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At this time, Song Yichen's heart was heavy. It was extremely difficult to obtain Crystal emperor s for Myriad Tao Divine Soil Crystals, and he didn't know if he would be able to make it in time.

"It'll take at least a month. It'll take quite a bit of time for them to come back. "In other words …" Song Yichen said: "In a month's time, are you able to refine the Crystal emperor that has the Myriad Tao Divine Soil Crystal?"

Song Yichen knew that Chen Xiang had the power of time, but even if he used Time Domain, he felt that he wouldn't be able to make it in time.

"It should be possible!" Chen Xiang was more confident in his own Time Domain. He was now a World Defying crazy realm, his World Defying Stage Fierce Power was much stronger than before, he felt that he could use it smoothly while also being able to refine Myriad Tao Divine Soil Crystals.

If he used the Triple time field, he would be able to buy more time, which was why he was so sure.

While still in the pa.s.sage, Chen Xiang used the power of s.p.a.ce to carry Song Yichen up.

"How far is it from there? Do you want me to just directly use the power of teleportation to go over there? " Chen Xiang asked.

"No need. Entering that place is troublesome. Spatial Force will be greatly restricted, so it's best not to use it." Song Yichen looked around, trying to determine his direction.

"It's right over here. We can just fly over there. I'm worried that if we teleport over there, we might encounter some unexpected situations." Song Yichen said.

"Alright!" Chen Xiang took out his Six Realms mirrors.

The Six Realms mirrors quickly flew. Not long later, Chen Xiang saw an extremely vast ocean of forests in front of him. This forest looked boundless, and the most unusual thing was that the forest's leaves were all pale gold.

Chen Xiang took a closer look and realized that the soil in the forest was all a light gold color!

The Myriad Tao Divine Soil was a light golden color, if he separated a pile of them, they would turn black, and after being burned by the flames, they would give off a light golden color.

"These... Is the soil of this forest all from Myriad Tao Divine Soil? " Chen Xiang was dumbstruck, he did not dare believe what he had just seen, the soil under this golden forest was all from the Myriad Tao Divine Soil.

"Yes!" Song Yichen laughed, "Although there are many, we cannot take away too much, or else this land will become angry!"

The golden forest looked peaceful, without any signs of danger.

Chen Xiang knew that this was just an illusion. This forest had so many Myriad Tao Divine Soil s, it definitely wasn't as simple as it looked.

"I'm going to start now!" After Song Yichen finished, his body released a burst of faint golden light aura, enveloping the Six Realms mirrors.

The Six Realms mirrors slowly flew over, and when it neared the forest, a huge light barrier suddenly appeared!

The forest was actually enveloped by a very large barrier, and now that Chen Xiang had successfully pa.s.sed through the barrier.

"It's not over yet!" Song Yichen said, his body continued to release that faint golden light, it was even stronger than before.

Very quickly, Chen Xiang felt that they had pa.s.sed through the second layer of the enchantment!

"How many layers are there exactly?" Chen Xiang took a deep breath. Every single enchantment was extremely terrifying, and if he was the only one, he felt that it would be impossible to enter.

And Song Yichen seemed to have some sort of power that could not be stopped by this barrier and could enter without a hitch!

"There are a total of nine spirit formations. These spirit formations are all called sun spirit formations. Right now, we have only pa.s.sed through the second level." Song Yichen frowned: "I'm about to reach the third stage!"

It took a lot of energy for Song Yichen to release that kind of pale golden light, you could tell from his expression!

Within three thousand meters of this forest, there were actually nine such powerful enchantments. It could be seen how protective the Super Yang Old Ancestor was of this place back then.

"If your clansmen had hidden here, then nothing would have happened." Chen Xiang said.

"Yes, but they won't dare because there is a rule in the clan that no one is allowed to enter here. Otherwise, they will be punished by the Forest G.o.d." Song Yichen said.

"The name of this forest is Sun G.o.d Forest, and we usually only enter once at a certain time."

Very quickly, the Six Realms mirrors pa.s.sed through the Nine Layered Sun Barriers and entered the Sun G.o.d Forest.

After entering, Chen Xiang immediately descended to the ground. He then grabbed a handful of soil and scrutinized it carefully: "As expected, it's Myriad Tao Divine Soil, and there's so much of it, it's like an ocean!"

Now, Chen Xiang understood why the other eight races were allying together to eliminate this Divine Soil Race. They were very envious of the Divine Soil Race, with so many of them and not knowing how to make use of them, it was practically taking advantage of them.

He also understood even more clearly why the Spirit of Divine Alter scolded the Divine Soil Race as an idiot. If the Divine Soil Race only took a small portion of the Myriad Tao Divine Soil s here to refine a large amount of powerful G.o.dly weapons, he would not have ended up like today.

"Brother Song, didn't we discover the elders from the Heaven Old Divine Race down there? They got the Myriad Tao Divine Soil of Xudu, how did they manage to get in? " Chen Xiang was very curious about this, he had personally witnessed the power of the Nine Layer Sun Barrier.

"They are, after all, the experts from back then. They must have expended a lot of effort to obtain it. But, aren't they only able to get one?" Song Yichen said.

To this forest, a Myriad Tao Divine Soil that was tens of thousands of kilograms was indeed only one.

"How are we going to find the Myriad Tao Divine Soil's Crystal?" Chen Xiang looked at the endless sea of trees and felt a headache: "There shouldn't be any danger in here right?"

"It's safe inside, it's just that it will be more troublesome to enter. If anyone else enters without sufficient strength, they might not even be able to survive." Song Yichen said: "You can leave it at that."

Chen Xiang nodded, and then released many Heaven devouring rat s, these Heaven devouring rat scuttled around everywhere, searching for the Myriad Tao Divine Soil's Crystal.

"It's impossible to drill into the ground!" Chen Xiang tried it, these Heaven devouring rat were unable to dig a hole in the ground, it was mainly because the Myriad Tao Divine Soil s here had already solidified and were extremely st.u.r.dy. Although the Heaven devouring rat were strong, they were unable to dig a hole.

Chen Xiang let the Heaven devouring rat search the ground for a long time, but was unable to find anything.

"The Myriad Tao Divine Soil Crystals should be deep underground." Chen Xiang guessed, it was also based on his years of experience with the genius treasures.

"It's not easy to dig a hole here." Song Yichen also tried it himself. Don't bother with the Heaven devouring rat, even he had a hard time digging out a hole.

This was an extremely difficult task, and it was the only way. They had no choice but to dig it out.

Chen Xiang was a lot better, because his Heavenly magic sword was created using the Myriad Tao Divine Soil s. After being refined, it was much more powerful than the Myriad Tao Divine Soil s that had not been refined before, so it was relatively easier to dig out.

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