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Chen Xiang looked at the sky and said: "Not now, we have already stayed in the Flying Dragon Experience Place for a few years. I plan to go down there and find out more about the Dragon Demon's recent situation."

Long Qiumu naturally followed along.

Chen Xiang not only wanted to understand the movements of the Dragon Demons in the past few years, he also wanted to make a trip to the Myriad Tao Mausoleum to buy some time.

He felt that it was time to go into seclusion to attempt breaking through the Venerable Ancestor Later-stage!

Before Chen Xiang returned, he found the Flying Dragon Palace Leader. They were still in the Seventh Flying Dragon Experience Place, and when he arrived, he coincidentally saw the small bat and Lin Jitian's swollen bodies. He gave each of them a bit of World Defying G.o.d fire s to refine, and that allowed them to advance by leaps and bounds.

"I went back previously, so the situation with the Dragon Demons is pretty stable. Just like before, they are gathering Dao crystal s everywhere. It seems like the mysterious legacies in the Myriad Tao Mausoleum are very attractive to them." Flying Dragon Palace Leader said, "Furthermore, there are already many Dragon Demons that have decided to climb up the Flying Dragon Experience Place!"

Climbing the Flying Dragon Experience Place was to use it for cultivation!

"What rank of Dragon Demons are they?" Chen Xiang asked.

"I'm sure there are people from the Venerable ancestor realm, but I haven't met them yet. If you are going to the tenth Flying Dragon Experience Place, you should be careful." The Flying Dragon Palace Leader said.

"I got it!"

Chen Xiang left the Flying Dragon Experience Place and went down to the city. He found the Great Clan Elder and the Master w.a.n.g and inquired them about recent events.

The Demonic Dragon's plan was to secretly help the sealed World Defying dragon demon recover its Evil Spirit Qi and break out of the seal.

This kind of thing would definitely be done secretly, and the Great Clan Elder and Master w.a.n.g would not be able to investigate.

"Long Tengyun might know something, if I knew earlier, I would have asked him first." Chen Xiang quickly headed to the Myriad Tao Mausoleum, went to the Time Ghost's room, and started refining the Nine-turn Yuanzun Dan.

After being in the Flying Dragon Experience Place for a few years, Su Yun had unearthed a lot of potential from his cultivation. He felt that even if he had to face the Venerable Ancestor Later-stage, defeating it wouldn't be a difficult task, even if he had to face the High Priest.

At this time, his control over his dao energy had become even more fluid. When refining the Nine-turn Yuanzun Dan, using the World Defying G.o.d fire had become much smoother as well.

"Seems like it won't be difficult to proceed with the Four Crash!" Chen Xiang used the Crash method to refine the Nine-turn Yuanzun Dan, preparing to proceed with the Four Crash.

This was something he did not dare to try before!


The Tianchuang furnace swayed a little, and although it produced a deep sound, Chen Xiang managed to control it extremely well, and was able to successfully execute the Four Crash!

This way, he wouldn't need to refine too many Nine-turn Yuanzun Dan!

"Based on the current situation, I think 150 pills should be enough!" Chen Xiang buried himself to refine the Nine-turn Yuanzun Dan s, he planned to finish them all in one go before eating.

He did not have to worry about the time in Time Ghost, even if he had stayed for ten years it would be fine, and it would not be much longer outside.

It was just that it would consume many of his Dao crystal.

In just two years, Chen Xiang had successfully stepped into the Venerable Ancestor Later-stage. The six Divine Beasts in his body became extremely huge and lively, and if he were to let them out, they would become living powerful Divine Beasts.

There were more and more people with Venerable Ancestor Later-stage s, but the difference in strength between the realms was huge, especially for those who had never gone to the Flying Dragon Experience Place to train, the difference was huge compared to those who had.

"Alright, let's go to the Tenth Flying Dragon Experience Place!" After Chen Xiang left the Myriad Tao Mausoleum, he teleported to the Ninth Flying Dragon Experience Place in just a few moments.

And send a message to Long Tengyun!

Long Tengyun arrived very quickly, and seeing that Chen Xiang was able to walk around as he pleased, he was very surprised, because this was only the past two years.

"So fast! Many of us from Dragon Ancestor's Mysterious Land cannot be like you, who have cultivated for more than ten years. " Long Tengyun sighed: "Are you preparing to go to the Tenth Flying Dragon Experience Place?"

Chen Xiang nodded his head, and said: "Senior, what movements has the Dragon Demons been making recently, have you paid attention?"

"They have started to collect a large amount of evil power from the Myriad Tao Mausoleum. It has been going on for many years!" Talking about this matter, Long Tengyun's face turned serious.

"Can you estimate when the World Defying dragon demon will break the seal?" Chen Xiang frowned: "Did none from your Dragon Ancestor's Mysterious Land come out to stop them?"

"I still need around 10 years more time! Our Dragon Ancestor's Mysterious Land have already been divided into a few factions. They all thought that they were inside the secret realm and wouldn't be affected by the Dragon Demon's influence. Long Tengyun sighed: "Although I tried to stop them a few times, but I don't have enough power on my own, the number of powerful Dragon Demons are increasing, they were all 'created' by the High Priest."

"When I obtain the inheritance of the World Defying Stage Dragon Ancestor, I will deal with that b.a.s.t.a.r.d, the High Priest." Chen Xiang said: "Senior, you should also be careful, it's very likely that the people from your Dragon Ancestor's Mysterious Land will fight with Long Nan!"

"I will be careful. I wish you success in the tenth Flying Dragon Experience Place!" Long Tengyun patted Chen Xiang's shoulder: "Walk well!"

After Chen Xiang bid farewell to Long Tengyun, he instantly teleported high up in the sky and arrived below the tenth Flying Dragon Experience Place.

"Tenth Flying Dragon Experience Place, I'm here!" Chen Xiang took in a deep breath and then used the White Tiger to jump, pa.s.sing through the barrier and arriving at the Tenth Flying Dragon Experience Place.

After arriving here, he cried out loudly. His knees bent and he was almost pressed down by the sudden pressure. "Motherf * cker, this is too scary!" Suddenly, with a "bang", Chen Xiang knelt on the ground, his knees struck the ground fiercely, causing his skin and flesh to crack, and fresh blood poured out.

He had originally thought that after he stepped into the Venerable Ancestor Later-stage, coming to this place would be much easier, but he never thought that it would be so difficult.

When Long Qiumu came out of You Yao Mountain Villa, her situation was even worse than Chen Xiang's. Just as she came out, her skin was already ripped apart due to the immense pressure.

Chen Xiang was worried that she wouldn't be able to hold on so he sent her into the You Yao Mountain Villa to be treated.

Chen Xiang and Long Qiumu had never encountered such a situation before. Even though those Flying Dragon Experience Place s before had suffered a lot, they were at most in a difficult situation and had to endure a certain amount of pain.

But now it wasn't. It was a time of death. If he wasn't careful, his body would be torn apart by that power. It was an extremely terrifying scene!

"This requires a strong recovery ability!" Chen Xiang said: "Meimei, Sijing, see if you can pa.s.s that heaven defying power of yours to Qiu Mu. Otherwise, she won't be able to hold on here."

Chen Xiang's own recovery ability was not bad, so he could persevere on, if he wanted to cultivate till the Large Success Stage, it would only be a matter of time, but it would be very difficult!


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