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Banished To Another World《异世流放》Yi Shi Liu Fang.  

 Chapter 41: Begins to Build The Winter House

The other nest belonging to Jiu Feng is not far from the nest, it was just in a natural cave under the cliff facing south of the other nest

The opening of this cave is wide enough to allow Jiu Feng to spread its wings and fly straight in.

As soon as the cave hole went in, there was a s.p.a.ce equal to a football field and about three to four meters high. From the hole to the inside, there was a huge bird's nest like a stone plate. Jiu Feng stepped on and settled down just right.

In the meantime, Yan Mo didn't go to see it. It wasn't that he was not curious, but it was too dark. Even if he looked inside during the day, it was still dark. He tried to walk to the edge of the place where it could be illuminated. He could feel the inside. There is still s.p.a.ce, but the cave that open on the cliffs isn't safe because he is not a professional explorer and doesn't have professional modern tools. It is very dangerous to just go in

If it was the well-equipped professional explorer who enters this unknown cave he wouldn't guarantee 100% security. Even in the modern world of his original world, there are many unknown caves on the earth, not to mention he doesnt even have a torch for seeing inside.

Yan Mo stood for a while, didn't feel the obvious opposite wind in the depths of the cave, which meants there was no other exit in the cave, or the s.p.a.ce inside the cave was very tortuous, even if there were other exits, the wind could not pa.s.s through.

However, because Jiu Feng was building a nest here, he can be sure that the cave will have no snakes and rats.

To this end, Yan Mo slept very peacefully at night, except for being tossed by the bugs and the fleas in the gra.s.sy stones nest.

The cave expedition was temporarily abandoned. In order to develop to the periphery vision as soon as possible, it was possible that he was going to spend the upcoming winter here. After that, the Yan Mo trio and the human faced bird Jiu Feng launched a little bit of a long-term running-in process to test the bottom line and then advance.

"In order not to let you freeze to death at night, I must first find a place to live with you." Yan Mo held his arms and shook his head and shivered.

Since the heavy rain, the weather has been cold day by day, only after three days, the temperature has dropped by at least 20 degrees.

There is sunshine in the daytime, but it has not been of much use in the cloak of the animal skin, and the cold chilly weather was drilling straight into his bones. In the evening, he did not dare to drill out from Jiu Feng's wings, as long as he thought he was sleeping under the warm wings, and Yuan Zhan and Meng were only wrapped in animal skins and barely maintained staying unfrozen he will sympathize with them, really!

Yuan Zhan has become accustomed to this kind of weather. From psychological to physiological, the warriors who live on this land dare to fight barefoot outside even in the snow, so he and Yuan Meng can still survive during the day.

"We can build a tent in the shelter from the animal skin." Yuan Zhan, who is trying to grind a stone axe, said calmly.

"Are you sure that you can spend the entire winter in a thin tent?" Yan Mo was sensing that thay it was impossible in his memory, The Yanshan/Salt Mountain People will enter the Salt Mountain caves  in the winter, and no one will live in the tents outside.

"No." With a crying sound, Yuan Meng jumped a few steps around the area.

In these three days, they managed to expand their freedom here under the tight-watch from Jiu Feng.

Yan Mo felt very happy, because there is a forest next to the stone mountain. They have stones and wood today, and they will definitely get by.

"Then you can make Jiu Feng also take us into the cave." Yuan Zhan knew  hopelessly still mentions.

"You also saw that I discussed it with it. I think it should understand what I mean, but it is obviously not willing to let you in the cave." Yan Mo spread his hand and sucked his nose.

Yuan Zhan and Meng also know that it is impossible. Any animal and bird are very exclusive to their own territory, especially the nest. Now it is already a magical thing for Jiu Feng to let them live near its nest.

"What do you see above?" Yuan Zhan asked fiercely.

Yan Mo replied a little bit seriously: "There are no threatening animals or people nearby. I think we can make a tent in the leeward of this stone mountain. There is not enough fur, only a small one, and winter. It's not a good season to collect fur even the bird don't shed them."

"A small one is OK, there is a place to block the wind. Later, we will look around to see if there are any suitable caves or sloping soil slopes." Yuan Zhan spoke when he was making a stone axe, the surface looked like it was effortless ground, but his forehead was oozing sweat.

Yan Mo was surprised and looked at him more, but this look rose him deeper doubts in his eyes.

He had just seen Yuan Zhan casually smashing a stone from the mountain. The shape of the stone was about two square feet. He saw the stone he did not know what Yuan Zhan intended to do.

However, it took so long that he could already see the shape of a long-handled stone axe from the stone. But he didn't hear the strong hits at all, nor did he see Yuan Zhan's grinding action.

