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Chapter 823 Hidden in the Yulong City?

Around 8 pm, Lin Xueluo who had no other choice appeared in the living room of Shallow Water Bay's villa.

"Mommy, you finally came to fetch your son …" Are you thinking that I can be ruthless now? "

Seeing his mother, Xueluo, the little guy immediately ran over happily. The little guy who had been washed white by Xing Shi'er smelled really good.

The little guy made a bet with the Old Tweleve: if his biological father and mother didn't come to pick him up, then he would stay in the Shallow Water Bay and not return home.

Xueluo carried his son Linnuo who was rushing over, but still looked at Hetun who was not yet in a good mood while wanting to say something.

He really didn't know how to open his mouth! Because even Xueluo was not sure: Was Feng Xinglang angry at her, or had he really gone missing!

"Where's that b.a.s.t.a.r.d Feng Xinglang? I got it, he must be hiding outside again, not daring to come in! "

Seeing that Xueluo had no intention to leave, the little guy wriggled his hands, "Mommy, we can go home now!"

With a slight raise of his breath,'s safety was at stake, and Xueluo ignored the reprimand that he might get from the Hetun, and so he opened his mouth.

"Mr. Xing, Xinglang, he … "He …"

"What happened to him? Have you quarreled again? "

Hetun's cheerful expression instantly became much colder, "Xueluo, as a woman, a wife, and the mother of a child, can't you be a bit more gentle and reasonable? You just want to argue with Ah Lang for three days, and that's as loud as you can get in five days? "

As expected, before Xueluo could finish his sentence, Hetun had already begun his reprimand and reprimand.

"I know: Ah Lang has indeed mistreated you two before, but that has already pa.s.sed. Ah Lang is also doing his best to make up to you two! Furthermore, there is a reason for all of this, and it is all because of me.

The male chauvinism in the Hetun seemed to be beyond cure. Xueluo really didn't know how much Mother Feng took a fancy to the Hetun back then.

"Father, why are you angry at my mother again? How could my mother be wrong? It was always Feng Xinglang the b.a.s.t.a.r.d who wanted to play with the hooligan! "

Of course, the little guy was defending his own mother. No one can do anything to his mother, not a single one.

"What hooligan is there between this husband and wife?" As a wife, regardless of the reason why, you mustn't neglect your husband! "

Hetun's words made all the women in the world want to challenge him.

Xueluo rejoiced: Fortunately, Feng Xinglang's direct male disease was not serious.

"Feng Xinglang... It's gone missing! "

Xueluo, who could not bear to listen any longer, finally spoke out about Feng Xinglang's disappearance.

"Missing? When did this happen? "

Hetun immediately sat up from the sofa in alert.

"Last night, about 6: 30 PM, his phone was not connected! He had called me before and said he was on his way back. But until now … He didn't even go home! I have called Bai Mo and the others before, and said that Feng Xinglang was not with them … … "

Xueluo briefly described before and after Feng Xinglang went missing. Thinking about it, it was impossible for Feng Xinglang to be so petty and not return home just because she cut off his phone call.

"Ah?" My b.a.s.t.a.r.d father is missing? " The little guy was surprised.

"It's been 24 hours before you tell me? When Ah Lang called you, how was his tone? Have you guys had a fight? "

Hetun asked in a stern voice.

"No quarrel! "Mr. Xing, don't be in such a rush to scold me. It's better if you hurry up and find your son!"

Feng Xinglang really disappeared.

Xueluo really could not remember: What kind of enemies did Feng Xinglang have in the Shen City!

The Hetun sent people to look through all possible places that Feng Xinglang could go to, and followed Feng Xinglang's sprint out of the GK Vanguard, and indeed headed towards the Feng Family.

However, according to the monitoring on the road, Feng Xinglang turned the car around at the corner of the Great Sima Road, and headed towards the Yulong City.

In the end, Feng Xinglang ran into the Yulong City.

Didn't Yan Bang go missing? Then why was Feng Xinglang going to the Yulong City?

Hetun had been wondering this whole time: Was Yan Bang's disappearance caused by him? Was she worried that he would take Yan Bang's life, so Feng Xinglang hid him away? Hidden in the Yulong City?

"Twelve, let's go to Yulong City to look for someone!" Hetun stood up from the sofa.

Seeming to be worried about something, Xueluo immediately opened his mouth, "Mr. Xing, you should not bring Xing Shi'er and the others to Yulong City to find people. I'll call Bai Mo and have him go there!"

Hetun understood this logic. He had just fought with Yulong City's master, Yan Bang, to the death a while ago, so Yan Bang's remaining men were obviously not courteous to Hetun.

Furthermore, there were only Xing Shi'er and Xing Ba at Hetun's side. If Yan Bang's men rushed forward, Hetun would obviously be at a disadvantage.

But letting Bai Mo go, was the most appropriate decision.

Bai Mo was Feng Xinglang's accomplice, and also Yan Bang's good friend.

"No need! My own son, I will go myself! "

Hetun was concerned about his son Feng Xinglang's safety. What's more, they were worried that Yan Bang's remaining men would use him to threaten them, so that they could take revenge for Yan Bang.

"Mr. Xing, please consider your son's feelings! In order to save Yan Bang, he almost became enemies with you! Let Bai Mo go to Yulong City to find Xinglang first.

Xueluo felt that since Feng Xinglang was in Yulong City, his safety shouldn't be in danger. He probably drank too much with his bunch of friends, so it wasn't impossible for him to fall asleep.

After Bai Mo received his sister-in-law Lin Xueluo's call, he quickly rushed to Yulong City.

He first searched around the Yulong City, but he could not find Feng Xinglang's figure at all. Yan Bang's living room, the gym, and the chess room. Thus, he began interrogating the Yulong City's Second Leader, Bug Three.

He was very cooperative with Bai Mo's interrogation, but it was just Bai Mo asking him a question, so he automatically responded with a single sentence.

"Has Feng Xinglang been to the Yulong City before?"

"I've been here before!"


"It was almost seven yesterday afternoon."

"What about him?"

"I don't know!"

"Don't know?" He came to your Yulong City, and you, the Second Leader, actually said that you didn't know? "

"I really don't know. It was only when my men saw Second Master's car parked in the car park that I knew Second Master had come to Yulong City. But other than that car, the second master is not inside. "

"F * ck me!" If Feng Xinglang did not come, then how did the carriage get here? "

"I don't know!"

"F * ck you, try saying 'don't know' again!"

Bai Mo was furious, he immediately threw a slap towards Buggy.

Buggy didn't fight back, he only replied, "I really don't know."

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