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Chapter 30: The ring

"Best and closest friend?"

"Y-yeah… that's what he said. He was the best and closest friend of the Great Emperor."

Jimin wrapped her head with her hands.

As she was heading toward the 'city', she met one man hiding within the ruins of a building where she chose to stay for the day. She was going to beat him up and gather information, but she didn't need to torture him as the man was already out of his mind. The man had lived 7 years in his previous life and was now moving across the desert with the group when he was ambushed. That's why he did not know.

"N-n.o.body asked, but he kept saying he's the closest friend of the Great Emperor.. and he has the right to kill us… ugh…"

He did not know who the man was and how lucky he was to be alive.

'Lee Kyuho.'

That name that still gave her chills even just by saying it.

'Why is he here and not in Incheon?'

There was no need to think.

'It's because of Dohyuk.'

Jimin was strong in this 2nd world, but Kyuho was strong since the beginning of the previous life. He was, after all, at the top of the line, closest to Dohyuk in power. All of them were monsters. People became beasts as they survived this world, but those strong ones were already beasts themselves.

Dohyuk's greatest feat was that he chained those beasts so that they could not hurt the weak. Even Kyuho, who enjoyed ma.s.sacres, stopped after he lost to Dohyuk and wagged his tail like a house dog.

'If he meets Dohyuk…'

Jimin gritted her teeth.

'Maybe I should kill him first…'

But would she be able to do that? She had finished the region trial as the best in the region and had three A's and one S for Dohyuk, but she still wasn't sure if she could defeat Kyuho.


The man called out to the silent Jimin. Without answering, Jimin grabbed the man's head. And-


The man's had snapped. Jimin checked the acquired coins and searched the man's pockets.

She was a beast too after all.

Dohyuk did not answer.

'My best and closest friend?'

The boy did not seem like he wanted to fight and he even gave him the ring. However, Dohyuk trusted his senses. He could sense the bloodthirst that he had sensed from all those who had come back. It was extremely strong from this boy.

"You don't believe me."

"Well, that's a shame."

The boy then turned to Namgun. Namgun's expression was filled with terror and awe.

"You. You know me, right?"


"Who am I?"


"F*ck, how would he know? Explain from the beginning."

"Y-You are the closest advisor to the Great Emperor!"

Namgun was almost crying as he spoke.

"Go on."

Dohyuk posed as if he was listening and touched the ring. He checked the message that popped up.


-Durability - 10/10

-Skill - Challenger's bet(Ga.-)

[Ring of Gladiator Keruak who only yearned for strength and victory.]


[When activated, increases user's first 'physical attack'. Boosts attack even at the user's full potential in both strength/agility stats. However, if the user misses, the same amount of damage will be inflicted upon the user.]

-Proficiency: N/A

-Can be activated by the phrase: 'Challenger's Bet'


He could use this now. He had learned about the Warmonger Gaiter already. Unlike the skill that the gaiter had, this ring had a skill that was more useful. Dohyuk placed the ring on his finger.

As he was doing that, Namgun was busy explaining about the boy.

"Four moons who were advisors to the Great Emperor, the Sun. That's what we called them."

Full Moon, Gibbous, Half Moon, Crescent. They were named after the four shapes of the moon.

"Oh, by the way. You didn't like these t.i.tles. You hated idolizing."

Kyuho the Crescent. He was one of four who stood beside Dohyuk. That also meant that no one was strong enough to fight against Dohyuk and Kyuho.

"Do you trust me now?"

It wasn't a lie. The details and explanation Namgun gave were too much to be a lie.


Dohyuk did not answer however, and Kyuho scowled. It made Namgun's face grow even paler.

"This is really f*cked," Kyuho spat. "I mean, yeah. It's not long since then. Even you… yeah."

Kyuho began mumbling to himself.

"I can understand. I can understand. I'm a good boy. That's what you taught me."

Yet his face contorted into something that resembled a demon.

"But I can't stand these fools. This trash and… that girl behind the corner."

"…What will you do if you can't stand it?"

"Well, I had decided to not meet you anyway," Kyuho scratched his head. "I mean, you'll survive with or without your memory and I was busy getting rid of these b*tches for you. But you know what? I've changed my plans."

Dohyuk reached to his back and grabbed his water bag.

"You don't know me… can't hang around with trash… I can't see this."

"Then what?"

"I'll take you along and teach you. Oh, I'll kill these trash first though."

"Good," Dohyuk nodded and Namgun groaned.

"Right? You can…"

"You've helped me make up my mind."


Dohyuk threw the water bag with its cap open. It splashed water all over as Dohyuk jumped.

Dohyuk's kick was aimed at Kyuho's head, but Kyuho easily dodged it.

"Whoa! You use kicking skills now?!"

Kyuho was astonished but Dohyuk continued his series of attacks.

"Great! Strength, Agility… it's all beyond my expectations!"

Yet nothing struck him. He was dodging every attack with ease. It was like when Dohyuk fought at the tournament, when he fought against Changhun with his G.o.d controlling him. Technique trumped all physical onslaughts.

[Challenger's Bet]

The ring was activated, and nothing changed on the outside, but Dohyuk felt surging power within.


Kyuho dodged that also and he even kicked Dohyuk to push him back.


Dohyuk sent flying backward, but what was more painful was the damage that came back to hurt him too.


"Oooh, so it came."

Kyuho shook his head, "You shouldn't use that yet. It only works better when you get stronger."

Kyuho then turned to the corner where Heeyun was at.

Dohyuk then decided and shouted, "Namgun! Now!"

Kyuho turned to Namgun, but Namgun was even more shocked by the call. Dohyuk swung his leg out at Kyuho, which Kyuho dodged easily.


Dohyuk crouched due to the pain.

"Ugh… didn't I say to not use that ring?"

Dohyuk ignored him and swung his fist. It missed again and he shook with another rebound.



Dohyuk tried again and again. But he could land nothing against Kyuho. And at last-


Dohyuk slumped down on the ground. He was shaking.

"I'm sad."

"Ugh…. Ah…"

"I really hoped you weren't being held back by the trash."

Kyuho walked to Dohyuk and squatted down to Dohyuk's level.

"Look at me."

"It's all for you. I know you. We should kill them now, so you won't end up like this in the future. Okay?"

"You crazy… son of a…."

Dohyuk raised his fist, but Kyuho grabbed the wrist. It was the hand with the ring.

"I'll keep this on me for now."

Kyuho then reached out for the ring, but there was no ring.

"When did you move it to the other hand…"

Before Kyuho could finish, Dohyuk rose up suddenly and grabbed Kyuho. Kyuho was shocked, but he calmly turned against Dohyuk to grab him. They were now standing against each other, grappling. Dohyuk wasn't overpowering him, but so was Kyuho.

"Wow… where did you get this power?"

"It's really sad. You do this much for those trash…?"

"F*ck you." Dohyuk cursed, "You said you know me?"

And it seemed Dohyuk didn't feel any pain or fatigue.

"You don't know anything about me, you piece of c.r.a.p."

And then, Kyuho saw. Heeyun was running at him with a spear of light in her both hands. When he called out to Namgun, Dohyuk didn't do it just to try to hit Kyuho. It was to throw the ring to someone, who would know how to use it. Heeyun did not miss the ring. She had the ring on her finger and was now powered by the ring's skill.

If she missed the stab with the spear, she would die.


Kyuho turned to Dohyuk. All his painful reactions…

"They were all fake, you b.a.s.t.a.r.d."

Kyuho was shocked.

"Y-you… you weren't like this…"

As Dohyuk had said, Kyuho did not know Dohyuk. And as a result-

The spear penetrated his body.

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