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Chapter 1248 - Dao Fire

"I want to close this Nine Colored City's transfer array. Senior, do you know how I can do that?"

Tang Huan smiled, and said solemnly.

With Tang Huan's current strength, even if he used all sorts of methods, he could not destroy those ten teleportation formation. He could only close it. Of course, even if Tang Huan had the ability to destroy them, he wouldn't do that. They had been around for countless years, and it would be a pity if they were destroyed.

"Close the teleportation array?"

The spirit of the True Fire was startled for a moment, then laughed strangely, "Brat, you found the right person. This old man does know how to close the teleportation formations …"

Hearing that, Tang Huan was happy, but before he could say anything, the spirit of the True Fire changed the topic, the mind instructs (in a second) was filled with ridicule, "But, why should this old man tell you? Since a b.a.s.t.a.r.d like Long Yuan came out of this great world and is now occupied by another great world, this old man will be happy to see it happen. "

Although it was unable to sense the situation inside the city, but during this period of time, many Heaven's Will City cultivators had entered the inheritance palace. It was naturally aware of the things that had happened in the Forging G.o.d Great World.

At that time, it had even gloated over it for a long time.

"Kid, if I don't tell you, are you planning to make a move against me?"

It suddenly realised that it did not need to fear any longer. Even if Tang Huan were to use the sucking's firepower, it would not be able to pose much of a threat to it in a short amount of time. As time pa.s.sed, the experts of the Heaven's Will City would definitely swarm over.

Although Tang Huan had heavily injured the Heaven's Will City cultivators just now, the number of people in Heaven's Will City was definitely more than just a little.

Thus, the spirit of the True Fire began to act unscrupulously, "Brat, come. This time, this old man wants to see, how much firepower can you steal from this old man?"

"Senior, do you know that the biggest threat to you is not me, but the Heaven's Will City?"

Tang Huan naturally knew why the spirit of the True Fire became so fearless, and laughed indifferently, "If I had enough time, I would have scattered and absorbed all of senior's True Fire firepower, and the True Fire Fire Seed could still exist, but if Heaven's Will City were to make a move, senior would not even be able to preserve his Fire Seed."

After a slight pause, Tang Huan said seriously, "Without the spark, Senior will disappear as well, no longer exist ever again."


The spirit of the True Fire subconsciously felt that Tang Huan was trying to scare him. His mind instructs (in a second) was filled with ridicule, "Brat, you think you can scare this old man like that!"

"Senior, do you think that the Vermillion Bird major world has a Weapon Refiner?" Tang Huan smiled slightly.

"Needless to say? Which great world doesn't have Weapon Refiner s?! " The spirit of the True Fire snorted, "Brat, why are you asking this?"

"Since there is a Weapon Refiner, then how did the Vermillion Bird Great World's Weapon Refiner appear?" Tang Huan said again.

"Nonsense!" Of course it's the True Fire … " The voice of the True Fire Spirit abruptly stopped, and immediately, a wave of bewildered emotion was transmitted from the mind instructs (in a second).

"It seems that Senior already understands."

Tang Huan smiled from between his brows, "The Vermillion Bird Great World also has True Fire. According to the information I gathered, the soul of the True Fire is called 'Vermillion Bird', and is not weaker than senior. Furthermore, it is not like senior, who is trapped here and can't go anywhere. If the Vermillion Bird came to the Forging G.o.d Great World, do you know what the consequences would be? "

Without waiting for the spirit of the True Fire to speak, Tang Huan continued, "At that time, not only will senior's True Fire's firepower be completely absorbed by it, even his fire seed will be devoured by it. Then, it will only need to separate a small fire seed and leave behind, and it will be able to escape from this place."


The spirit of the True Fire became silent.

After it realized that the Vermillion Bird Great World also had True Fire, it understood that even if Tang Huan's words were exaggerated, they were most likely true.

"Even if I help you close the Teleportation Array, what good will it do me?"

After a while, the spirit of the True Fire said in a deep voice, "If the Vermillion Bird covets my firepower and spark, when we arrive at the Nine Colors City, I would still be helpless."

"Senior, don't forget, there's still me." Tang Huan smiled slowly, "If the Vermillion Bird really comes, I will personally help senior."


The spirit of the True Fire sneered, "Brat, it is not that this old man underestimates you. If this old man was not restricted by the laws of the heaven and earth, you would not even be in this old man's True Fire. As you said, the strength of the Vermilion Bird is not inferior to mine, so what right do you have to help me? "

"That's it!"

Tang Huan laughed indifferently, a dusky flame suddenly shot out from his palm and a mysterious aura suddenly spread throughout the inheritance palace.

"What kind of flame is this?"

The spirit of the True Fire gasped in surprise, but after a moment, it couldn't help but exclaim out loud, "This … "This is …" If its senses were not wrong, this flame actually contained the meaning of a "Law of the Tao", moreover, this meaning was extremely strong.

"Dao fire!" It's a Dao Flame!

After a short pause, the spirit of the True Fire cried out once again, and its mind instructs (in a second) was filled with an unconcealable sense of shock. Dao Fire ", a flame that contained Law of the Tao. It had always only existed in the Heaven Realm, but now it actually appeared in the Forging G.o.d Great World, and right in front of it.

The appearance of this flame caused a shock to its mind that could not be described with words.

In the future, if it were to successfully escape from the imprisonment of this place, even if it climbed into the sky, it would still be able to transform into a dao flame. Because, the source of Tang Huan's flame, was a successfully merged Five Elements Spiritual Fires. And no matter how much more it fused with the Spiritual Fire, its origin would still be the True Fire.

"Dao fire?" Upon hearing this, Tang Huan's mind was moved, "It looks like the 'Great Ultimate Spiritual Fire' should be renamed to the 'Taiji Dao Fire'."

"Kid, why do you have it right now …"

The spirit of the True Fire could not help but ask anxiously, but before he could finish, his voice stopped.

It suddenly understood that the reason why Tang Huan's Spiritual Fire could transform into a "Dao Fire", was probably because of it. If not for the boundless True Fire firepower and the twenty "G.o.d Fire Beads", Tang Huan's Spiritual Fire would not have been able to transform so quickly.

Thinking of this, the spirit of the True Fire felt envy, jealousy and even hatred.

He had lost so much firepower and the Divine Fire Bead, but in the end, he had actually taken advantage of this little b.a.s.t.a.r.d in front of him.


Now, although he could not capture the mind instructs (in a second) of the True Fire's spirit, Tang Huan could guess what it was thinking about. With a cough, he retracted the flame in his palm and said with a smile, "With this' Tai Chi Dao Fire ', when that Vermillion Bird invades in the future, would I be able to help senior?"

"How can this old man be so sure that you'll really help me when the time comes?"

When the spirit of the True Fire came back to its senses, the resentment within the mind instructs (in a second) was deep.

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