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The Supreme Blood Yam was a high-grade Supreme G.o.d medicine, it was given to Chen Xiang by the Master w.a.n.g. Although it was a high-grade Supreme G.o.d medicine, it was still more expensive, but it was only because it had a long maturity period, that was why this kind of coconut fruit was cla.s.sified as a high-grade Supreme G.o.d medicine. Access:.

Chen Xiang planned to not use his own blood because there would be a large amount of blood inside the Blood Eagles. That blood was exactly the same as human blood, and it would all be filled with great power.

He wanted to try and see if the Huazun Dan that had been refined with the Supreme Blood Coconut could succeed.

After making a breakthrough, Chen Xiang's strength had greatly increased, but he was actually very calm right now. He did not think about whether it was because he wanted to see how his strength was, or if he wanted to practice something.

He patiently waited for the Primordial Blood Coconut to grow properly. He walked out of the room and breathed in fresh air as he gazed at the tranquil surface of the lake. At this moment, his heart was as tranquil as the surface of the lake.

After Master w.a.n.g walked out of the house, he saw Chen Xiang standing by the lake. Looking at Chen Xiang's back, he felt that Chen Xiang seemed to have merged with the calm lake surface, causing him to tremble violently.

Chen Xiang had broken through to the Tai Zun realm!

Anyone who stepped into the Tai Zun realm would have to go through a difficult process of becoming one with the Six G.o.ds. Once they crossed this stage and stepped into the Tai Zun realm, they would be able to easily a.s.similate into nature.

When the Master w.a.n.g saw through it, he took a deep breath. He didn't know how Chen Xiang broke through, but he was sure that Chen Xiang had stepped into the Tai Zun realm in such a short amount of time.

He anxiously went over to Chen Xiang and asked: "Chen Xiang, have you really become the Supreme One?"

Chen Xiang smiled: "Yes, it is thanks to the medicine that you gave me Master w.a.n.g that I was able to refine the Huazun Dan and step into the Tai Zun realm."

Compared to when Chen Xiang had stepped into the Tai Zun realm, the fact that Chen Xiang had refined a Huazun Dan made Master w.a.n.g even more shocked.

"You really managed to refine it?"

Master w.a.n.g found it hard to believe. He had tried many times and experienced many years, but to no avail. But Chen Xiang had only tried for half a year, and he had already succeeded.

"That's right, I have mastered the basics..." Chen Xiang then told the Master w.a.n.g about the method to successfully refine the Huazun Dan.

After all, this was an ingredient provided by the Master w.a.n.g, otherwise he didn't know when he would be able to find a pill that could help him break through.

So Chen Xiang was very 'excited' about Master w.a.n.g.

After the Master w.a.n.g found out about Chen Xiang's secret technique, he couldn't help but give him a thumbs up, "Amazing, in just a few short months, you were able to understand medicine so well, and even find the crux of the problem, admirable!"

Although Chen Xiang had failed many times and also spent a lot of medicinal ingredients, the number of failures of Master w.a.n.g and the amount of medicinal ingredients required were no less than Chen Xiang's. That was why he admired Chen Xiang so much.

At this moment, the Master w.a.n.g was already impatient to refine it. He smiled and said, "I will use my own blood to refine it first.

Chen Xiang was not sure if he would be able to succeed with the Supreme Blood Coconut. He had only told this thought to the Master w.a.n.g.

The Master w.a.n.g did not have Chen Xiang's terrifying regeneration ability, but he was still a supreme Pill G.o.d after all. He had many good pills in his possession that could help him recover quickly.

Chen Xiang was already in the Tai Zun realm, adding all his other methods, his strength was extremely strong. He decided whether or not he should go find Lin Jitian and return to Myriad G.o.ds Abyss.

"I don't have enough strength, so I won't go for now!" Chen Xiang suddenly thought of the Flying Dragon Experience Place.

It was said that it was difficult for even the Late period of Tai Zun realm to pa.s.s through the Flying Dragon Experience Place, but that did not mean that it was impossible for the Ancestor to pa.s.s at the beginning.

Therefore, if he wanted to pa.s.s Flying Dragon Experience Place, what he needed to see was not cultivation. Chen Xiang decided to try it out now, he would first obtain an even stronger power, and then decide whether or not he wanted to return to Natural Law World.

Since he did not grow the Supreme Blood Lair, it would take at least a month. Chen Xiang planned to use this period of time to understand what was happening outside.

What he did not expect was that after he had isolated himself for the past few days, the Zhao Clan had become more and more hostile towards him, and even the ancestor of the Zhao Clan had come out to say that Chen Xiang was not a good guest, and hoped that Chen Xiang could leave.

The meaning of his words was to tell the Heavenly Alchemy Sect Leader to find Chen Xiang and have him talk, so that Chen Xiang would leave, or perhaps make Chen Xiang less hostile towards them.

Chen Xiang had been in closed-door training for a long time, and a large number of Golden Dragon Magic herb had matured. However, after walking through a few shops, he surprisingly did not dare to take any of them!

They had clearly been threatened by the revered ancestor of the Zhao Clan, and even if they hadn't, they were afraid of him, so they didn't dare to go against him.

"There's actually such a thing, don't tell me that I have to personally refine the Dragon Magic Dan and sell it?" Chen Xiang suddenly felt very unhappy, the Zhao Clan's Dragon Magic Dan had sold for another 200 million.

And following that, Chen Xiang also heard a lot of rumors about him in the Zhao Clan, saying that he was someone's' private 'child, a spy sent by the Flying Dragon Palace, or someone sent by the six Divine Sects s to intentionally cause trouble in the Heavenly Alchemy Divine Sect …

Hearing these rumors, Chen Xiang was very angry, Zhao Clan using such a despicable method was too shameless, if only Zhao Clan had some sort of lecherous little horn, but he, the Zhao Clan had his own ancestor, yet still used such a method.

"Alright you Zhao Clan, since the Supreme Blood Coconut is still growing, I will refine some Dragon Magic Dan and consider it my retaliation towards you all."

Chen Xiang was not afraid of the Zhao Clan at all, he immediately returned to the small island in the middle of the lake and went inside to refine Dragon Magic Dan.

Now that he was at the Tai Zun realm, refining Dragon Magic Dan was simply a piece of cake. Furthermore, he could control multiple Magic method furnace to refine at the same time.

One time he could control twenty Magic method furnace, and there were ten of them in each furnace. He could finish them in half a day.

The speed at which the Tai Zun realm was refining pills was extremely fast. He could refine four hundred Dragon Magic Dan in a day, and refine a thousand in two and a half days.

"Chen Xiang sold his Dragon Magic Dan!"

These words quickly spread throughout the entire Heavenly Alchemy Divine Sect. When many people went out to fight with the Dragon Demons, most of them were reluctant to use Dragon Magic Dan s, because it was simply too expensive. Furthermore, the effects were not good.

And when they found out that Chen Xiang had taken action yet again, and was even selling it at five thousand Myriad Tao Crystals, many people rushed to buy it from Chen Xiang one after another. By the time they arrived, however, they had already sold it all out!

With Chen Xiang doing this, Zhao Clan's Dragon Magic Dan could no longer be sold. That night, Heavenly Alchemy Sect Leader arrived at the small island in the middle of the lake.

"The Heavenly Alchemy Sect Leader is here! Is it about the Zhao Clan? " Chen Xiang walked out of the house with a questioning look. Heavenly Alchemy Sect Leader was already waiting for him in the courtyard.

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