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Daniela, Who Gazes at Asagi

"…and that's what happened."


I returned to the inn and told Daniela what had happened as she rested in her room. She was biting into a sandwich she had apparently bought at some point. I had been starving so bad, that I thought I'd acquire a starvation skill, and yet she had got her hands on some food very easily… That was Daniela alright. No one knew food better than her.

Still, she had seen that I was shaken, and put the sandwich to the side and listened to me. Put. The. Sandwich. To. The. Side. And listened to me. I guess she did prioritize somethings over food. I was happy about that, but still had mixed emotions overall. But I suppose one shouldn't ask for too much.

"Now that we know that such things are possible, that it is not very safe, you shouldn't use them. I think it would be good to buy new equipment immediately."

"You think so too then."

The sword was excellent to use. Without this one issue, it was something that I could have continued to use for the rest of my life. Well, it was inferior if you compared it with the ancient elven sword, but the grip of the kobold sword had fit nicely into my hand. Almost like my palm was being sucked into it. But now that I think back on it, it was most likely because it was constantly draining me of magic.

“But you do have the old shoes that you can wear for now? Bring them here, and we can go out together.”

"Sorry…I've disturbed your lunch."

"It is nothing. It would hinder me as well if you cannot fight. I depend on you, you know?"

What a nice thing to say. Now, I would have to rebuy some equipment, in order for her to be able to rely on me again.

I returned to my room, which was 301, and grabbed my old leather shoes from the hollow bag. The a.s.sault kobold gear which was encased in ice went inside the bag instead. Then I carried the bag on my back and returned to Daniela's room. It was time to go out into the town.

The free information office wasn't only for inns. It wasn't, but I had preconceived ideas that suggested that there surely wouldn't be information on weapon and shoe stores. So Daniela and I wandered around unsuccessfully until Daniela finally made the suggestion. And of course, the information was very much available when we got there. There was nothing I could do but sigh deeply at myself.

"Look at that, the sun has started to set after all our wandering around…"

"Indeed… I should have realized it sooner."

"Well, even I thought they would only have information about inns. Come on, we'll be late for dinner."
"We should just mark down the locations for now."

We took notes of the locations for the weapons and shoe stores on the map on the wall, then walked through the darkening town and back to the inn.

“Welcome to the Leaves in Sunlight Diner.”

The voice rang invitingly as we entered. A waitress with fluffy pink hair stood before us.”Asagi and Daniela. Please follow me.”

She said and led us to our table. There was a menu there which I directed to Daniela.

“Thank you.”

“Don't mention it.”

Daniela inspected the menu with a delighted expression. Her eyes read it beginning to end, and yet she chose what she wanted immediately, without stopping to think. I flipped through it as well, but I didn't know much about the food here, so I usually left it to the chef. But as I've been here for a while now, I've begun to feel a little adventurous too. Though, I always end up sticking to the chef's recommendation. Some things really never change, even now that I'm not in j.a.pan.

Even during those times when I went to high-end places with my old friend, he would always ask for dishes with some long-winded names, while I just got whatever was recommended. Still, it's never led me astray, I've had good food every time.

“Have you two decided on your order?”

"I will have this Forest Hare Herb Grill. Also, this Forest Fruit Berulu Sap Stew."
"I'll have what's recommended. Ah, and this Forest Fruit Cake. Two of them."

The waitress took her time jotting this down before saying 'Yes, certainly' in her shrill voice and walking away.

I have to say, it was growing on me.

"Ah, we will be waiting for quite some time, I think."

“Looks like it.”

We both leaned back into our chairs and thought of what to do.

“I know. Since we have time, how about you tell me about your country, Asagi?”

“Oh, sure. It's a perfect time killer.”

In consideration of our location, Daniela had said 'country' instead of 'world.' She was ever careful.

"I worked at a general goods store in that country."

I decided to start with the convenience store, as the night shift was my thing.

"Hmm, so you were the son of a merchant?"

“No, not at all. Everyone worked at what they wanted. They lived freely too. Of course, while following the laws of the land.”

“Ho…very interesting. So you are saying there are no merchant families?”

“I guess. No n.o.bles either. Well, there used to be. Just not during my time.”

I don't know the details and have never claimed to be a historian.

"But, I'm not exactly an expert. That was what was normal there, I never thought about how it was different from here."

"You could not have, as this was not a place you had planned to visit. Have you struggled much since arriving here?"
"Yes…I would say the monsters. We didn't have any where I'm from. I never had to kill anything by myself. While animals were killed for food, any other kind of killing was against the rules."
"Even insects and fish?"

"We'd hardly be able to live if things were that strict."

I couldn't help but chuckle.

“But the senseless killing of even bugs and fish would be frowned upon, ethically speaking. And it is a crime to kill animals owned by others. And so killing is forbidden in my country. But it isn't so different here, is it? Even you told me, Daniela, that 'unnecessary killing is wrong.'”

With that said, we continued to kill others… I had no answer for that.

“I see… Then it must have been hard for you when you killed your first monster?”

“…Yeah, it was.”

I remember even now. That moment that my makeshift spear slid into the goblin's stomach. The sensation of it piercing through the neck after that, the last shudder before death. But I thought it then too. I didn't want to be killed anymore. And so I had no choice but to kill. Though, I was crushed by the weight of it once, in the mines… What would I have become without Daniela? The thought alone is horrifying.

“You did seem pained back in the mines. What about now?”

“I'm fine. It's because of you.”


Daniela's cheeks reddened a little as she smiled gently.

Ahh, usually this was where we would enter a certain mood, but I'm not an idiot. This was a place to enjoy the food. A place to taste the blessings of the forest.
"Hehe. We were supposed to be talking about my country, and yet we've moved the subject to worrying over me."
"But I am always worried about you. Unlike me, you were not born here. Your sensibilities, the way you act, it is different."
"But we can understand each other, can't we? Then it will be fine."
"You are right…it is not good to be too protective."

Daniela said with an uncertain smile. I knew that I would be trouble for her…

"Being too protective won't do, but I don't mind being coddled a little once in a while."

“Of course, any time. But only when we are alone, alright?”

Usually, this was where I got red in the face and say, 'if you insist,' but Daniela rested her cheek on her hand and her expression changed from the uncertain smile to the most charming and a.s.sured grin.

Ahh, I will follow you for the rest of my life, my lady.

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