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Those Sweet Times

Chapter 41 Part 4

It was too noisy inside the room. Lin Chuyan and Xiang Nuan decided to go to a
coffee shop to discuss the matter. When they left, Zheng Dongkai and the others
all gave a meaningful look at Lin Chuyan.

Lin Chuyan, with Xiang Nuan's bag in one hand and the other handing her scarf to
her, didn't look at any of them.

After they arrived at the coffee shop, Lin Chuyan called Chen Yinghu on the phone.

Chen Yinghu was ranked number one in this area. There wasn't a champion in Kings
of Glory that he didn't know how to play.

“Hu Ge, what's up?” Lin Chuyan greeted him. Though Chen Yinghu was younger than
him, he had gotten used to calling him Hu Ge and found it too bothersome to change.

Chen Yinghu was chewing food and mumbled: “Eating breakfast.”

“You're eating breakfast at this hour?”

“En. I just got up not too long ago. What time is it now?”

Lin Chuyan didn't continue with idle chatter since he had something more urgent in mind.
Lin Chuyan briefly explained what had happened.

Chen Yinghu was amused: “Ain't he c.o.c.ky when he has only 18 stars? Beat him up in the

Lin Chuyan calmly reminded him: “Xiang Nuan and I only have one star each……”

“Oh, oh. Oh, that's right. You, noob.”

Lin Chuyan didn't have time to argue with him. “Hu Ge, be serious. Zhuang Zhou and
Mulan, one on one, what's the chances of winning?”

“It all depends. If it's Bronze Mulan, it's easy to win. If it's Master Mulan, the chances are
slim. Mulan is the most strong champion now.”

“So you mean there's no chance?”

“Let her use other champions. Does she only know how to play Zhuang Zhou? What else
can she can play?”

“Zhang Fei.”

“......” Chen Yinghu was quiet for a while. Then he said: “Maybe you should beat that guy
up and send him to the hospital. If he's in the hospital then he can't play tomorrow, then
Xiang Nuan would win.”

“No, we have to win fair and square…...Hu Ge, is there any champion that can counter
Mulan? Don't mind the skill level, just based on the champion's abilities.”



After Lin Chuyan finished talking with Chen Yinghu on the phone, he gave the worrisome
Xiang Nuan a particularly gentle look: “Don't you like Diaochan a lot?”

“That's right.”

“So now you can play her, aren't you happy about it?”

In Xiang Nuan's mind: Yeah, I'm really happy! QAQ

Lin Chuyan checked his watch: “We don't have much time. You have to start practicing
right now. We'll stay up the whole night tonight, can you do it?”


“Tomorrow, we have to make sure he calls you daddy.”

Xiang Nuan was worried: “Then what if I lose?” Would she have to call him hubby if she
lost? She would rather die!

Lin Chuyan gave her a glance and lightly smiled: “That's what he said, you didn't agree.”

Xiang Nuan: “......”

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