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Chapter 970: Frightening

Translator: Sparrow Translations  Editor: Sparrow Translations

Edward and Lin Fan had only conversed for a while but to Edward, it was eye-opening. In the past, he had had his doubts about Chinese medicine but now, they had gradually been dispelled.

Of course, in the end, with the reporters witnessing, the two of them took a photo together and the award was presented.

Although Lin Fan was very young, Edward did not underestimate him at all.This is a genius. A true medical scientist.

The reporters rushed to capture photos of them.

For the n.o.bel Foundation Chairman to personally come to China to present the award to Lin Fan, such a situation had never happened before.

The reporters had a hot topic to report the next day now and just thinking about it made them excited.

Finally, Lin Fan sent Edward off.

He had a pretty good impression of this old man. Thinking of how this old man had traveled thousands of miles in order to bring the award over and had even apologized to him, Lin Fan felt that he was very sincere.

In the shop.

Zhao Zhong Yang hurriedly unlocked his phone and started a broadcast. He held the trophy with both hands. “Awesome. I'm already this old and I haven't even touched something like this before. I didn't think I would be able to.”

“We have to find a good place to put this thing,” said Lin Fan.

Fraud Tian asked, “Aren't you going to bring it home?”

Lin Fan laughed. “What's the point of bringing it home where no one will be able to see it? Of course, I have to put it where people can see it.”

Fraud Tian cursed in his heart. This guy definitely wants to show off. But forget it. Show off then.

Placing it in the shop felt pretty good to Fraud Tian too. It would show that he was someone who worked in a shop with a n.o.bel Prize.

It might even give him some luck with the ladies.

In the broadcast room.

“Brother Yang, what are you making a ruckus about today?”

“I'm not in a good mood. I don't want to watch you. Master Lin didn't get the award, so my heart is aching.”

“Hey, what the f*ck? What is that?”

“Looks like a trophy.”

Zhao Zhong Yang looked at the comments in the broadcast room and laughed cunningly. “Brothers, do you understand now? Do you know what this is?”

The netizens saw Zhao Zhong Yang trying to build up suspense and they became impatient.

“I'm sending rockets. Hurry up and tell us before we beat you to death.”

“I'm gonna stop watching.”

“I've reported you already.”

“F*ck, Brother Yang, if you keep on being like this, we won't be good friends anymore.”

Zhao Zhong Yang saw that it was about time, so he turned the trophy around and exclaimed giddily, “See this? This is the trophy for the n.o.bel Prize in Medicine!”

When the netizens in the broadcast room saw this, they instantly lost their minds.

“D*mn. What the f*ck is going on? Where did this trophy come from?”

“Brother Yang, hurry up and tell us. Is this Master Lin's?”

“^Are you stupid? Of course it's Master Lin's. Did you think it was Brother Yang's? With his IQ, how could he get this trophy?”

Zhao Zhong Yang said, “Your words are hurting me badly. Let me tell you, if this continues, I'll stop the broadcast.”

“Don't, don't. Brother Yang, Daddy Yang, it was our mistake. We were wrong.”

“Sending rockets over. Brother Yang is so dashing!”

Zhao Zhong Yang nodded contently. “That's more like it. Alright, I'll tell you guys then. Is this trophy Master Lin's? Do you know why it's here? The n.o.bel Foundation Chairman personally delivered it here. Is that cool or what?”

When Zhao Zhong Yang said that, the netizens in the broadcast room went crazy.

“666… That's way too f*cking awesome.”

“Other people have to go to the venue to receive the ward while Master Lin just sits at home and waits for people to deliver it to him.”

“This is bringing glory to our country. Brother Lin has found a great person to cling on to.”

When the broadcasting officials saw the content of Zhao Zhong Yang's broadcast, they immediately put it on the highly-recommended page without hesitation.

‘Brother Yang shows you the n.o.bel Prize trophy'

When this t.i.tle came out, it instantly drew the attention of many netizens. To them, this broadcast t.i.tle was enticing.

Zhao Zhong Yang said, “Alright, now, let's turn the lens over to Master Lin and let him express some of his thoughts.”

Lin Fan was sitting there and drinking his tea. When he saw the situation with Zhao Zhong Yang's broadcast, he felt helpless. This guy broadcasts from morning to night, isn't he tired? And those netizens watch the broadcast from morning to night as well, don't they have to go to work?

“h.e.l.lo, dear brothers.” Lin Fan waved his hand at the camera as he drank his tea.

To many netizens, Master Lin was really a G.o.d. Average people wouldn't be able to reach his status.

Netizens that had been watching the broadcast for a long time recalled that in the past, Master Lin hadn't been so awesome. He would just come to the shop to sell scallion pancakes and do some fortune-telling. But now, he had completely taken flight.

His fan count on Weibo had gone past 10 million. He had flamed various famous celebrities, conquered leukemia, and now, he had reached the pinnacle of the medical world by receiving the n.o.bel Prize in Medicine.

Even if Master Lin wasn't scared, people who had been watching him had already become scared.

Is he still a f*cking human?

He was simply terrifying.

“Master Lin, please share your thoughts. How do you feel about getting the award?”

“Master Lin, I really admire you. I won't submit to anyone else but you.”

“You're my idol!”

Looking at these comments, Lin Fan laughed subtly. “Thoughts, eh? I have no thoughts. This is a very normal thing. It's just a n.o.bel Prize, isn't it? If I want to, I can actually get many more awards.”


“I'm going to stop watching. I can't take it anymore.”

“I promised my mommy that I wouldn't kill anyone today.”

“Master Lin, ever since Brother Yang started following you, he has started to show off to us. He wasn't like this in the past.”

Lin Fan laughed. “Enough jokes. To be able to receive the n.o.bel Prize, I am very happy. It is an honor as well. As for what I said earlier, don't record it. Otherwise, if it is spread, people will say that I'm arrogant and c.o.c.ky. But actually, even if you do spread it, it's fine. I'm already used to it.”

“Master Lin's words are really nice to hear. I love hearing Master Lin brag.”

“Can Brother Yang stop broadcasting from now on? Just let Master Lin interact with us.”

Zhao Zhong Yang charged forward as he looked at the comments in the broadcast room. His heart suddenly felt cold and he even felt like crying.

His own army of fans had been completely taken over by Brother Lin.

After broadcasting for a while, Lin Fan pa.s.sed the phone back to Zhao Zhong Yang. He felt that the next day would probably be insane.

The next day!

The news was out.

The news about n.o.bel Foundation Chairman, Edward, personally coming to Shanghai's Cloud Street had been reported.

‘n.o.bel Foundation Chairman personally brings the prize to Shanghai to present it to Master Lin.'

‘Master Lin and Edward chat happily.'

‘Master Lin performs his G.o.dly Chinese medicine techniques on site. He points out all the problems with Edward's body. Edward is in awe of Master Lin.'

‘The first person in history to have the n.o.bel Prize delivered to him by the n.o.bel Foundation.'

These news headlines were domineering and they instantly stole the spotlight.

Recently, there had been a celebrity's divorce case that had gone viral but unfortunately, when the news regarding the n.o.bel Prize came out, the celebrity had to take a step back.

Initially, that celebrity had wanted to use his relations to s.n.a.t.c.h the headlines but he was warned against it.

If it had been other people, perhaps it would have been possible. However, this incident involved Master Lin.

There weren't many people who dared to s.n.a.t.c.h the headlines from Master Lin.

Although they would not get beaten up, they were afraid of getting caught by Master Lin. if that were to happen, it would be a real mess.

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