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Separating Fire Pavilion Lord took a sip of the tea. Sensing that the flower tea was extremely delicious, her beautiful face revealed a look of pleasant surprise.

"This really is a pretty good scented tea!" Separating Fire Pavilion Lord kept praising her, she also frequently drank scented tea, and many of the scented tea leaves were of high quality, but none of them were as fragrant as the one she was currently drinking.

Although it was not the kind that was of the highest quality, the taste was definitely the best. In the end, He Fengyuan also joined in, using her ability to communicate with the Medicine soul, she improved by a lot.

"This is a World Defying G.o.d-becoming Dan … Is the Separating Fire Pavilion Lord for the younger generation? " Chen Xiang handed the World Defying G.o.d-becoming Dan over.

Separating Fire Pavilion Lord immediately stretched out her soft and jade-like hands to receive it. Then, she opened her beautiful eyes wide as she carefully examined the pellet.

"This is for collection!" Separating Fire Pavilion Lord smiled slightly: "It really is a good pill. Ten Tao-creation s and one Holy stone, right? "

"Since Separating Fire Pavilion Lord likes it, I'll give it to you as a gift." Chen Xiang laughed generously: "It's just a piece of World Defying G.o.d-becoming Dan!"

Separating Fire Pavilion Lord was secretly happy. She had thought that Chen Xiang would be a proud and aloof Alchemist, but she never thought that he would actually be so pa.s.sionate. She could not help but feel that it was because Chen Xiang was a girl.

"This is a huge gift. Thank you, Master Shen." Separating Fire Pavilion Lord stood up and bowed towards Chen Xiang gracefully.

"Just call me Chen Xiang." Chen Xiang laughed: "May I ask Separating Fire Pavilion Lord's name?"

"Hua Liqing!"

"It's a sad name." Chen Xiang said.

"Li Qing isn't sad at all, he's just a name given to me by my mother." Hua Liqing faintly smiled.

"Sister Li Qing, to be honest, this little brother has just arrived at Tao-creation Fire Mountain and is unfamiliar with the place. Furthermore, I might need some medicinal ingredients, please take care of me in the future, Big Sister Li Qing." Chen Xiang went straight to the point.

Hua Liqing was very surprised, she did not expect Chen Xiang to lower her att.i.tude so much, this made her feel extremely flattered.

"Since you called me Sister Li Qing, I will take good care of you." Hua Liqing said with a very sweet chuckle.

Chen Xiang giggled. Hua Liqing was a beauty, elegant and n.o.ble, also very gentle.

"Little brother, what ingredients do you need now? Can you tell big sister?" I'll immediately prepare it for you. " Hua Liqing originally thought that it would be difficult to get along with Chen Xiang, but she had to take the initiative now because she had expected it to be Chen Xiang who took the initiative.

"I need medicinal herbs that contain very strong fire type energy. I just need the middle ranked Tao-creation Divine Medicinal Herbs." Chen Xiang said: "Sister Li Qing, you can take as much as you want. When the time comes, I'll choose the right one and I'll give you a good price."

"Since you've already given me a World Defying G.o.d-becoming Dan, I'll also give you some medicinal ingredients." Hua Liqing was slightly displeased: "We're all family, there's no need to mention the price!"

"Alright then!" Chen Xiang laughed.

Hua Liqing was extremely attentive to her, immediately leaving Chen Xiang's shop to get his ingredients.

After Chen Xiang sent Hua Liqing out to return, Su Meiyao smiled sweetly: "This Sister Li Qing seems to be pretty good. Look at how sweet your smile is!"

"How can he be as good as sister Meiyao!" Chen Xiang said anxiously, he did not want to knock over this jealousy.

"Hua Liqing is not bad." Xiao Xianglin chuckled: "Don't have any bad intentions towards me!"

Xiao Xianglin already knew that Chen Xiang was a little scoundrel. Moreover, Chen Xiang had teased her before, so she was very brave.

Chen Xiang ignored them and snorted a few times.

Hua Liqing came here very quickly, if not for her Separating Fire Dan Pavilion offending him, she would have invited him over long ago.

"Sister Li Qing, how did you manage to deal with the matter of the Wood Mountain Sect?" Chen Xiang asked.

"It's hard to say! Although Fire Mountain School said that he would help us deal with it, I think what Fire Mountain School means is that he needs us to give him some benefits. " Hua Liqing helplessly sighed.

"This Fire Mountain School is the same!" Chen Xiang curled his lips: "I had originally thought that this Fire Mountain School was pretty good."

"Among the Tao-creation Mountain, the Fire Mountain School is considered not bad! After all, it was our negligence that caused the Wood Mountain Sect to change sides. We were in the wrong for this matter, it's already not bad that the Fire Mountain School was able to free up the Fire Heaven Building for us. " Hua Liqing said.

Chen Xiang dared to go against Wood Mountain Sect, which made Hua Liqing admire him greatly. This was because she was now completely suppressed by Wood Mountain Sect and had no way of fighting back.

And what Chen Xiang did to the Wood Mountain Sect was a very powerful retaliation. Although it would anger the Wood Mountain Sect, at least he dared to do so.

"That's true!" Chen Xiang looked at the medicinal ingredients on the table, then let He Fengyuan come out from the You Yao Mountain Villa and let her choose carefully.

"Who is this lady?" When Hua Liqing saw He Fengyuan, he was secretly shocked. Chen Xiang did indeed have a woman by his side, and she seemed to be an impressive woman.

"A friend of mine!" Chen Xiang said: "She is innately sensitive towards medicinal ingredients, and can sense the most suitable medicinal ingredients to refine."

"How amazing!" Hua Liqing gasped in surprise.

"Sister Li Qing, what benefits does Fire Mountain School want you to give them?" Chen Xiang asked.

"I'm not sure yet... I only know that they want to control the Separating Fire Dan Pavilion. " Hua Liqing said in a low voice: "I was the one who established the Separating Fire Dan Pavilion, and even the Alchemist inside recognized me! Even if I am willing, the Alchemist is not willing. "

"The people from Wood Mountain Sect will definitely come back. Maybe the Leader will come again." Chen Xiang said: "At that time, Separating Fire Dan Pavilion will definitely not be able to hold on!"

Hua Liqing nodded, and then let out a long sigh: "I really have no other choice, if you have to blame me, you can only blame me for not having enough strength."

"That's nothing. Separating Fire Dan Pavilion is gone, we can rebuild it in the future. With Sister Li Qing's prestige, we can definitely gather many more outstanding Alchemist s." Chen Xiang said, "The most important thing right now is how I can minimize the losses!"

Hua Liqing nodded his head, "I have already prepared to dissolve Separating Fire Dan Pavilion … Therefore, I can only help you for a period of time! But if you need any precious medicinal ingredients in the future, I'll definitely do my best to help you. "

"Then I'll thank elder sister first!" Chen Xiang laughed.

Outside, someone suddenly knocked hard on the door. Hua Liqing frowned and said: "It's the Fire Heaven General Director, they should be here to negotiate conditions with me."

"Bring him in and we'll talk here." Chen Xiang said.

Hua Liqing's eyes wavered as he nodded his head. Then, he immediately invited the Fire Heaven General Director in.

Fire Heaven General Director never thought that Hua Liqing and Chen Xiang would establish such a good relationship so quickly.

When he thought about how Chen Xiang was a man, he immediately thought that Chen Xiang coveted Hua Liqing's beauty.

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