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Shia & S Rank Sorcerer vs High Lord

The tip of the blade peeked out from the Vampire High Lord's chest. Blood spilled from his mouth.

The High Lord grabbed the tip of the blade with his left hand.

"You dog! How dare you touch me!"

The High Lord shouted, even while his face was enveloped by my magical flames.

"I am a wolf!"

Shia said as she pulled out her sword. The High Lords fingers were severed off as she did so.

However, his wounds began to heal rapidly.

Even the face that was burning was also healing just as quickly.

We weren't dealing enough damage to overcome his recovery ability.

However, it was clear that we were pressing close.

"b.a.s.t.a.r.ds. You'll pay for this!"

The High Lord unleashed dozens of magic arrows from his body all at once.

I felt dark magic from them. They were cursed arrows.

Shia and I jumped back at the same time.

I struck the arrows that flew towards me with my sword and then cast a magic barrier in front of Shia.

After that, I charged right back at the High Lord.

I tore open the reactive barrier with the Devil King Sword and slashed at him.

Quickly forcing him to move to the defensive.

Every time he left the smallest opening, She would swing at him with precision and take off his arms and legs.

The High Lord let out a howl every time.

And every time they regenerated, his attention and magic had to concentrate towards the wound. And I punished these distractions. The Devil King Sword shredded, the flames burned and Drain Touch sucked the magical energy.


Now the High Lord was trying to turn into mist.


Gerberga had been quiet until this moment. But now he cried loudly.

In a flash, the parts that were transforming into mist turned into ash instead.

I guess this was the power of High Lords. He did not die from just one cry.

However, it was clear that it dealt a lot of damage.


The High Lord's eyes bulged in disbelief. Then he laughed.

"That sound…the G.o.d Fowl is here."


Gerberga cried softly against my chest.

He was shaking.

"I must thank you for bringing him to me."

The High Lord laughed as he raised his right hand. Then his magic spread around the room.

I could sense that a barrier had been created.

"This is…divine protection…"

"Yes. However, from the G.o.d of the dark ones."

There were barriers around large cities that were G.o.d's protection. It prevented strong monsters from getting in.

If this was by the G.o.d of the dark ones, then instead, it would allow strong monsters in and keep what is holy out.



I was a.s.saulted by intense pain as if I had been struck on the head with a blunt object. My entire body was numb, and I couldn't move well.

Gerberga seemed to be suffering as well. Shia had fallen to her knees.

With this protection of the G.o.d of the dark ones around us, fighting would be incredibly difficult with a sword, which I wasn't too familiar with.

I would have to fight with magic, which I could use without even thinking.

As I considered this, the High Lord flew right towards me.

He was clearly targetting Gerberga.

"I will not let you!"

Shia said as she threw her sword towards the High Lord.

"You're too late!"

The High Lord blocked the sword and stretched out a hand towards me.


The moment when he tried to touch me, his hand was thrown back.

It was no surprise, as he had thrust his arm into my own reactive barrier.

"What! How is it that you can create such a barrier!"

"There is no magic that something as low as you can use that I can't."

I said very smugly.

Actually, I had just learned it from him a moment ago, but there was no need for him to know that.

I fought against the pain in my head as I searched the area with magic.

The protection of the G.o.d of the dark ones. The barrier's core should be somewhere around here.

And then I found it.

However, it also restricted who could approach it. And it was too far to run to.

And so I cast Marionette on myself. It was a magic that forced your body to move.

Now my body was moving on its own and rushing towards the core.

Now I was inside. My muscles were being torn apart. My awareness grew hazy.

However, Marionette would not let me rest. My body continued to move without concern.

However, the speed of Marionette was slower than my usual speed.

And the High Lord now realized what I was trying to do.

"What impudence!"

He charged towards me. He was faster.

"You must be confident to ignore me!"

Shia stabbed him from the back as he tried to slash at me.

It was the sword that she had originally brought with her.

The stronger you were, the harsher the restriction was inside of the barrier.

Shia was strong, but not as strong as me. And so she could move faster.


The High Lord shrieked, then swung his sword at Shia.

Shia dodged him desperately, but could not move fast enough. Her shoulder was slashed open and blood sprayed in the air.

Right then, I arrived at the core and destroyed it with the Devil King Sword.

And with that, the protection of the G.o.d of the dark ones faded.

At the same time, the High Lord was about to deal a death blow to Shia as he swung his sword.

I deactivated Marionette and in a flash, reached the High Lord and cut off his sword arm.

And I wouldn't stop there.

I reinforce my left hand with magic and slam it into his jaw. For a split second, the High Lord does not move.

Without waiting for an instant, I cut off the High Lord's head with the Devil King Sword.

But he does not give up. Once again, he begins to transform into a mist in order to escape.

"Don't think I'll allow you!"

I swung at him again.


And then Gerberga let out another cry.

Only the High Lord's head remained, as the rest turned into ash.

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