No, Yuan Zhan began to grind. He took the other part of the stone that had been removed from the stone and rubbed it against the edge of the stone axe. The problem is that he did not use other stones in front of him to hit the stone in his hand, nor did he use other stones to grind the stone in his hand.

Then, in the end, how did the stone get the extra sharp and become the shape of this stone axe? 

In other words, he has never seen Yuan Zhan make stone products, and the stone products in the "home" are only the necessity. If Yuan Zhan can handle hard stones more easily with something he hasn't seen yet, why doesn't he add more stone necessities to his home?

Yuan Zhan, who is sensitive to other people's gaze, looked up.

Yan Mo didn't have time to shift his gaze and had to make it look like he was asking him: "Right, first I want to ask you a question, wood and stone. Which one do you think is better?"

Yuan Meng paused before answering. "... Of course it is wood."

Yuan Zhan paused longer than Yuan Meng time, but he spoke out: "Its all the same."

Amazedly Yan Mo looked at him.

"How could it be the same?" Yan Mo found that Yuan Zhan seemed to reveal an important secret and immediately seized the opportunity to prose some more: "You can cut trees with stone knives. Can you still use tree branches to cut stones?"

"I have a way. Yuan Zhan replied vaguely.

Yan Mo didn't plan to let it go, but he pressed hard and asked: "You mean that you have the way to deal with those stones, just as easy as cutting a tree with a stone knife?"

Yuan Zhan hesitated and nodded.

Grabbing his head Yan Mo sighed. Forget it, better to say it since they are so far away from the tribe.

Yan Mo looked at Yuan Zhan's eyes and somehow thought of the stone mountain occupied by Yuan Tribe. Is the tribe occupying the stone mountain not only because they need stones  fromt eh mountain and feel that the stones are easy to use?

Yan Mo suddenly felt that this ordinary primitive tribe became mysterious.

Is it true that in that tribe, Yuan Zhan has a method that can handle hard stones more easily? Why did their residences still have no stone-covered buildings?

Because there is no such awareness? Because they have never thought about it in this regard? Or because they don't know what to do in the first step and what to do in the next step?

To put it bluntly, what these primitive people lack in his view is not the ability of how to do but the concept of how to make new things, but as long as he can light up their imagination, give them a little hint, maybe they can develop rapidly.

"I am from Xi Rang Clan." Yuan Zhan suddenly said.

"Ah?" Yan Mo was pulled out of his own thoughts.

Yuan Meng added: "The people of the land, they're descendants of the legendary G.o.d of the Earth."

"So?" Yan Mo asked for a detailed explanation.

"So I can make the stone listen to me a little." Yuan Zhan got up to get more stones.

1].... A Stone Bender? Or possibly a Earth bender

Yan Mo's heart was shocked, and his curiosity rose at a fast speed. The last time he saw The Priest Qiu Shi's long-distance gaze, he wanted to dissect the other man brain. He never thought that Yuan Zhan, who was sleeping with him, was actually a real abled person. Who secretly hides such a big secret.

Someone's eyes flashed with the crazy desires he wanted to study without even knowing himself. He asked: "How do you let the stone listen to you? What can you do with the stone? Why didn't mention that you have such a skill before? You didnt see how we needed it on the road, why?"

Yuan Zhan refused to answer, imagining that he could only be hard to beat back more questions.

Yan Mo decided to avoid Yuan Zhan later, and asked for a clear question.

"You don't need to know these things. You just need to know that I can make stones things more easily than others."

Yuan Zhan got up and put a quick-grinding stone axe into his waist. He bowed down to the boy and said, "Let's talk, What do you want to do with stones and wood? I think you would not use them to make weapons."

Yan Mo twisted his nose and said: "Before you know that you still have such a skill at hand, what am I still swearing. What about you Yuan Meng? Do you have any special means or skill ?"

"He doesn't have any special skills at all. He just runs at least a little faster." Yuan Zhan regretted exposing the matter so quickly to the little slave. He doesn't know why, he always felt that the little slave looked at him with wicked eyes. It was like a hungry winter bear raging after saw honey, but he didn't want to eat him, but wanted to cut him!

Yan Mo took a deep breath and calmed down his slightly excited mood, pointing to the stone mountain. "Now there is Jiu Feng nest for us. We can free all the time and energy to get used to it. For example, cover a stone with this side and make house, stone house with fire point inside and that much warmer than tents, but also much safer. "

 " What's a stone house? "

 " Its something similar to the tent building, but larger, more reliable, easier to use. "

 " How ?.... Will you make it?"

Yan Mo simply spit out the words: "No."

