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Chapter 87 Elder Courtyard

Chen Xiang and the others ,regarding the Mysterious Realm, didn’t know too much, and just knew that it was very mysterious. Moreover it had regions where a large number of heaven bred treasures existed, and even had a large number of demon beasts. For martial artists, it was a natural treasury, but there were also many unknown dangers.

Elder Wu saw them having a doubtful expression and immediately said, "The Elder Courtyard had already been moved into this Mysterious Realm, and this Mysterious Realm's ins and outs are well known to us. This is already within our control so you do not have to worry about encountering the strong demon beasts, the only strongest demon beasts are Grade-10 demon beasts."

Zhu Rong asked, "Haven’t all the heaven bred treasures already been plundered by you? If these three guys picked up some of the remaining treasures, will they have to hand those over to you? At my a.s.sessment how is it that I didn't have this kind of a.s.sessment?"

Elder Wu scoffingly said, "Little fatty, you and your family are really like that old fatty! If they come and pick up some good things, they do not need to hand it over to us, but it must be reported to us for us to know. If you want to dispose of it, then selling it to the Extreme Martial Sect takes precedence."

In the third a.s.sessment they actually had to hunt and kill three Grade-10 demon beasts. This test was indeed a test of one's combined strength, and Chen Xiang was looking very forward to it.

"In front there are three roads, respectively leading to three or more demon beasts locations. This is the storage belt which can store a large number of things, and you also need to bring back the demon beasts corpses. Remember you can not pocket them or else we'll know about it! We are the ones who placed the demon beasts inside but after you kill them, you can get half of demon beast which can be considered a reward for you!" Elder Wu took out three black belts and handed it to them.

Chen Xiang and the others took the belt, and afterwards mutually encouraged each other. They then embarked on the roads that led them deep into the Mysterious Realm.

"Elder Wu, where is the Elder Courtyard?" After Zhu Rong saw Chen Xiang and others leaving, he looked around but did not see any kind of building.

"Secret, in short, it is inside but I can tell you that Elder Dan also moved a few of her small courtyards of the Extreme Dan Courtyard. So long as you enter those few small courtyards, you will be able to stay inside for a long time." Elder Wu mysteriously smiled..

The Elder Courtyard of the Extreme Martial Sect had always been a mystery, and no one knew how many old men were in it. They also didn’t know their exact strength, as people only knew a few of the Elders.

"Sometimes it is not needed for one to be very powerful to enter the Elder Courtyard, and as long as you reach a certain stage, you'll know. Every once in awhile there will be an Elder a.s.sessment, and once you are able to pa.s.s that, you'll be able to become an Elder." Elder Wu patted Zhu Rong's shoulder, then took him away.

Chen Xiang was walking on the road, watching the numerous stars in the beautiful sky, breathing the scent in the air, and he felt that it was very rich in Spirit Qi here, and sighed in his heart.

"I did not expect the Extreme Martial Sect to also have such a big mystery and even have a Mysterious Realm. I think they have almost exploited all the resources of the Mysterious Realm and now preparing to announce their Extreme Martial Sect's confidential secret. This will create momentum for the Extreme Martial Sect." said Su Meiyao.

"Sister Meiyao, have you seen any other Mysterious Realms?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Of course I have, but nothing like this where it is so beautiful. There are some very dangerous places, but inside they also have a lot of heaven bred treasures. This is a fact." Su Meiyao replied.

The Extreme Martial Sect could stand at the peak in the Chenwu Mainland, and they reached such a stage depending on this Mysterious Realm!

In an old mansion of a courtyard, three transparent crystal b.a.l.l.s were hanging as high as the height of a human, and from the three crystal b.a.l.l.s one could clearly see Chen Xiang, Yun Xiaodao, Zhang De, their silhouettes. It was like a picture that was overlooking from the sky.

Next to the three crystal b.a.l.l.s, there were twenty or so people, and among these people there was also Wu Kaiming, Elder Dan, and some other old men or women. There were also several middle-aged and young people, but most of them had a mask on their face.

Because a number of years had pa.s.sed since any disciple had pa.s.sed the second a.s.sessment, and now there was Chen Xiang, this remarkable young man who pa.s.sed through, these Elder Courtyard's Elder men and women all wanted to take a look at Chen Xiang and how he would pa.s.s through the second a.s.sessment.

"This Chen Xiang brat is so talented, and certainly did not reach this stage by the guidance of an ordinary person. He must have a powerful guy behind him, but why did he come to the Extreme Martial Sect? We have never seen the martial technique he uses, and although they are not very high-ranked, but comparing it with the martial technique of same level they are very strong!" One average looking young man said.

"Hei Hei, I'm truly not clear why Elder Dan would want to play with such a large gambling stake with him. What if in the one in a million chance he wins?" said Wu Kaiming while laughing.

Other people also expressed their surprise.

Elder Dan coldly snorted and said, "Old man Wu, if you beat me now I'll immediately marry you. As long as anyone here can beat me, I'll marry him!"

n.o.body said anything again. Wanting to win against Elder Dan was not an easy thing, and even the Extreme Martial Dean who went into closed-door training would also not dare to try.

"Now we have to find out why this brat came to the Extreme Martial Sect!" That young man said.

"He should not have any kind of motive, as according to what we have gathered, he came to the Extreme Martial Sect just to elevate himself. Although he can use formidable martial skills, but it is not by much, and I think he may have come here regarding this." Wu Kaiming replied.

"It is also likely that he came here just to enhance his alchemy techniques, but he should not even think about entering the Extreme Dan Courtyard," Elder Dan sneered.

"Do not be so sure. Didn’t you say before that you'll not let him pa.s.s through the second a.s.sessment? But he still successfully pa.s.sed, and also showed off in front of you." Elder Wu said while laughing.

"Humph! This brat. Sooner or later, there will be a day when I'll ask him to clear all the debt." Elder Dan snorted and said.

"I hope he does not have any bad motive, otherwise, we'll not be lenient!" That young man said.

Elder Wu nodded his head, and said, "Anybody interested in receiving him as an apprentice? This is a very good seedling. Moreover we can also have a clear understanding of him."

Everybody here were capable people and certainly Elder Courtyard Members, so all of them were very powerful and had strong authority. At this time they were having a discussion, they had already seen Chen Xiang's potential, especially his indomitable personality had also obtained most of their appreciation.

"Whoever dares to receive him as an apprentice, you are against me!" Elder Dan suddenly shouted, making everyone once again quite down, "Even if Boss Dean wanted him as an apprentice, I'll make him not feel any better! Not to mention it is still not an uncertainty whether or not he will enter the True Martial Realm. For many years have we not seen many geniuses stuck in the 10th level of the Mortal Martial Realm for a lifetime?"

Everybody could see that Elder Dan hated Chen Xiang very much. At this time they were also the same as those disciples, and did not understand why would Elder Dan hates Chen Xiang so much.

"Girl, you're stingy. Is not because that young arrogant little fellow contradicted you or anything? Are you still preoccupied with it?" One old man laughed and shook his head, and after everyone heard, their body could not help but tremble.

Because they knew that this mysterious Elder Dan was very vengeful, and the person whom she hated, will not have a good ending. A long time ago, few fearsome Devil Lords in the Devil Path used words to blasphemy her, and she made their fate totally worse than death.

Chen Xiang at this time was smiling, and leisurely walking on the road, watching the beautiful Mysterious Realm. He totally didn't know that he was being watched and discussed by a group of strange old men, and moreover he didn't know that Elder Dan was thinking of another way to make things difficult for him.

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