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Chapter 48: Divine Power Realm

Although the Black Wind Gang was exterminated, there was no movement in the Yao Family. It was well known that the Black Wind Gang were the Yao Family’s lackeys. Many people guessed that the Yao Family was busy preparing for the upcoming King City’s Martial Tournament, as well as searching for their missing Yao Family Elder and genius.

Dan King Hall was quickly restored to its former brilliance and was ready to start anew. After the Black Wing Gang’s extermination, all of King City’s citizens were shocked by Dan King Hall’s display of strength. Everyone was now rushing into Dan King Hall to buy pills, as their pills were far cheaper than the Yao Family’s, soon their dan shops sales took a huge blow.

Most of the customers were martial artists who were neither very wealthy nor did they had a huge background. They earned money in order to buy dans and elevate their strengths, as such they just choose whomever sold at a cheaper price. Not to mention, Dan King Hall was managed by the Southern Martial Empire’s Dan King, making these people feel more at ease about their purchases.

The main bulk of the sales were Low-Grade Mortal Level Dans, only a few Middle-Grade Mortal Level Dans were sold because they were a lot more expensive. High Grade-Mortal Level Dans were sold the least as ordinary people could not afford these dans.

Because the Danxiang Herbal Manor constantly supplied cheap spirit herbs, Dan King Hall managed to save a lot of money. Plus, even if Dan King Hall had made a great deal of profit, Chen Xiang simply did not want any of it, and all of it was left for Dan King Hall to use.

Even after an entire day had past, Chen Diang was still refining the True Qi he had recently engulfed and forcibly taken from the Black Wing Gang’s Leader. This True Qi was very turbid. in order to transform it into the purest form, Chen Xiang had to remove many impurities. This process required a great deal of time.

Chen Xiang’s dantian was stuffed full of True Qi and he was currently constantly compressing that True Qi, allowing his dantian to store more and more True Qi, simultaneously trying to break into the 8th level of the Mortal Martial Realm!

Operating the [Tai Chi Divine Exercise], the Tai Chi Yin and Yang Diagram in Chen Xiang’s dantian quickly started to rotate. True Qi was constantly entering the Tai Chi Diagram, it then quickly broke into the five elements, swiftly turning into five True Qi vortexes.

The 8th level of the Mortal Martial Realm, the unlocking of divine power! At this stage, one could fuse their divine sense and True Qi together, as a result of which the True Qi evolved with a spirit of it's own and which would be even more powerful! Their aura would also become a lot stronger, exponentially more powerful compared to those in the 7th level of the Mortal Martial Realm.

In order to advance into the 8th level, one first needs to have vigorous True Qi and a strong divine sense. As Chen Xiang had fully absorbed all of the Black Wing Gang Leader’s True Qi, there was no doubt that Chen Xiang’s total True Qi was quite vigorous. Plus, after his body was refined in the Immortal and Devil Pool, his spirit was exceptionally strong. As his current divine sense could not be considered weak, as soon as he grasped the method to fuse his divine sense and True Qi together, he would be able to breakthrough.

The Mortal Martial Realm was divided into ten stages, and during each breakthrough it was like opening a giant locked gate, having to force it open with brute force at each stage. Not only does it need a certain amount of power, but one also needed to comprehend certain tricks.

Currently Chen Xiang had more than enough power, he just needed to comprehend how to fuse his True Qi and divine sense. As soon as he does, he can unlock that door and enter into the 8th Level of the Mortal Martial Realm, the realm of Divine Power!

By operating the [Tai Chi Divine Exercise] he was slowly comprehending the profound secrets of this divine exercise. Chen Xiang's True Qi and divine sense gradually fused together. The invisible divine sense melded together with the colorful True Qi. These two powerful forces slowly fused together as something seemed to burst open in Chen Xiang's body. Endless strength emerged constantly in a steady stream and continued onwards to impact his meridians, muscles, and bones...

