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Chapter 23: Hungry

Gu Feiyan looked at the letter carefully and found that the signature on the letter was Shangguan Yinghong's.

Not to mention that she is a mere medicine girl, even a pharmacist would find it hard to take a leave of absence for ten days, let alone getting Shangguan Yinghong's approval?

Second Master Gu and Madam w.a.n.g did not have the money to bribe Shangguan Yinghong. This matter was most likely caused by the Qi siblings? What was their purpose in forcing her to stay at the Gu residence?

Instead of being angry, Gu Feiyan was actually happy. One had to know that she couldn't even get ten days of vacation from her master. She could finally play! She wanted to stroll around, and get to know better about the world full of temptations in the Profound Sky Continent.

As for what kind intentions the Qi siblings had towards Second Master Gu, she was too lazy to think about it. Everything goes the way it's meant to go anyway. She was not afraid.

Soon, the rumbling sounds from her stomach interrupted Gu Feiyan's thoughts. Hungry!

There were no servants serving Jade Flower Pavilion. Gu Feiyan ran to the firehouse, and just as she reached the door, she smelled the fragrant aroma of food. It was lunchtime.

Gu Feiyan wanted to go in, but Steward Xue stopped her and said coldly, “Eldest Miss, Second Master has orders. You violated the family rules, disrespected the elders, disobeyed them, and thus punished you with no food to eat. Second Master had said, after you've thought it through, and know that you've made a mistake and want to admit it, then go find him. Otherwise, you won't even be able to touch a single grain of rice! ”

Steward Xue said as he suddenly pushed Gu Feiyan away, ordering the servants to serve the dishes. This lunch was quite sumptuous. The fragrant and soft pork meatb.a.l.l.s, the red braised meat with the fragrance of soy sauce, the tender pine fish, the fresh and fragrant mushroom soup, and many other dishes were served out.

However, the hungry Gu Feiyan had already lost her appet.i.te. She touched the small cauldron on her waist and without saying a word turned around to leave.

If Second Master Gu wanted to force her to sign the marriage annulment contract, then so be it! If he wanted to force her to beg for food, that would be wishful thinking! The original owner had to look at others' faces for food. As for her… she could eat off small medicine cauldron!

As Gu Feiyan walked towards the door, she pinched her fingers together and calculated. She will go to a restaurant to have a meal, find a master to repair the Jade Flower Pavilion, and then add in some winter supplies. How much would it cost to buy some materials for the winter? She thought about digging out a the Thousand Year Old Blood Ginseng from the medicinal field inside the small medicine cauldron to sell and get enough money. There should still be a lot left, right?

She had gone to the Medicinal Herbs Market before to sell her medicine, and she had also been able to buy some medicinal herbs that weren't in the Medicine King's Cauldron, as well as some seeds. The herb fields in the Medicine King's Cauldron were different from those in the other lands.

Gu Feiyan walked out of the main door and found an empty spot in the alley. Leaning against the wall, she focused her mind and let her consciousness enter the s.p.a.ce of the small medicine cauldron.

If she wanted ordinary medicinal ingredients, she only needed to summon them out of the herb field with her mind. However, in order to find something like the blood ginseng, she would have to personally go to the herb field to dig them out.

Gu Feiyan held the small medicine cauldron. However, even after a long time, her consciousness was unable to enter the small medicine cauldron. How strange! She tried again, but not only was she unable to enter, she was also rebounded.

Gu Feiyan suddenly opened her eyes, as if she had realized something. A trace of fear flashed through her eyes. Soon, she tried again. Her consciousness seemed to be repelled once more.

“It can't be, right?”

Gu Feiyan mumbled to herself as she attempted to use her mind to retrieve ordinary medicinal herbs. However, the small cauldron couldn't be controlled by her will, and didn't budge in the slightest!

Gu Feiyan was startled. She pulled down the small cauldron and rubbed it a few times like she did last night, summoning the divine flame. Unexpectedly, the divine flame did not appear!

