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Chapter 1212 - Divine Flame Bead

It was impossible for Tang Huan to stop the sucking's firepower, and it was also impossible for him to leave the Inheritance Hall. Furthermore, the True Fire's spirit couldn't do anything to Tang Huan, so at this moment, no matter how much nonsense they spoke, it was useless.

However, Tang Huan could feel that the spirit of the True Fire was doing everything it could to stop his sucking's firepower.

Tang Huan was focused, his mind focused and focused.

The effect of the True Fire's firepower was extremely obvious for raising the "Great Ultimate Spiritual Fire", and Tang Huan could feel the change in the "Great Ultimate Spiritual Fire" almost all the time.

Ever since the five Spiritual Fire merged into one and transformed into the "Great Ultimate Spiritual Fire," it was the first time Tang Huan experienced such a wonderful feeling.

Unknowingly, the fire from the cauldron had already completely fused with the "Great Ultimate Spiritual Fire".


Tang Huan had not finished his thought, with a slight movement, "Nine Yang Divine Furnace" appeared in a flash, and also aimed straight for the flame sculpture like the "Myriad Sword Heavenly Diagram", the tyrannical power of sucking was born once again.

More and more fiery-red aura flowed out endlessly, dividing into two and entered the Nine Yang Divine Furnace s and the Myriad Sword Heavenly Diagram respectively.

"Little b.a.s.t.a.r.d, enough is enough!"

Under Tang Huan's control, the speed at which the firepower was being drained increased drastically. Finally, the spirit of the True Fire could no longer hold back and roared out in anger from the mind instructs (in a second) that was being transmitted, as if it wished to burn Tang Huan into ashes.

"Is Lord Fire G.o.d scared?" Tang Huan unwittingly smiled.

"Would I be afraid?"

The True Fire's Spirit laughed out of extreme anger, "Even if this old one's all of my firepower is gone, I'm still alive. Moreover, with your current speed, even if you had ten years of time, you shouldn't even think of absorbing all the firepower this old man had acc.u.mulated for countless of years. Furthermore, do you think this old man will give you that much time? "

As he finished speaking, the spirit of the True Fire began to laugh loudly, and excitement could be seen within his mind instructs (in a second). "Everyone, come to the Inheritance Hall quickly! As long as you partic.i.p.ate in the killing of this madman, you will be rewarded with a 'Divine Fire Bead', which is formed personally by this old man using the Five Elements Spiritual Fires, and can easily be merged without any danger. This kind of opportunity, is hard to come by after, and must not be missed! "

In an instant, this mind instructs (in a second) once again filled every corner of Nine Colored City.

"Divine Flame Bead?"

With that thought, Tang Huan suddenly turned his head, and ten figures appeared in his line of sight. In the blink of an eye, the ten of them had pa.s.sed through the great doors and entered the palace.

The ten abnormally tyrannical auras spread out and unexpectedly all belonged to the experts at the peak of the Nine Revolutions Transcendental Tower.

Dozens of meters behind them followed a tall and st.u.r.dy old man and a thin middle-aged man. One of them had been severely injured by Tang Huan's soul attack in the sky above the plaza, and the other had also appeared in the plaza.

"Tang Huan, it's really you!" The moment they saw Tang Huan, a skinny old man dressed in yellow robes let out a low shout, and the other nine people's expressions became a little more serious.

"You little b.a.s.t.a.r.d, this time you're dead for sure!"

Seemingly at the instant the yellow-clothed old man's voice sounded, the mind instructs (in a second) of the True Fire's spirit had already spread and it was actually laughing heartily, "Everyone, kill him. "The Divine Flame Bead is yours."

"If you want to kill me, then prepare to hand over your life to me."

Tang Huan squinted his eyes and smiled, the 'Nine Yang Divine Furnace' was still absorbing that silky red Qi, but the sucking in the 'Myriad Sword Heavenly Diagram' in its hands immediately disappeared.

The faces of the yellow-clothed old man and the other ten people changed slightly.

They both came from the "Heavenly Ancient Region", so what Tang Huan had said just now sounded extremely familiar to them. Back then, in front of Tong Tian Tower, Tang Huan seemed to have said this to the Void Transformation Stage cultivators who attacked him. They had never seen it with their own eyes, but they had heard it many times.

For a moment, fear could be seen in the eyes of the ten contenders.

"What are you waiting for?" A single 'Divine Fire Pearl' from this old one is sufficient to increase your strength by several times. Even if you were to come to the Heaven Realm, it would also allow you to have a higher starting point than others. " The spirit of the True Fire shouted.

"Everyone, forward!"

The yellow-clothed old man and the others looked at each other. Their eyes were all extremely heated.

After a short moment, they seemed to have made up their minds. They yelled in unison and pounced forward. But just at this moment, figures flashed and appeared from within the mountain and river painting in Tang Huan's hands.

In the next moment, between the ten experts at the peak of the Void Transformation Stage and Tang Huan, there was an additional twenty or so Void Transformation Stage cultivators.

"Whoosh!" "Swoosh …"

Subtle piercing sounds could be heard one after another. The twenty plus people immediately flashed as they surrounded the ten experts at the peak of the Nine Revolutions Transcendental Tower, who were caught off guard.

In that instant, the ten people's expressions all became extremely ugly, and their eyes uncontrollably revealed panic.

Back then in front of Tong Tian Tower, Tang Huan had not summoned many Void Transformation Stage cultivators, and many of them had stopped at the Void Transformation Stage Eight Revolutions.

But in such a short time, Tang Huan had already summoned more than twenty Void Transformation Stage experts.

"Everyone, I hope you have a good time."

Tang Huan said smilingly as his gaze swept across the crowd.

This time, Tang Huan summoned all of the Void Transformation Stage cultivators that he could use. There were people like Ji Haitian, Gengxu and the others who had experienced the Five Elements heavenly tribulation, those who had entered the "Heaven's Path World", those who had controlled the Heaven's Tower, Liu Hua, Zheng Shuicheng and the others who had become puppets in the "Ancient King's Cave", and Yang Chen, who had come from a foreign world within the Vermillion Bird Great World's Heaven's Will City.

Not long ago outside Dragon Lake City, Tang Huan had only used twelve people, but now, he was going all out.

This kind of lineup was enough to destroy the clan and run rampant in the Forging G.o.d Great World, but now they were all using it to surround these ten strong experts who were at the peak of the Void Transformation Stage, it would be strange if they could calm down.

After hearing the news, even though they knew that the one tormenting in the inheritance palace could very likely be Tang Huan, they were still unable to resist the temptation and anxiously ran over.

The promise made by the spirit of the True Fire was indeed heart-palpitating, but before they had had a chance to rejoice, Tang Huan had smashed them with his rod, causing their heads to spin.

Waving goodbye to Ji Haitian and Liu Hua, then Tang Huan turned around, the "Myriad Sword Heavenly Diagram" in his hands gave birth to the terrifying power of sucking, allowing him to continue to absorb the True Fire's firepower along with the "Nine Yang Divine Furnace".

At this moment, not only was the yellow-clothed old man and the others completely dumbfounded behind Tang Huan, the spirit of the True Fire also did not have any other movements. It was clear that they did not expect that Tang Huan's cave abode would contain so many Void Transformation cultivators.

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