Yuan Zhan, who just took an interest in the stone house, "..."

"But I will draw, I will draw and you can look at it, I can point it to you. I probably remember some of the main points of building a house." Yan Mo sat on the floor and used a branch to simply draw the shape of a house. "I originally wanted to make a stone house but it was too difficult. It's better to get a simple wooden house first, but since you have the ability to make stones, then let us try to make a house that we can stay when the snow comes.

Yuan Zhan and Yuan Meng studied the appearance of the stone house on the ground, and became even more fascinating.

Yan Mo has a good painting stroke. He doesn't understand the artistic conception of painting. He only practices his painting technique to the point where he can be realistic and make the drawing from his memory.

He painted a square stone house that he had seen while traveling, and then painted an ancient city pool around him and circled the stone house.

"This is the house you said we can live in?" Yuan Meng eyes glowed and he looked at Yan Mo, as if he could not wait for him to immediately blow the house out.

"Oh my G.o.d! In addition to the natural caves, the stone can also be used create a square cave. Da Zhan, you tell why we never thought of it before? Also, you tell me is the temple in the Three Cities like this?"

"Maybe, maybe it's more magnificent than this." Yan Mo resisted the urge to paint a real temple. This boxy stone house is easy to be accepted because of its simple shape and Yuan Zhan will be more suspicious, but if I paint a temple? It will inevitably lead to the surprise and suspicion to me  so it is not necessary.

They ignored the strange words, now they can automatically ignore some of the vocabulary that the boy said, chalking it up as only as a secret language of the Yanshan Priest.

"Little Mo, have you seen such a house?" Meng asked.

"No, it was my Priest who once painted it for me to see, I just copied it down."

Liar! Yuan Zhan dismissed the lie from the boy and only bit his mouth.

Meng believes that it was true, and he admires Yuan Zhan. "Why didn't you give me Yan Mo? If I knew that he was there I would go out with you that day! Ah! I regret not going!"

Yuan Zhan didn't hear Yuan Meng jealousy yelling, he is already scrutinizing this painting to consider how the house should be built. He was especially interested in that city. As a warrior, he only knew what the wall of the circle represented.

Yan Mo asked Yuan Zhan: "Can you make such a flat square stone?"

" Yes ." Yuan Zhan didn't say it would cost him a lot of energy so many stones... He hopes he can make it all before snowing. .

Yan Mo asked again, "Can you hollow out a giant rock?"

Yuan Zhan shook his head. "I can't do it now." That would be done in the future. Yan Mo decided to let this person stay alive from dissection for a while. This is a good stonemason. No one can afford to lose him.

Yuan Zhan looked at the pattern and raised the question: "Wouldn't it so easy to collapse when the stone is on a block?"

"Thats why I need to lay the foundation before building the house." Yan Mo explained what it meant to be a foundation.

Yuan Zhan and Yuan Meng understood, "Is it necessary to dig a pit first? And the deeper the better, right?"

"We should..." Yan Mo was not sure, "If the house we built is not high, If the ground of the house is relatively hard, we can just bury the first layer of large stones in the soil and in a circle according to the room type. If the surrounding soil is compact, .... it can be."

This section is okay to skip, Meng second question was quickly raised: "How do stones and stones stick together?"

"It would require binders, water mixed with lime, sand, gra.s.s ash, or volcanic ash together, let me think about what else, like clay Yeah?"

   Yan Mo said this sentence with a bitter smile. "It's a miserable. It's a big problem. How do we get the glue? Do you know if there is anything sticky? You can stick two stones together and it can weather the storm?"

Meng and Yuan Zhan thought for a long time, both were shaking their heads together.

Yan Mo was slightly frustrated, but there was no such thing as expected. It was not so easy to build a house. "We can still build a house with wood, so that it can be fixed with a stone structure."

Then Yan Mo explained again. What is the structure means? 

Yuan Zhan finished listening and was scratching his face. "Maybe I can try to make the lock b.u.mb structure you said.... on the stone." Although this is difficult for him as a 2nd Rank fightrr, he will not back down.  He looked forward to what it would looked like when the house on the pattern really appears.

"Great!" Yan Mo looked at Yuan Zhan and finally he was pleasing to the eye - it is this subjective spirit!

"But... how can the roof be made of stones ? Won't the roof fall down?"

"Hey, we can build a flat top first, no, no, no, or a triangle. I am afraid that the roof will be crushed by heavy snow." Yan Mo thought about some of the knowledge about architecture that he had seen in the past. "It would need a beam here. There are also a lot of support beams, which are thick and straight wood, they are placed on the stone wall in parallel, and then..."