Without a doubt, this little cauldron was going on an all-out strike!

Gu Feiyan finally remembered the only disadvantage of this little fellow. It couldn't use poison. Once you use poison, it will lose its temper. As for how long it will last, no one knows. In the past few days, she had continuously used it to refine two poisons!

As Gu Feiyan thought about this, she couldn't help but feel a lingering fear. Fortunately, this little ancestor didn't go on strike when she was altering the medicine for Cheng Yifei, otherwise she would be finished!

Poison was a common occurrence, and poisons had medicinal properties as well as medicinal properties. But the small medicine cauldron banned refining, concocting, and boiling poisons. The two times she had used poison, she had forcefully extracted the poison, synthesizing it before boiling it and causing it to emit poisonous smoke. It could be said that she had violated all the taboos of the little Cauldron, no wonder it went all out strike.

Actually, Master Bai Yi didn't understand poison. However, she was extremely sensitive to the toxicity of medicinal herbs. She didn't know if this was an innate gift or if she had learned it before she was eight years old.

Indeed, when she was young, she did often secretly use her master's cauldron to refine poison. But this time, she wasn't being naughty, she wasn't being mischievous, she was just protecting her own life!

Gu Feiyan held the small medicine cauldron in her hands and pitifully asked, “Little Ancestor, you can't be indiscriminate! I refined the poison to save myself, not because I want to play around, not because I want to hurt others!”

“Hey, I want to earn money by selling medicinal herbs! How long are you going to make a scene? Can you give me a Blood Ginseng first, then only make trouble again? ”

“Let's talk it over. Can I buy you more medicinal herb seeds? I'll clean you later and use the best essential oil for maintenance, okay? ”

After all, they had already made a contract, and the small Cauldron was able to sense its master's emotions and understand her intentions. However, when it was in a temper, its perception seemed to have gone out of control. It did not respond to Gu Feiyan's dissatisfaction or protest.

Gu Feiyan's stomach growled again. She really wanted to cry, but there were no tears.

In the past few days, she had been like a warrior, defending herself from all enemies whenever they came. But she never thought that she would fall at the hands of her teammates in the end.

What should she do?

Gu Feiyan searched her entire body, but couldn't find anything of value that could be traded with a p.a.w.nshop for money. Jade Flower Pavilion didn't have any either.

If this was outside of the city, she could still find some valuable herbs in the mountains and forests to sell. In the city, there was no need to even think about it.

Gu Feiyan could only go to the palace gate to try her luck. She showed her token but she had been rejected by the palace guards on the grounds that she did not have to enter the palace during her break.

As she had expected, not only did the Qi siblings help her request a leave of absence, they even forbade her from entering the palace. It was clearly to create an opportunity for Second Master Gu and his wife to force her to compromise!

Gu Feiyan did not insist and turned to leave. She found a few pharmacies in the market and asked if they would recruit her for odd jobs, but it was useless. Don't say, the matter of earning money to eat really made things difficult for her. She was someone who had never been worried about food and clothing. She couldn't help but complain about the previous owner. She had lived for so long, how come there wasn't even a single acquaintance that she could freeload off?

As the sun was about to set, Gu Feiyan walked toward her house with a hungry stomach hoping to get through the night and wait for tomorrow morning when the little medicine cauldron would return to normal. Just as she arrived at the main entrance, she saw a group of imposing cavalry soldiers escorting a carriage adorned with tough decorations, heading straight towards her. The person riding beside the horse carriage was no other than General Cheng's deputy general, Zhou Tao!

It can't be, right?

After Cheng Yifei's admirer, Qi Yu's admirer and Qi Yu himself, now even Cheng Yifei also would not let her off and came to her door?

Gu Feiyan was startled and stopped in her tracks. She looked at the curtain of the carriage. At that moment, the curtain was raised.

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