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Chapter 1214 - Reaching the Thirty-six Prefectures

The Spiritual Fire in his body was extracted, so those cultivators must have been turned into ashes in the inheritance palace.

Although his heart was in silent mourning for the people, Tang Huan's movements did not slow down in the slightest. Not long later, twenty "Divine Fire Beads" were acquired, of which three were gold, four were wood, three were water, six were fire, and four were earth type Five Elements.

The spirit of the True Fire did not speak anymore and a thick fiery red aura immediately gushed out of the blazing sculpture.

This speed was definitely much faster than the speed that Tang Huan's sucking released from the blazing statue. Tang Huan did not delay any further, he immediately activated the Nine Yang Divine Furnace s and the Myriad Sword Heavenly Diagram, the True Fire's firepower instantly rushed in.

Time flew by. Tang Huan continuously absorbed the firepower released by the True Fire's spirit, and after condensing the "Puppet Soul Seal" and controlling the ten experts at the peak of the Void Transformation Stage, he made Ji Haitian, Liu Hua and the others stay outside the palace to wait for him.

More than thirty Void Transformation Stage cultivators lined up at the entrance of the palace; this was enough to intimidate anyone with ill intentions. As a result, in the following time, no other person entered the inheritance palace, and Tang Huan did not receive any form of interference.

However, everything that had happened in the Nine Colors City's Inheritance Hall had crazily spread throughout the Sky Region, quickly spreading to the surrounding states.

Very quickly, many of the Nine Color City cultivators realized that the True Fire behind the inheritance palace was shrinking slowly. As the news spread, countless cultivators were shocked.

This was the first time in countless years that the source of True Fire's fire had such an abnormality.

"Tang Huan, Tang Huan..."

Within the Ling Xiao Sword Sect, in a hall, Jiang He Xian's eyebrows were tightly knitted together. He was actually muttering this name over and over again a dozen times.

"So far, if we include the Ancient Clear Heaven Domain, how many Void Transformation cultivators have our Ling Xiao Sword Sect killed or controlled because of him?" After a short moment, Jiang He Xian suddenly looked at the middle-aged man sitting cross-legged opposite of her with a gloomy expression.

"Including those who died on the third floor, there must be more than 50 of them!"

The middle-aged man remained silent for a moment, then slowly spoke with an incomparably deep tone.

"Fifty …"

Jiang He Xian's pupils constricted. This was a shocking figure. After a long while, Jiang He Xian weakly waved his hand. "Go, send a message to the elders who are heading to the 'Pure Yang Sword Sect', ask them to come back."

"Sovereign, this …"

The middle-aged man trembled.

Not long after the news regarding Tang Huan had spread through the "Ancient Clear Heaven Domain", the sect master had already dispatched a number of Void Transformation Elders to attack the "Pure Yang Sword Sect". He could not find Tang Huan, but the "Pure Yang Sword Sect" he was born in could not run away.

Right now, those elders were probably going to reach Yan State soon.

"Tang Huan is strong, but he can't even deal with the True Fire's spirit, and beside him, there are more than 30 people known to have reached the Void Transformation Stage. If they attack him together, could our Ling Xiao Sword Sect stop them?" Jiang He Xian said in a deep voice.


The middle-aged man stammered for a moment, but still shook his head in the end, his face filled with bitterness, but in his heart he secretly rejoiced, it was fortunate that the elders did not pa.s.s through the Nine Colors City's teleportation array to get to the Yan State, otherwise, even if the current "Pure Yang Sword Sect" had not been destroyed, it would have been caused the deaths of countless cultivators, causing his vitality to suffer greatly.

"Go!" Jiang He Xian waved her hand.


The middle-aged man replied before leaving.

"Could it be that this Tang Huan is really a reincarnation of the Creator?" Within the palace, Jiang He Xian laughed bitterly and sighed. That Tang Huan had been on the right track of time for so long, and not only did he not suffer any injuries, his cultivation and strength had grown stronger and stronger.


… ….

At the border of Yan State and Le Yue State, there were dozens of people flying in a row. The blue robed youth at the front was impressively the Great Elder of Ling Xiao Sword Sect, Meng Wu.

Suddenly, he seemed to sense something and stopped in his tracks.

"Grand Elder, what's wrong?"

The group stopped in their tracks as well as a gray-robed elder that had followed closely behind them. He could not help but ask in surprise.

"Go back!"

Meng Wu's face was ashen as he almost squeezed out the two characters from between his teeth.

"What?" Go back? "

"Grand Elder, what happened?"

"We will be entering the Yan State soon … Then, 'Pure Yang Sword Sect isn't going?'


The crowd burst into an uproar.

… ….

Yang Prefecture, Medicine G.o.d Sect.

Within the side hall that was suffused with the fragrance of medicine, a plump and flirtatious woman in a red dress stood before the table. Her brows were tightly knitted, as if she was deep in thought.

"Junior Sister Mu Yan..." A handsome man dressed in green hastily ran in.

"Senior Brother Ning, is there any news of Tang Huan?"

Mu Yan turned around and looked, and her eyebrows immediately relaxed.

The person who came was Ning Yunxi. Ever since he came back from the "Heavenly Desolate Secret Realm", he no longer bothered her, but instead brought her news about Tang Huan from time to time. This made Mu Yan's impression of him improve slightly.


Shock and shock that could not be dispersed remained on Ning Yunxi's face. "Junior Sister Mu Yan, Brother Tang is currently in the Nine Colors City Inheritance Hall of the Sky Region …"

… ….

"Nine Colors City Inheritance Hall?"

Hai Continent, Fen Tian came to the sect, and in a wooden building in the Mystic Moon Sect, Feng Ming couldn't help but cry out.

She was no longer a rookie, so she naturally knew what kind of place the Nine Colors City Inheritance Hall was.

"Tang Huan is already a Heavenly Blacksmith, there's absolutely no need for him to undergo the inheritance of the True Fire. Why would he still go to the Inheritance Hall?" Feng Ming immediately became suspicious.

"Junior Sister, you don't know."

The white-robed man opposite of him laughed, a deep look of amazement in his eyes. "Brother Tang sure caused a huge commotion when you entered the Inheritance Hall …"

… ….

"Movements? What kind of huge commotion? "

Yu Feiyan suspiciously looked at Chu Xiang Xin. At this moment, the expression of surprise on the face of the Sect Master of Divine Dream Heart Sect was no longer concealed.

"He forced the spirit of the True Fire to call for help, and the 10 peak stage Nine Revolving Immortals who were tempted by the True Fire were all caught by him in one fell swoop!"

"Right now, he's in the Nine Colors City Inheritance Hall with more than thirty Void Transformation Stage cultivators guarding the door for him, is this sound enough?"

"It's really big..."

Yu Feiyan's beautiful eyes were round, and she subconsciously whispered …

… ….

The news of the Sky Region spread out through various channels, quickly engulfing every region of the Forging G.o.d Great World like a hurricane.

Yang Prefecture, You Prefecture, Tai Prefecture, Li Prefecture, Hai Continent, Xuan Prefecture, Le Prefecture … … Even the Yan State that the "Pure Yang Sword Sect" resided in, was no exception.

Tang Huan's name had once again shocked the thirty-six provinces!

… ….

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