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Chapter 968: A personal visit

Translator: Sparrow Translations  Editor: Sparrow Translations

Several days later.

A group of unexpected people came to Cloud Street.

Also, there were many reporters following them.

The n.o.bel Foundation Chairman, Edward, looked at the scene before him. In that instant, he was startled. Then, he asked his followers who were beside him.

“That Chinese medicine master does his research here?” He could not quite believe it. To him, this looked like a commercial street.

In such a noisy place, how would one be able to conduct research?

That follower was a Chinese man but he had always lived overseas, so he didn't know what was going on either. But according to his research, it seemed to be the case, so he nodded.

“This is the place,” he said firmly.

Edward didn't say much else but he was still doubtful.

The reporters who were following heard their discussion and almost couldn't help bursting into laughter.


Research my a*s! This is a commercial street and Master Lin sells his scallion pancakes here.

Then, Edward realized that there were many people queueing up. The queue snaked all the way to the end of the street.

“What are they doing?” asked Edward.

That follower didn't understand it. He didn't stay here, how would he know?

But the reporters started to express their willingness to help as they softly explained, “Chairman Edward, these people are all waiting for Master Lin.”

When Edward heard that, he came to a realization. “So that's it. Master Lin possesses such medical prowess but doesn't immerse himself in his research lab. Instead, he comes out to treat the people's illnesses. That is truly admirable.”

When the reporters heard that, they laughed embarra.s.sedly and didn't say more. They decided to let the big shot think whatever he wanted. They would be able to see Master Lin soon anyway.

They only hoped that when that happened, he would not be too agitated.

The queuing townsfolk were stunned when they saw the reporters and they were filled with curiosity.

“What do you think these people are here for? Why do I suddenly feel as if Master Lin's place is frequented by reporters a lot.”

“Who knows? That's really scary. I think that in the future, if we come across any injustice and we want to look for reporters, we should just wait here at Master Lin's place. Reporters would definitely show up after a while.”

“It looks like these reporters are reporters from large news agencies. They're much more impressive than those small-fry reporters.”

“Look at that old man. His aura doesn't seem normal.”

The crowd whispered amongst themselves. They had come to queue even without much hope of getting the scallion pancakes. They just wanted to feel the atmosphere as they queued.

And if they became lucky and suddenly managed to buy the scallion pancake, that would really be like hitting the jackpot.

Now that the reporters had come, they were very curious.

Edward was quite excited as he was about to meet the Chinese medicine master who had conquered leukemia. Facing a true scientist, he would always show his best side.

After all, he had the highest respect for scientists.


When he reached the place, he was astonished.

“Be patient. It is limited to ten servings a day. If you don't want to queue, take a look at the poster on the wall. Anyone interested can take a look.” Lin Fan was making his scallion pancakes skillfully. An aroma filled the air that made it hard for the townsfolk to resist.

At this moment, Lin Fan saw the reporters too and he was curious. He wondered why these reporters were here again. But now, he was still busy working, so he waved his hand and said, “Please wait a moment. Let me finish preparing the scallion pancakes.

Edward was a little confused. He asked, “Is this the Chinese medicine master, Lin Fan?”

His tone was one of disbelief because this was completely unlike what he had imagined.

The reporters nodded. “Yes, this is Master Lin. But please wait a moment. Master Lin is selling scallion pancakes. He'll be done in a while.”

“But really, Master Lin's scallion pancakes are delicious. Once you eat it once, you'll definitely want it a second time.”

Edward was shocked. He even started stuttering a little as he didn't know what to say. His eyes gaped as he stared at the reporters.

“Isn't Master Lin the Chinese medicine master? This…”

The reporters nodded. “Yeah! He's the Chinese medicine master. But Master Lin's main profession is a scallion pancake seller. Chinese medicine is his secondary profession.”

Hearing that, Edward was completely dumbfounded.

What did these reporters just say?

Main profession and secondary profession?



Soon, Lin Fan was done selling the scallion pancakes. He picked up the cloth and wiped his hands before nodding at the reporters, indicating that they could come now.

The townsfolk who hadn't managed to buy the scallion pancakes were feeling helpless. They had failed yet again.

But the current situation made them very curious. They wondered what these people were here for. Every time reporters came, something big would definitely happen.

Edward, under the beckoning of the reporters, walked over slowly and stiffly.

A reporter said, “Master Lin, this is the n.o.bel Foundation Chairman, Mister Edward. He came over from Sweden to give you the award.”

When Lin Fan heard that, he was surprised. He hadn't expected the chairman to personally come to him. Then, he extended his hand and smiled. “Nice to meet you…”

Edward gained back his senses when he saw Lin Fan's extended hand. “Nice to meet you, Master Lin.”

Greasy and scallion-smelling.

This was Edward's first impression.

He was trying to find all kinds of ways to make sense of this situation.

For example, scientists all had strange working styles.

Perhaps this Chinese medicine master enjoyed selling scallion pancakes after finishing his research.

The surrounding townsfolk heard the exchange of words and were stunned.

They hadn't thought that the n.o.bel Foundation Chairman would personally come to Shanghai to present the award to Master Lin. To them, this was a huge event.

At that moment, many people took out their phones and started capturing photos and videos. They wanted to share this within their social circles.

Then, Lin Fan didn't know what else to say.

How are you?

I'm great.

What was there to say after that?

Edward was silent for a moment as well. He hadn't expected that Lin Fan would not spontaneously start a conversation. In the end, he had no choice but to speak first.

“Master Lin, we are truly sorry. It's because we didn't investigate properly that we made an unfair judgment. We hope that you could forgive the n.o.bel Foundation's mistake,” said Edward sincerely.

“It's nothing. Don't worry about it.” Lin Fan smiled. He wasn't even bothered by this matter. Then, he gestured. “Come in and talk.”

The shop wasn't big but the environment was pretty good.

Edward could read Chinese characters. He looked at the prizes that were hung on the wall and was taken aback. There were many Good Citizen Awards as well as a banner.

Such things were commonly seen in the offices of scientists but mostly, they were science-related awards. It was rare to see these kinds of awards.

To him, this Master Lin was very different from other scientists.

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