have many powerful and fearsome demon beasts inside it. Sometimes, there would be various other types of strange and powerful existences inside along with a variety of other dangers.

“It’s a Demon Beast! Specifically, it’s a very famous demon beast of the Mysterious Realms, called the Heavenly Dark Mouse, a very large mouse!” Liu Menger said in a heavy tone. She opened her arms to guard Chen Xiang, and warily looked all around.

Chen Xiang realized he was being protected by a woman, and he was secretly unhappy in his heart. He took out the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, he could not currently pour True Qi into it, but it was still very heavy. However, Chen Xiang didn’t feel a thing while he was holding it, in fact, it was rather comfortable!

"Sister Menger, don't tell me you are afraid of mice?" Chen Xiang smiled and asked.

"I'm not afraid, I just seem to hate them!" Liu Menger said in a low voice. She had not expected Chen Xiang to smile at this moment, because the Heavenly Dark Mice were very strong, their strength was comparable to that of someone in the 3rd Level of the True Martial Realm.

"Don't you know about the Heavenly Dark Mice?" Liu Menger asked.

"I've heard of them, but what’s there to fear?" Chen Xiang mischievously smiled and teased, "Sister Menger, you're the Empress of the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire! How can be you be afraid of something like this?"

Liu Menger pursed her lips in anger, she no longer paid any attention to Chen Xiang. She found out Chen Xiang simply could not be counted as a normal person. In such a situation, he still dared to laugh. Of course, if her True Qi was not sealed, she would not be afraid of anything in this Mortal World. However, right now, she could only rely on her own physical strength which was rather limited.

Chen Xiang saw a black silhouette suddenly leaping in the distance, he immediately exclaimed, "Incoming!"

He took a step, separating himself from Liu Menger’s protection. He strode in a strange pace, like a snake on the ground winding forward very quickly. His speed was very fast, it looked like he was dragging his long shadow along with him, extremely similar to a snake’s long body.

In the blink of an eye, that dragging silhouette from Chen Xiang collided with that incoming black figure. Liu Menger just saw Chen Xiang quickly brandishing his blade, cutting that black silhouette into two pieces which was followed by a jet of blood.

"Goodfella, it’s truly bull-sized!" Chen Xiang exclaimed as he looked at the giant rat on the ground.

Liu Menger quickly rushed over and gently asked, "Are you alright!?" As the blood dripping from the broadsword in Chen Xiang's hand came to her notice, Liu Menger was even more surprised, because the material of this blade was even better than she had imagined.

"I'm all right, is this the Heavenly Dark Mouse? Too Weak!" Chen Xiang mischievously laughed and said.

Weak? Liu Menger secretly despised him, with such a powerful blade, even if he ran into a Demon Beast with scaled armor, it would still be cut into two pieces, not to mention this mouse, this kind of beast.

"Can you still use your True Qi?" Liu Menger doubtfully asked, she looked at Chen Xiang's appearance, it didn’t seem like he couldn't use True Qi. To her surprise, he could still maintain fearsome strength and speed.

"Can't!" Chen Xiang shook his head, the pace he used previously was the one when he didn't have the Spiritual Vein. It was a type of martial technique that he painfully practised, it was just that now he only used his body to cast it, and was able to reach such a level.

"Your blade..." Liu Menger just finished speaking till here, her complexion suddenly changed, grabbing Chen Xiang before quickly retreating ten steps, only to see a beautiful white long spear like snow suddenly appear in her hands. To Chen Xiang's surprise, Liu Menger actually used the spear, and it seemed very formidable!

"White Jade Dragon Bone! Top-grade dragon bone!" Long Xueyi cried in a low voice.

Chen Xiang hadn't heard of anything called White Jade Dragon Bone, however, it appeared to be very formidable.

"Is it White Jade Dragon Bone?" Chen Xiang glanced at that pretty long spear.

"Brat, your eyesight is not bad, now is not the time to speak nonsense, look!" Liu Menger, using the long spear, pointed the ground in front.

The ground was slowly being raised, and then it fiercely burst open, just to see countless adult bull-sized Heavenly Dark Mice jumping out from the ground, surprisingly, there were at least a few hundred!

"This is the formidability of the Heavenly Dark Mice, it is precisely their numbers..." Liu Menger just spoke till here before she saw a flock of mice madly rushing out from that hole, it looked like a spring fountain that was emerging from the ground. Seeing this, Chen Xiang's eyes were transfixed as a chill ran down his spine. They were constantly growing in numbers, it was already more than ten thousand!

"During childhood, this kind of large mice would eat flesh till adolescence, and for a set period of time during this time they are able absorb Spirit Qi until they become Grade-3 Demon Beasts, and their strength becomes comparable to the 3rd level of the True Martial Realm." Liu Menger grabbed Chen Xiang while gradually retreating, her visage was inexplicably dignified, in her heart, she was very worried and afraid. If hundreds of thousands of Heavenly Dark Mice pounced on them, they simply could not escape.

"Teacher, you have harmed me, on this road, we have actually encountered so many mice!" Chen Xiang secretly scolded, because what he did was according to his teacher, to walk along the water side.

Water way! Chen Xiang fiercely quivered, looking at the river stream, an idea suddenly popped out in his mind.

"Sister Menger, are you carrying something that could float on water? If not, we will jump into the water!" Chen Xiang said.

“I have!” Liu Menger took out a small boat from the storage ring on her finger, before throwing it into the river. After which, both of them quickly jumped into the boat. At the same time, those Heavenly Dark Mice were like an avalanche, enshrouding everything in their path as they also leapt into the air.

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