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In Chen Xiang's palm and fist, the Heaven Blasting Palm only carried a hint of a Legendary gas, but it was extremely powerful, and in the silent Bone-melting magic power, it carried a powerful Legendary gas. The updates were quick.

The Azure Dragon Fighting G.o.d only thought that Chen Xiang had released Heaven Blasting Palm just now, but never expected that Chen Xiang had another wave of strange hidden force, which allowed him to grasp the timing very well. The moment he was shocked by the sight of the Legendary gas, the Bone-melting magic power came closer.

When the Bone-melting magic power entered his body, he could only feel a faint numbing sensation on his shoulder.

Knowing that Chen Xiang could use Legendary gas s, the Azure Dragon Fighting G.o.d was extremely crystalline. This time, he directly flew up, but never would Chen Xiang have thought that his huge body would actually instantly become a bolt of lightning, attacking directly from his direction.


Suddenly, Chen Xiang's chest was struck by lightning. Luckily, he managed to congeal the Legendary gas in front of his chest, and only his body was sent flying.

He didn't know why, but Azure Dragon Fighting G.o.d turned into a green bolt of lightning, flying around continuously, attacking Chen Xiang.

After his body was sent flying, he was immediately sent flying by the lightning bolts that shot in his direction. These types of continuous lightning strikes came striking over, and it was as if his body was flying in the air, was flying over here, was being hit flying over again. Every second, he would be hit by dozens of lightning strikes from the Azure Dragon Fighting G.o.d.

The Azure Dragon Fighting G.o.d that had turned into lightning seemed to have control over the entire situation, but his heart was incomparably shocked. If it was any other person from the Peak of World Defying magic realm were to be knocked back and forth by him, they would have been turned into ashes long ago.

Chen Xiang spent a lot of time practicing inside the Time Formation, allowing the arrogant energy of the Legendary gas s and Divine Sense Sea s in his body to develop a habit. When attacked, the Legendary gas s and the energy in his body would naturally react, instantly forming a protective shield.

He was only trained to do so after Bai Youyou and Feng Ke'er kept on attacking him countless of times. Feng Ke'er had even used the power of a powerful killing array.

"If this goes on, I won't be able to hold on for long. The Bone-melting magic power just now clearly hit, will there even be a reaction if I buy anymore?" Chen Xiang could feel his Legendary gas rapidly depleting. He only had the ability of natural defense, so it would be useless for him to gather the strength to counterattack. That would cause his defense to be insufficient, and cause him to be severely injured.

"That's the only way!" Chen Xiang roared in his heart, as he erupted with Red fire dragon s to his heart's content.

Doing so was extremely dangerous because he was currently unable to control the violent power of the Red fire dragon. However, after careful deliberation, if he did not release this power to his heart's content and only released a small amount of power, he would be easily destroyed by the Azure Dragon Fighting G.o.d.

Only by releasing a large number of Legendary gas would he be able to struggle free from the crazy lightning strikes that were Azure Dragon Fighting G.o.d.

When the Azure Dragon Fighting G.o.d flew over, he suddenly felt this Legendary gas, and he was extremely shocked and terrified. What he felt was not only the berserk Legendary gas, but also the might of the Red fire dragon.


When the Azure Dragon Fighting G.o.d collided with Chen Xiang this time, a large ball of blood flame suddenly burst out, causing the Azure Dragon Fighting G.o.d to fly out while being enveloped by the flame. At the same time, when Chen Xiang said that he was enveloped by the flame, he used all his strength to retract the Legendary gas that had exploded, otherwise, it would be extremely dangerous.

He only wanted to borrow the Red fire dragon's full strength to unleash the Legendary gas's momentum.

The Azure Dragon Fighting G.o.d that was terrified in his heart was sent flying and fiercely crashed into the ground. His body was also burning with flames, the berserk aura of a Red fire dragon, and the flames that erupted were no small matter.

The Azure Dragon Fighting G.o.d himself had cultivated a legendary beast, when he was panicked and in a state of 'chaos', he quickly controlled his Legendary gas to calm himself down, and dispersed the scorching energy that had entered his body. At the same time, he gathered his energy into his arm, and just as he was about to swing his fist at Chen Xiang, he realized that he was unable to raise his arm.

Only now did he realise that the bone in his shoulder was missing, causing him to be unable to control his arm, causing him to react quickly. He immediately used his other hand, but Chen Xiang suddenly disappeared.

Chen Xiang had used the Counter Power, and he had already seen the terrified expression on Azure Dragon Fighting G.o.d's face. Therefore, the fact that he had used the Counter Power was not something that Azure Dragon Fighting G.o.d would notice at first glance.

Azure Dragon Fighting G.o.d was stunned for a moment, because Chen Xiang suddenly disappeared, making him very worried that some terrifying energy would attack him. When he sensed Chen Xiang's weak aura, it was already too late, as a terrifying and bizarre hidden strength struck directly at his forehead!

When Chen Xiang released this sharp Bone-melting magic power, Azure Dragon Fighting G.o.d also threw out a punch, and a gigantic bolt of green lightning burst out with blinding light, straight at Chen Xiang, and after hitting his body, the green lightning's momentum pushed Chen Xiang straight to the barrier.

Chen Xiang leaned on the enchantment, otherwise he would have already been flying out. Everyone who saw this scene immediately cried out in alarm.

"Chen Xiang lost!"

"What an explosive Thunder power!"

"Chen Xiang did not disappear for a long time, that's luck!"

"Azure Dragon Fighting G.o.d is indeed Azure Dragon Fighting G.o.d. Even I feel that the power of this fist is terrifying, as if death has descended on me."

Hua Li Qing suddenly stood up, and wanted to go in to take a look at Chen Xiang's injuries. Because of Azure Dragon Fighting G.o.d's punch just now, a weak Legendary gas had already wildly surged out of the barrier, and everyone in World Defying Stage Peak Divine Rank Colosseum could feel it.

She knew about the situation with Chen Xiang and the Red fire dragon, and she was sure that Chen Xiang's Red fire dragon was much stronger than the Azure Dragon Fighting G.o.d's Azure Dragon.

Seeing this scene, Yang Genming frowned, he clenched his fists tightly, Azure Dragon Fighting G.o.d had unleashed his full force just now, the power of the Legendary gas had even leaked out through the few layers of enchantments on the stage.

"Hahaha... Yang Genming, you have lost. " Just then, Mu Yijing was also extremely shocked. He saw that Azure Dragon Fighting G.o.d was sent flying by a ball of fire and he was extremely shocked, and when Chen Xiang suddenly rushed over, he was even more shocked.

Only after he saw Chen Xiang being pushed to the ground by the violent and huge bolt of lightning released by the Azure Dragon Fighting G.o.d, did he finally feel at ease.

Just now, Chen Xiang had struck a mysterious force into his head, surging into his upper body. He thought about the situation where the bones in his shoulders suddenly disappeared, and recalled the battle between b.l.o.o.d.y Costume Fighting G.o.d and Chen Xiang, as well as the disappearance of the Violent Saber Fighting G.o.d's ten fingers …

He immediately understood that the mysterious power that Chen Xiang had used could make a person's bones melt.

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