   The explanation goes step by step, and Yan Mo, who only knew the house, explains it later. He definitely wants to cover it before snow starts falling.

However, he did not expect Yuan Zhan and Yuan Meng to explode so much enthusiasm about the building.

Jiu Feng circled them for a few days and didn't figure out what they were doing.

Those stones can't be eaten. They hold the stones and knock things round and what is it that they do every day?

Yan Mo, who couldn't help on the stone work, rushed to smash the animal skin, which is the skin of the animals that Jiu Feng hunted back these days.

Yan Mo sat on the side of the creek and sc.r.a.ped the skin, fat  left on the skin. His hands were soaked into the cold stream from time to time, while shaking and licking the fat. He suddenly had a kind of cabbage. The double miserable feeling of the little match girl!

Jiu Feng slowly landed near Yan Mo and stared at him seriously.

Yan Mo turned his head and looked up at the big bird. "What? Is my face blooming?"

"Hey." Are you not cold? Why are you still playing with water on such a cold day?

Yan Mo, "...Aaachu!"

" Hey !" What is this? Do it again! 

"Aaachu! Aaachu! Aaachu!" Three consecutive sneezes, Yan Mo gloriously announced that he had a cold.

Ten days!

The loss of the three people enetgy in these ten days is extremely great, especially Yuan Zhan, the whole person is in a kind of excitement and extreme fatigue.

He knew that this is not good, but the rough beasts that have not been found in the vicinity are not yet carried out. The tents has to be made of such things, how cold the night is, can be imagined.

House! House! 

He must build the house before this winter! 

Yuan Zhan found that at first he wanted to make a stone flat and it was not difficult to make a regular groove hole on the stone, but when he wanted to give another stone a protruding ridge that fits completely into the groove. It started to become difficult.

1]..... Think like interlocking blocks

It is especially difficult that he needs to make all the grooves and ribs on the stones look almost the same.

In order to see the effect early, he decided to make a stone on the side of the cover, but fortunately, he gradually became familiar and the speed became much faster.

The foundation pit was dug. After he dug it, he took Yan Mo to the woods to find the right beam.

Yan Mo said that the wet trees that had just been cut down needed to be processed before they became support beams but this time there is no time to processed them, they can only make use of them first, and then they will get some girders in the spring of next year - in fact, he does not know how to process the wood beams only know that you need to worm, roast, and sun.

Jiu Feng have always been watching the excitement of these Two Legged Monsters but when it found that Yuan Zhan actually made the stones almost the same size, the big bird didn't know what came over it. It even wanted to make the big rock that had not been made yet. The wind blade volleyed from the wings cuts out the same thing.

"Hey!" After trying it a dozen times, Jiu Feng mastered the process, and soon used the wind blade ability to cut out the long square stones that were similar in size to Yuan Zhan.

To this end, it exclaimed excitedly, "croow-!" while flying and summoning The Two Legged Monster to see its results.

Yan Mo appeared, and Jiu Feng immediately took him to the stone and showed off.

Yan Mo knelt and touched the bird's head that was hanging down automatically. Yuan Zhan, who turned his head and struggled with the stone, said: "If I were you, I would make a bunch of big stones to make it easy"

Yuan Zhan smiled and accepted this suggestion with humility.

Since then, Jiu Feng  became excited, and Yuan Zhan became depressed.

The biggest winner was Yan Mo, he was looking at more and more stones and set fire to everyone.

Yuan Zhan opened his mouth and waited for the slave Yan Mo to feed him, and a pair of evil eyes still stared at him - have you not fed me like this before? Why is it wrong before, now it will not work? 

Yan Mo looked at the other side's hard work and gave him a half-baked meat.

Jiu Feng rushed over and said that he wanted to be fed like Yuan Zhan!

"Hey-!" What is that? ! Why do you play with fire on my site again! 

A bunch of fires, and Jiu Feng was blowing cold winds stamping them out.

"Hey!" There is no place in my place where you are allowed to ignite fire! You can't eat barbecue! Get rid of the fire! Kill it immediately! "Hey!"

Yan Mo, who was about to open his mouth and bite the meat, was. .h.i.t by the flying flints and he was so angry that he was so angry: "Bird brother, dry things, dry and ruin the fire!"

 When the first snow fell there were four stone walls on the open s.p.a.ce in the side of the cave. The stone walls have been placed high near the barriers. The left and right walls were triangular at the top, so that the beams can be directly tied together at the top

A large, straight log was placed against the stone wall. The wood was not dry yet, and only the leaves were removed, and the bark was removed. But they had to wait, Yuan Zhan and Yuan Meng,  the two collaborated. The log frame was in the position where it should be. Report broken chapters

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