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Night had fallen. The stars were barely visible, but the moon shone brightly upon the lake in front of w.a.n.gfeng restaurant.

Mu Yunyao raised her head and stared at the bright moon. She suddenly thought of Su Qing; what could she be doing now? Does she feel lonely? If Mu Yunyao had known that Colour Moon was no threat, she would have found an excuse to not come to the banquet so that she could accompany her Mother.

She looked around her and saw that everyone was concentrating on their sewing. She then proceeded to follow suit and started her own sewing.

On the bottom floor of w.a.n.gfeng restaurant, children were singing a nursery rhyme: Beg for nimble hands, beg for a good face, beg for a clear heart, beg for my parents to live till a hundred thousand years old, beg for my little sister to live till ten million years old.

Mu Yunyao held the needle in her hands and stared at the sky. Her mind was filled with so many thoughts. She was eternally grateful for the heavens to give her a chance to live another lifetime and stay with her Mother. She didn't wish for anything else, except for her Mother to be healthy and live till a hundred years old.

As she dazed, there was a sudden cry, "Look! Fireflies!"

"There are so many!"

Mu Yunyao gave a tiny smile. She looked to see that Lady Jin was not far away from her, and thus she walked towards her. "Lady, didn't someone say in a poem before, that a silver fan could attract fireflies? The description of that fan really matches yours."

Hearing her say this, Lady Jin laughed. Mu Yunyao was really still a child as her thoughts could get quite childish at times. "We are on the upper floor, unless we get those fireflies up here, this fan won't be able to attract them."

After she said that, she shook the fan towards the direction of the fireflies. It was an unconscious move of hers, but who knew, the fireflies actually flew up in her direction!

One firefly, two fireflies, three fireflies…… the fireflies acted as if they had a leash by the way they danced around the fan.

Lady Zhao saw Lady Jin's actions and gasped loudly. She tried the same thing and another batch of fireflies also flew towards her.

At first, the fireflies circled the fans, then they started to circle the four Ladies' dresses. The fireflies twinkled as they flew around and around, the scene looked so dreamlike and made the bystanders' hearts thump quicker.

Everyone looked a bit silly as they stared at the four Ladies with their mouths hanging open. At first, when the four Ladies had exited Niyun, they did notice and admire them, but did not study their outfits closely. Now, under the light of the moon and the fireflies, they were able to see the four Ladies' faces clearly. Especially their dresses, so elegant and refined to the point that n.o.body could find a single imperfection.

Colour Moon Shop's Shopkeeper was anxious as he paced around. When he heard the gasps, he quickly went downstairs to take a look. When he saw the fireflies circling the Ladies, his face changed into a whole new colour. "How is this possible?"

The bystanders were already discussing among themselves:

"Are fireflies also capable of admiring beauty?"

"They must have become servants to the beauty of those dress."

"But last time when these Ladies attended the Qiqiao banquet here, there were no fireflies circling them?"

"That's because they were not wearing Niyun's clothes. This phenomenon here must be because Niyun's clothes are too beautiful, too bad we don't have the chance to wear them. Even if we present them silver, we might still not be able to buy an outfit."

"Niyun's clothes are meant for the n.o.ble ladies, you probably won't even have the money……I'm so jealous of those Ladies, those dresses can really mess up a girl's heart."

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