“Thud” In Chen Xiang’s mind a sound suddenly resounded. It was as if a heavy gate had just been opened. In a steady but swift stream, an endless flow of power surged from this opening into his body, thereby enhancing his strength and making it even more tyrannical than before.

As Chen Xiang opened his eyes, two white beams emitted as the golden mist enshrouding his body gradually dispersed. At this time, his eyes became clear. He could clearly perceive the tiny dust particles drifting on the ground. He can clearly hear far off sounds from every direction, but he didn’t think it was noisy. He could clearly identify what each sound was, what each and every person was saying amongst those chaotic noises.

In the most crucial time, Chen Xiang had entered into the 8th level of the Mortal Martial Realm, the Divine Power realm!

He was also just about to reach seventeen years of age.

King City’s Martial Art Tournament was held once every decade. Only those twenty or younger could partic.i.p.ate in this grand tourney. This time, it was organized by the Yao Family and supervised by numerous experts from the martial art sects from the Immortal Mountains. Whoever manages to place first in the whole compet.i.tion would not only win a High-Grade Spirit Level True Elemental Dan, but also earn the qualifications to enter one of the observing martial art sects. These were very attractive rewards for anyone.

It should be known that Spirit Level Dans were extremely expensive already! In fact, they were generally not sold, those who require them would need to seek out an alchemist to personally refine it. Not to mention, there was always high risk of failure in refining dans, and besides this was a High-Grade Spirit Level True Elemental Dan!

Each True Elemental Dan contained a vast amount of pure True Qi. After taking and refining the energy within, the individual absorbing the dan could easily get a large amount of True Qi without going through the long arduous process of absorbing the Spirit Qi of Heaven and Earth. It was truly a superb dan that could quickly elevate one’s power.

Many people applied for the King City’s Martial Art Tournament, but only a select few were able to pa.s.s through the harsh a.s.sessments. In fact, there was merely forty people in total! This showed just how high the requirements to entire King City’s Martial Art Tournament were.

During the test, Chen Xiang easily got the highest a.s.sessment. His fist had actually pulverized the strength measuring stone. Even the stone was unable to measure his true power! However, not a single person had yet to notice Chen Xiang’s arrival.

The Yao Family’s field was akin to mountain and seas composed of human, with a large sea of people encircling the six feet high and twenty feet in diameter, round martial stage. Standing above the crowd were a total of thirty nine boys and girls... Chen Xiang was still nowhere to be seen.

“I heard that two days ago he destroyed the Black Wind Gang, could it be that he was injured and cannot come?” Inside the crowd a person’s voice could be heard.

“Most likely, after all I heard that the Black Wing Gang’s Leader was a 7th Level Mortal Martial Realm Expert. Plus, Chen Xiang is rather young. It is highly likely that they were mutually wounded” Another person replied.

“En! No one has seen Chen Xiang within the Dan King Hall in the past two days. It seems like he really cannot come, such a pity.” One man sighed.

Everyone watching the tournament was hoping for Chen Xiang’s arrival, yet he had not. Many people were very disappointed, making the arrogant group onstage very unhappy. This was because it was as though the audience thought that Chen Xiang would come and easily get first place.

While everyone was talking about Chen Xiang, a figure cloaked in black, with sword like eyebrows and shiny starry eyes, walked up to the stairs of the stage with a clear expression of determination.

Watching the calm and handsome boy slowly appear on-stage, the entire field fell silent, before bursting into waves of screams. Chen Xiang had finally come, which made the entire crowd excited.

On the stage there were now forty boys and girls, yet Chen Xiang overshadowed them all because of what he wore. Very common black tights, compared to the others who were all luxuriously dressed. Yet in both temperament and build, they were far inferior compared to Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang gave off the impression of a very mature and stable individual, with a faint trace of a smile on his face. All in all, the other boys and girls had a high and mighty att.i.tude, with proud looks on their faces and acting as if the crowd was beneath them. This made everyone watching displeased, comparatively everyone looking at Chen Xiang felt comfortable.

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