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Hearing Jiang Simei's words, Chen Xiang also had a direction in which he could go. Although he did not know if he was going the right way, at least he had a way to try it out.

He immediately began to think hard, and at the same time, stared at the three medicinal ingredients. He used the Dao heart Eye to examine them carefully, but he did not discover anything new.

"They lack a type of power that can gather them. What kind of power is this?" Chen Xiang sat in place and started pondering.

"I wonder what the effect of eating this fruit will be." Chen Xiang did not ask the Master w.a.n.g, but after he picked one up and ate it, he closed his eyes to feel the changes of the fruit's power in his body.

He used the Heavenly Alchemy immortal power to digest this energy, which was more beneficial for him to understand the characteristics of this medicine.

To understand more about medicinal herbs was also a way to break through. However, it would usually be more difficult.

Chen Xiang closed his eyes and focused on refining the power of the fruit. This fruit was a Golden-purple Duo Colored Fruit, and after the fruit was refined, the two powers immediately separated and swam around Chen Xiang's body.

Chen Xiang did not refine the two medicinal powers into his body, but allowed the medicinal powers to swim in his body, in an attempt to fuse the two powers together.

The purplish-gold medicine had a strong repulsive power. As long as one was at a distance, they would turn around and run away. It was very difficult to combine the two together, but after the combination, it was difficult to fuse them.

"Motherf * cker, what do I need to do to allow them to fuse together?" Chen Xiang cursed in a low voice before he started to think hard about it again.

It had been a long time since he last encountered such a difficult pill, and although the process of refining would seem very irritating, it was still viewed by Chen Xiang as a form of challenge, an enormous challenge that allowed him to advance by leaps and bounds!

ate a total of no less than a hundred of these fruits and conducted all kinds of experiments, which almost exploded within his body. It was extremely dangerous.

However, in order to succeed, he could only take the risk.

"The origins of these medicinal plants are all different. How strange. If their origins are the same, then no matter how mutually exclusive they are, I still have a way to deal with them." Chen Xiang thought in his heart. Right now, he understood more and more about these three Two-Colored Divine Fruits, and he could already clearly see the origin of the three Two-Colored Divine Fruits.

This was actually a different source energy, this was a situation he had never encountered before.

Without Essence, you create Essence for them. Essence is the bridge through which they fuse! Earlier, Mei Mei also said that these medicinal herbs are missing an element of aggregation, but how can one create an element of aggregation for them? "

This was something that Chen Xiang had been thinking about for the past few days!

"Creation of Essence!" Chen Xiang suddenly thought of an idea, and that was to create the same origin for the three Two-coloured Divine Fruits.

He asked Jiang Sijing and Jiang Simei if they could change the origin of the three Two-coloured Divine Fruits to the same, but they all felt that it was impossible. The reason why they could improve the quality of the spirit medicine was all because of the same origin.

With regards to this matter, the Mei Jing Sisters had no other choice but to try out the method that he thought was possible.

"Let's see if we can erase their source energy first, and then we can implant the same source energy!" Chen Xiang placed a purple gold divine fruit into the Chuangshi G.o.d furnace s.

After he refined this fruit to a certain degree, he would investigate its origin. After he found its origin, he used his powerful divine sense to accurately control it and pull it out!

There were two different sources of energy within a single fruit, yet it could produce a single fruit. This was an extremely miraculous thing.

After Chen Xiang removed the two streams of Origin Energy, the two flows of powers suddenly underwent a huge change. They were originally purple and gold, but now they suddenly became transparent. This was a very common type of Dao power. The Dao crystal contained a large amount of this pure Dao power!

After extracting the origin energy, the medicinal plant became like this. This meant that the various unique effects of the medicinal plant were due to the acc.u.mulation of Dao energy under the influence of the origin energy.

Now that he had lost his quintessence, the Dao-energy that he had gathered had become ordinary Dao-energy.

"Looks like I have to keep my source energy!" Chen Xiang encountered another problem, which made him feel that it was more reliable to unify the Source Energy in this direction first.

"How can I turn two or more different sources into the same one?" Chen Xiang began to think about this problem.

"Blood is thicker than water!" Chen Xiang suddenly thought of something: "Could it be that I need to use my blood to refine it? "Let's give it a try first!"

Chen Xiang immediately tried to refine the origin of his blood into his own and then infused it into his own blood. He had refined his own blood into the two different types of origin laws.

Soon after, he successfully refined and entered the blood. To him, this was still relatively easy, but the two types of source energy were still extremely repulsive.

"Could it be that I don't have enough blood?" Chen Xiang then gave out a lot of blood, although this technique was a little m.a.s.o.c.h.i.s.tic, but luckily he had a strong regeneration ability, so even if he lost a large amount of blood, it was not a big problem for him, because the Life Qi in his body was releasing a large amount of Dao Energy to nourish his body, allowing him to regenerate the blood very quickly.

Just like this, Chen Xiang continued to bleed non-stop for a good two hours before stopping, because he saw that his original purplish-gold coloured origin had turned blood-red!

After it turned blood-red, Chen Xiang tried to fuse it again. Using the Heavenly Alchemy immortal power, he quickly completed the fusion process.

After so many days of trying, he finally succeeded!

"Blood Refinement Art!" This method is not something that any Alchemist can try. Chen Xiang frowned for so many days, and now he finally revealed a smile.

Right now he had only successfully fused the two elements of expulsion together, and now he had to proceed with six! He felt that he would definitely succeed, but he needed a lot of blood.

After staying in the room for a few months, Chen Xiang finally had a new breakthrough. He went outside to take a breath of fresh air, then immediately returned to the house.

"It's going to cost me a lot of blood." Chen Xiang laughed bitterly, then placed all three kinds of Two-coloured Divine Fruits into the pill furnace, starting his blood refinement technique.

This method worked, but the process definitely wouldn't be that easy!

"At the same time, I tempered six types of Essences with blood, connecting them to each other so that they could be fused together. At the same time, I tempered six Essences with blood, connecting them to each other, so that they could be fused together.

Chen Xiang looked at the hexagonal source energy, other than the red source energy, the other colors had started to turn red. Previously, he had only been refining two types of Source Energy at the same time, but now it was six, the difficulty difference was huge.

Seeing the change in color, Chen Xiang knew that it would work, but it would be more difficult.


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