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She practically wanted to chop off her own hand then and there.

If Shen Liangchuan accidentally saw her like this, would she have any dignity left?

She grabbed her hair regretfully and only walked out when she was sure that Shen Liangchuan and his group had left. Then, she saw that a shop employee was looking at her with a conflicted expression.

Furthermore, Xiao Ye had disappeared.

Qiao Lian lowered her head and used a hand to cover her face shamefully. At the same time, she handed the clothes back to the salesperson, saying, "Th- This, I-"

Before she could finish speaking, she heard the salesperson say, "Miss, someone has already helped you to pay for this."

Qiao Lian: …!

Qiao Lian jerked her head upwards and looked at the salesperson incredulously. "Who?"

The salesperson coughed and said, "The person who swiped… Mr. Shen's card."

Shen Liangchuan?!

Qiao Lian was stunned. She was absolutely dumbfounded.

The salesperson coughed again and said softly, "Mr. Shen said that you can wear it tonight."

The salesperson quickly packed the clothes and handed them to her.

Staring at these clothes, Qiao Lian felt uncomfortable taking them, but she also felt uncomfortable not taking them as well.

As she agonized over her decision, Xiao Ye ran over panting. "You scared me, Sister Qiao! Just now, Best Actor Shen and a group of people rushed over to this shop, so I hurriedly ran to the adjoining shop! … Oh? You actually bought a set of clothes? What did you buy? Let me see."

Qiao Lian immediately s.n.a.t.c.hed the clothes from the salesperson's hands without saying anything. "It's nothing!"

If Xiao Ye saw this set of clothes, she would laugh at her!

After seizing the clothes from the salesperson, she grabbed Xiao Ye and walked outside.

Xiao Ye said mysteriously, "Sister Qiao, I just heard Best Actor Shen and his group talk about how they planned to eat at the restaurant 'Pin Chuan Ge'. Should we follow them there as well?"

"… You are no longer afraid of Best Actor Shen?"

"I'm still afraid", Xiao Ye exclaimed, "But there's no other choice. Since you offended the chief editor, if we do not uncover this scoop, I really think that you will not have a future at the news agency anymore. You've been tolerating the chief editor for over half a year just so that you could get a reporter pa.s.s once you finish working for one year and become a fully fledged reporter, right?"

Qiao Lian immediately choked.

Xiao Ye clapped her shoulders and said, "We should follow them now and catch them off guard. We might even be able to uncover Mrs. Shen's ident.i.ty tonight!"

Xiao Ye was saying this for her own good, so she found herself unable to reject her.

The two of them walked out of the shopping mall and got into the car. After waiting for a while, they saw the nanny van with Shen Liangchuan inside driving out. Qiao Lian silently started her car and followed them again.

It seemed as though Xiao Ye was correct. The people in front were driving steadily and did not seem to have discovered them at all.

Relieved, she followed their every turn. Finally, she realized that they were not going to Pin Chuan Ge. Instead, they arrived at a restaurant that served Guangdong cuisine.

As they went in to eat, Qiao Lian and Xiao Ye parked their car in a parking s.p.a.ce located along the roadside and silently stared at the entrance of the restaurant.

Xiao Ye excitedly said, "We'll wait for them to finish their dinner. Then, Best Actor Shen will probably go home, or maybe even go and meet Mrs. Shen!"

Qiao Lian was about to reply when someone knocked on the car's window.

She turned her head and saw Song Cheng standing outside the car and smiling profusely!

Her heart leapt and she instinctively started the car. However, she only realized at this moment that the parking spot that her car was currently occupying was located at a dead end and thus, she would not be able to drive away.

Her entire body tensed. She then saw Song Cheng gesturing at her to roll down the car's window.

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