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Long Yue's sworn enemy was a pill refiner, which made Chen Xiang curious.

"What exactly do you have against her? Is it the kind that doesn't give up until one dies? " Chen Xiang laughed: "Or did she steal your man?"

"Pui!" With her ability, how could she be qualified to fight with me for a man? " Long Yue rolled his eyes at Chen Xiang: "It's mainly because this woman and I were in the same squad that went to explore the dangerous areas of the Infernal Realm. Because I'm stronger, I managed to obtain more things in the end.

"And then you started fighting?" Chen Xiang had already guessed the outcome.

"That's right, I had a fight with her after asking her out of h.e.l.l. In the end, it was a draw." Long Yue was very dissatisfied with such an outcome.

"This means that the Smoke Charming is quite strong. His alchemy skills are not bad, and his own strength is also very strong." Chen Xiang said.

"What, you like her?" You like this kind of woman too? " Long Yue said unhappily.

"Of course not." Chen Xiang curled his lips: "She's only a little stronger than me in cultivation, if we compare notes in pill refining, she might not be able to win against me."

"That's true. You have to defeat her." Long Yue snorted: "If you lose to her, I'll never look down on you."

"I still don't know the contents of the compet.i.tion! I have to go and ask Senior Huang Tian when it's daybreak. " Chen Xiang suddenly thought of this.


It was already dawn. When Chen Xiang walked out of his room, he immediately went to find Yellow Heaven Dan Devil.

Only until noon did Yellow Heaven Dan Devil return.

"Senior Huang Tian, I have something to ask you." Chen Xiang asked after the Yellow Heaven Dan Devil returned.

"I'm going to the Scorching Sun Tower." The Yellow Heaven Dan Devil said: "I'm going to discuss the specifics of the compet.i.tion, but I feel like there's no use in me going, because I have nothing to do with it."

"I was going to ask you about the details of the compet.i.tion." Chen Xiang laughed: "You wouldn't be going to discuss this with them, right?"

"That's what you mean. This compet.i.tion was held under the responsibility of the Burning Sun Dan Devil, he invited me to the Scorching Sun Tower to have a chat, but after we arrived, he said a lot of c.r.a.p and made me come back. As for the details of the rules, that's his problem, he hasn't decided anything yet. Yellow Heaven Dan Devil said: "As for how it is, we can only wait until the compet.i.tion to find out."

Then, have you seen the Smoke Charming? Chen Xiang asked again.

"Strange, I really haven't seen her before … Old Demon Tianyu, I, and the Burning Sun Dan Devil are all here, the only one missing is her. " Yellow Heaven Dan Devil asked in shock: "How did you know she wasn't here?"

"I'm just asking." Chen Xiang said casually: "I'm going back to my room."

Previously, when Long Yue left Huang Tian Tower, although he did not say where he was going, Chen Xiang knew that he was going to find the Smoke Charming.

"I hope Long Yue will not cause any trouble." Chen Xiang thought.

He Fengyuan had already gotten hold of the Shenyuan crystal ginseng for a period of time, she was certain that the Shenyuan crystal ginseng contained a large amount of World Defying Stage Divine Source power, and was currently going to duplicate it with the Mei Jing Sisters.

"Sijing, how are you doing? Can you copy it? " asked, the use of Shenyuan crystal ginseng was very large, if they could not copy it, it would be a pity.

"It can be, but it will definitely consume a lot of the Tao-creation's sacred crystals." Jiang Sijing said.

Copying these medicinal ingredients that contain a lot of energy required them to consume the Tao-creation's Divine Crystals, and they also had to use the Time array s to do so.

"How many Tao-creation's Holy Crystals do I need?" Chen Xiang asked.

"A single Shenyuan crystal ginseng would require around fifty million Tao-creation Holy Crystals to make two." Jiang Simei said: "You still have one hundred fifty million Tao-creation Holy Crystals, that's only enough for three!"

Chen Xiang had also used up a lot of his Tao-creation Sacred Crystals, so he used Xiao Xianglin to refine armor.

"The demand for the Tao-creation's sacred crystals is getting higher and higher." Chen Xiang sighed: "Looks like I have to earn a little more Tao-creation's Holy Crystals."

"Well, we'll make two copies for you for now." He Fengyuan said: "After replicating the Shenyuan crystal ginseng, you will not be able to start refining the pills. You will need other medicinal ingredients to complement it."

Since He Fengyuan could match the pill formulas, Chen Xiang would also listen to her.

She was wearing a mask, if not Chen Xiang would definitely be able to see something from her expression.

"You went to see the Smoke Charming?" Chen Xiang said while grinning.

"What's so funny about that?" Long Yue's tone was very cold, and you could tell that she was unhappy just by hearing it.

"You guys are all people who have cultivated World Defying Stage Divine Source. If you really want to fight, then you should be like hooligans." Chen Xiang laughed, he had only started laughing when he thought of this scene.

"Don't think too much!" Long Yue snorted.

"What happened to you? Speak up and cheer me up. " Chen Xiang laughed.

"It's all my fault, I shouldn't have gone to look for Smoke Charming!" Long Yue said: "Because I'm going to look for her, she wants to defeat you even more.

"Even if I fail, I'll only give her a pill formula. I didn't lose anything." Chen Xiang said. He did not give the World Defying Dan grain any pill formulas.

Huajing Dan grain were the most precious, he would not casually gamble with them.

"I told her you were my man." Long Yue said again.

"How can you speak nonsense about this sort of thing. You are ruining my good name." Chen Xiang panicked.

"What is it? Am I not worthy of you? " Long Yue said coldly.

"Not really... The main thing is that there's no such thing as a relationship between the two of us. Chen Xiang did not want others to feel that he had this kind of relationship with Long Yue.

"I don't care, what do you mind?" Long Yue took off his mask and said indifferently.

"Of course I mind. I'm a man who has a wife. It won't be good if it gets to my wife." Chen Xiang curled his lips. Actually, this was a casual reason.

"Don't you go around talking about it next time." Chen Xiang warned again. Being so close to the Beast-creation Race Emperor, it was not good to spread the news.

"Humph!" Long Yue snorted: "In any case, you have to win against that b.i.t.c.h Smoke Charming. You're my man now, you absolutely cannot lose to that b.i.t.c.h.

Chen Xiang finally understood that the reason Long Yue went to look for Dan Devil was to brag about the powerful man who concocted pills beside her. Due to the restrictions here, she could not casually fight.

"Alright, I'm your man now. Let's sleep together." Chen Xiang curled his lips and said.

"Scram!" Long Yue glared at him, then walked out of Chen Xiang's room.

Xiao Xianglin laughed in the You Yao Mountain Villa: "You got flaunted by her. It seems that the powerful Alchemist has a very high position in her heart. Furthermore, she has always been jealous of Dan Devil for his superior pill refining skills. "

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